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Red Blood Count
Apr 1, 2004
... n active interest in the human body and love to read up on medical things. The following was found in an internet search, and if you have questions on what your blood work means to you, that is something you need to call and discuss with your doctor. ... (3 replies)
... My hemoglobin, white blood count, and red blood count were all well in the middle of the normal range. So really its the iron saturation and ferritin levels. ... (1 replies)
... white blood count 6. ... (7 replies)

... nary stress such as extra responsibilities, or lack of quality sleep. The fatigue could be related to the lower RBC count, that could be just the time of day the blood was drawn and whether or not it was a fasting blood draw or one in which you were normally hydrated. ... (2 replies)
... test of my blood count..then if the numbers are still out of wack they will proceed with further testing.. ... (4 replies)
... Hi all .. I had a complete blood count I and these items were flagged as Low- Hematocrit - 32.9 (L) Hemoglobin - 10.3 (L) MCH - 21.5 (L) MCHC - 31.3 (L) (4 replies)
Need info please
Oct 17, 2005
... Sounds like they are describing some inflammation and the high blood counts would indicate inflammation too. The doctor would have to tell you what this means for you. ... (2 replies)
Need info please
Oct 17, 2005
... ation appears more vertically than the right. they also say they found proof of a light stroke or seizure.and also they wrote in the report that a mild degree of abnormal white matter signal adjacent to the posterior body and atria of the lateral ventricles is observed with differential diagnosis as detailed in the report. ... (2 replies)
... Red Blood Count 4. ... (3 replies)
... unless you have received iron infusion. There was either a mistake the first test, or the second test. The confirmations would also take into account the entire blood count report not just the iron. There can be two reasons besides and all out reporting mistake, that the changes could be somewhat different. ... (1 replies)
Lab results?
Feb 10, 2004
... It was interesting to note that the doctor commented on the blood cells being odd shaped. Was that the RED blood cells? ... (16 replies)
... Merrimac, Thank you very much for your response. I am, very much, trying to keep this in perspective and to assure myself that I do see good doctors and that if something was really crazy, they would do something about it. I guess my concern is that this has occurred on two blood tests since July (so it's not an isolated "blip") and that this has never shown itself... (4 replies)
... have no intrinsic factor... For years I would have to go for blood transfusions. I have problems just eating because I don't absorb much or I have diarrhea. ... (28 replies)
... The results of your tests were not terribly out of range for a normal female under 55. I am surprised that your doctor even ordered a follow up at all. Blood tests do not diagnose problems, they merely support the diagnosis for purposes of insurance companies and to tell a doctor where to look. ... (4 replies)
... I got a blood test at my local surgery and then had to go a couple of days later for another unrelated test. ... (2 replies)
... I would check your B12. I have had these symptoms for years... I didnt think much of it. I knew I had low B12 but not I took supplements whenever I remembered to. until I kept getting sores at the side of my mouth... then I got a sore throat that would NOT go away. I went to my doc who said i had an ULCER on my tonsil! Ouch! She checked my b12... well I was... (15 replies)
... The platelet count is the number of platelets in the blood. Highs and lows can both point to abnormal conditions of excess bleeding or clotting. I had high platelets with my iron deficiency anemia, very common. ... (3 replies)
... The platelet count is the number of platelets in the blood. Highs and lows can both point to abnormal conditions of excess bleeding or clotting. I had high platelets with my iron deficiency anemia, very common. ... (1 replies)
... i dont think its terribly abnormal since ferritin marks your iron stores. ... (4 replies)
... Hi my husband had his spleen removed Wednesday because his blood count kept going down in spite of folic acid and predisone. His spleen was getting enlarged. The doctor suspected non hodgkins lympoma. Surgery went very well. ... (116 replies)

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