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... ns. it may be a coincidence, but just before I got the AIHA I had problems with my eyes and had been given drops for them to clear an infection. When I got the aneamia for the second time, I had just had problems with my eyes again. Can anybody elsy remember if they had eye drops before they got their AIHA? ... (116 replies)
... I was diagnosed with pernicious aneamia 9 months ago being depleted of Vitamin B12. ... (5 replies)
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Dec 6, 2004
... Pernicious Anemia is the state of being unable to absorb or store vitamin B-12 through food sources. There are many underlying causes for the reason you can not store the B-12. The reasons are: Your stomach can't make the enzyme that interacts with the food source b-12, you can't take in the food source: red meat, eggs, dairy.You have had part or all of your stomach removed,... (11 replies)

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Dec 6, 2004
... Can you tell me what pernicious aneamia is? ... (11 replies)
... are anxiety or aneamia related, its quite a vicious circle. ... (5 replies)
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Nov 12, 2004
... I am on B-12 shots 1 cc per month injection plus I supplement the B-complex sublingual(under tongue liquid) between injections. I also have pernicious anemia. I am sure that your injections are not adequate if you are having those symptoms. B-12 is water soluable and if you are only getting that injection once every 12 weeks, you are probably not storing any of it. You should... (11 replies)
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Nov 12, 2004
... hello all, i've been diagnosed with pernicious aneamia for the last 5 years. ... (11 replies)
... What kind of illness did you experience with high Iron tablets ? I sometimes feel that they make me kind of anxious so just wondering if anyone else had that kind of side effect. (2 replies)
... I have Iron deficiency Aneamia and have been taking Ferrous Gluconate for about 3 months now and i seem to still feel dizzy, Does anyone get this? ... (2 replies)
... Hi Im new here and after any advice or answers, I am a 38 yr old woman with a year long history of a mild aneamia( Hb now at 9.1). I have autoimmune disease of Psoriasis, Palmoplantor pustulosis and Psoriatic arthritis and have been on methotrexate for this for almost 2˝years now at 22.5mg week currently with 5mg folic acid the day after. Other meds are norspan patch,... (12 replies)
... Am i aneamic? I'm a 15 year old girl, and recently I've been wondering if I've become aneamic. I've had the symptoms for a very long time now; I've been getting head-rush's (Dizziness) for 2 years now, it used to be pretty bad before, where i used to get it about 12 times a day, its cut down alot now - but still there. I'm always feeling weak, tired, sleepy - no matter how... (3 replies)
... Has anyone experience pulmonary edema in connection with B12 and folic acid aneamia? I seem to have many of the major symptoms of pernicious anaemia but I also have pulmonary edema, which I have not been able to find linked with anaemia. Heart problems are the usual cause of pulmonary edema. Could pernicious anaemia strain the heart in such a way that it brings on edema?... (0 replies)
... i have had this for years and finally realized that when you are low in stomach acid you can not digest or absorb b12 and iron.since taking hcl i think i have addressed the problem but time will tell. How are your fingernails, any ridges or roughness?any stomach mucous? No moons on the fingernails? (3 replies)
... Of course I got medical attention at this point. The first suspicion was typical aneamia but my iron levels are fine. However, they noted B12 and folic acid deficiency. ... (3 replies)
... What you're going through is common. Iron deficiency and anemia are side effects of gastric bypass.. You will likely have this issue for the rest of your life but hopefully they can get you regulated to prevent the need for frequent transfusions. Oh, I see you needed the transfusion 'prior' to your surgery, that's a double whammy. (1 replies)
... Hi, I am a newbie... :wave: I am in London I had a Gastric bypasss and lost 9 st recently my iron levels have dropped for 3rd time I have had a blood transfusion as Aneamic prior to my op. Is there anyone else with similar problems? (1 replies)
... hi ive now been on cellcept for a few months 750mg twice a day. my pred has been weaned off completely my Hb has been at 13 for a few months and im showing no signs of haemolysis! yay long may it continue.ive had levels done & my dose may be reduced next clinic visit. jalopper the only side effect ive noticed with cellcept is occasional gut pain (nothing major) and this... (116 replies)
... New to boards, looking for info. In Jan got case of warm bodied hemalytic anema with levels as low as 6.8. Large doses of Pred 40 bid, danizol and 200 mg direct infusion, B12, folic acid brought levels up. While weanng off of Pred 10 bid I had a relapse. Large does of steroids again brought level up. However, I cannot live on this level of Pred. Started 4 week Rituxan... (116 replies)
... Hi Jill, No side effects, other than possibly occasional mild nausia. Hemoglobin has plateaued lately at 9.2 - 9.4 but the good news is my bilirubin is decreasing... Maybe a sign of less hemolysis. Amazing how much better I feel at 9.2 vs. 8... Still hoping for 12 :) E (116 replies)
PA? Normal FBC
Jun 3, 2008
... Hi I am wondering if any of you very knowledgable people could help me out? I was diagnosed with AI hypothyroidisms 2 years ago - last september I was diagnosed with low ferritin and have been on iron supplements ever since. I still have some symptoms which have not improved with either treatment:- Pain, numbness in my hands, lower arms legs and feet. Burning... (4 replies)

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