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... up at the dentist last week and he told me I had fractures on some of my back teeth and that eventually I would need crowns on those teeth. I knew immediately it had to be from chewing the ice and he confirmed it. ... (25 replies)
... Yes...I have pernicious anemia and I have receeding gums as well. I think it is a part of the autoimmune problem. ... (5 replies)
My Anemia Story
Sep 4, 2011
... For years, doctors have looked at my labs and said, "Eh, you're a bit anemic." Then my symptoms got worse. ... (2 replies)

... I have perncious anemia and have had for quite a number of years. For the past few months I have developed burning lips and gums so bad. Today I dropped into my doctor cause it was driving me nuts. She said it is very possibly connected to PA. ... (5 replies)
... i was wondeirng if anyone had any other things they crave besides ice? i crave ice, dirt, sand anything that will crunch in my teeth, but i have one thing i crave that is embarassing, people would think i was weird. does anyone have any weird cravings? would i be shunned if i shared my weird craving? :confused: (25 replies)
... t talking about gross things just weird things you know. cause i have one craving that would be considered really weird. i was wondering if i could share it here and see if anyone is in the same boat, or with some other craving. ... (25 replies)
... ntrol with Metform and Avendia but every late afternoon my bottom lip starts to get sore and the tip of my tongue becomes what I can only describe as 'sensitive' and I become acutely aware of the back of my teeth via my tongue together with a slight metallic taste. ... (0 replies)
Teeth problem?
Dec 7, 2004
... If your body is unable to absorb the b-12 it may also be having a hard time with calcium. The tooth problems may reflect a problem with folic acid as well which is needed along with b-12. Anemia is of course a symptom of another disease, but not the disease itself. You may want your doctor to help you locate the basic problem with your anemia. Swollen gums are a symptom of a... (3 replies)
... Haven't posted in a while. I am on my second dose of IV venofur, still with no real reason why I am anemia. I have a few other medical issues and I am always trying to figure out if everything is related. ... (4 replies)
... fill only the bottom of ice cube trays to make ice wafers. I find it's not that I need to chew them. I just want the breaking and release of cold water. The thin wafers break on my tongue, and even if I bite down, they're thin enough not to stress my teeth. ... (23 replies)
Ice and Anemia
Sep 26, 2006
... ally had to go to a hematologist that I found out that ice chewing called pica is very common with people with anemia. I can almost tell when my ferritin is low and heading to the point of anemia, I start empyting out the ice machine. ... (4 replies)
Lab results?
Feb 10, 2004
... or diethylene glycol monobutyl ether. They are in lots and lots of home, hobby, cleaning, painting products ... probably hundreds of products and the harm they do is so serious. ... (16 replies)
... Actually, in anemia, the gums will often start to be tender and swollen and bleed more when brushing your teeth despite adequate hygiene. As for complexion color if you are Caucasian, your skin will become waxy, lemony colored. ... (6 replies)
Teeth problem?
Dec 6, 2004
... I was just wondering has anyone had any symptoms of weakening teeth or tooth decay because of the anemia? ... (3 replies)
... Hey I eat ice like its going out of style my Dr said it was because of my anemia. I have metal teeth thanks to a softball so i can handle the crunching my friends just hate the sound of it though. ... (23 replies)
... Hi, yes....people always say you can tell a person's health status by the condition of their true that is! I'm 52 and I've noticed that my gums sort of look bony. I used to have alot of meat on my teeth that hid the bony structure of the teeth underneath. Now... ... (5 replies)
... nutritious foods, due to the altered perceptions and tastes due to the anemia. Isn't that just a squirrel loop and a half? ... (23 replies)
... Yes, I had symptoms from iron supplements causing enteritis for 3 months that would get me up out of bed in the morning before I was awake. Everyday I had this and felt like I had to eat and drink every couple hours to sustain myself. I also had night sweats and low grade fever. ... (5 replies)
New to Anemia
Jul 8, 2008
... I haven't been back for another blood check yet. They said wait a month. I don't have periods. I had Breast cancer at age 36 and went into early menopause by 39. So they ruled that out fast. I think I am doing a bit better. Not so much shortness of breath. But still chomping Ice. ... (9 replies)
My friends a goth
Mar 11, 2003
... im friends with a few goths and one of them told me they had developed anemia recently and she was HAPPY about it becos it makes her pale! ... (2 replies)

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