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... It sounds like a normal case of anemia that has been untreated but im not anemic. The levels of iron in my blood and my red blood cells have been persistantly normal. ... (2 replies)
... ed again after a month and my levels had risen significantly but I barely feel any better. I'm not in the normal range just yet but I still feel really tired. My breathlessness is the main thing that bothers me. It happens randomly and even when I'm laying down. It feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest. ... (0 replies)
... I have been having anemia off and on for many years. Recently I had a lot of problems with my periods being very heavy. As a result I became severely anemic. My anemia causes me anxiety due to sometimes severe heart palpitations and extreme fatigue. ... (1 replies)

... A person with anemia will feel tired and weak because the body's tissues are being starved of oxygen. In fact, fatigue is the main symptom of most types of anemia. ... (3 replies)
... There are different types of anemia, so a simple blood test will define what type of anemia a person suffers from. ... (4 replies)
... I wasn't aware that there was an anemia message board until I read it somewhere else here. ... (0 replies)
... also because i have not had my period until 2 years ago and had no medicine for my gastritis although they still act up, but i think asthma is history because my breathlessness is a different kind. ... (7 replies)
Jan 26, 2013
... I was told I was anemic in 2008 but never told what to do or how to take care of myself. I've been having heavy cycles for years but no symptoms of anemia til a few months ago. I spent countless hours in the emergency room and was told I was having anxiety attacks so I was put on Ativan and Paxil. ... (5 replies)
... solid foods, my menstrual cycle slowed from always regular to once every 3 months, intense itching like I've never experienced almost as if it's in my muscles, breathlessness and swollen lymphnodes in my neck. My doctor said it was most likely a virus as my white blood cell count was still low. ... (4 replies)
... i find that the symptoms of anemia is similar to gastritis in some way symptoms like upper adomen pain, diarrhoea, breathlessness etc. I have gastritis and a history of asthma so its very difficult to tell them apart and the doctor said it was'nt nessesary to have a blood test... ... (7 replies)
... Yes! This is from the anemia. Go to Wal-Mart and ask for the "easier on the stomach" Gluconate sulfate ?? I think... it's a more absorbable form of iron and then make sure to take it with a fresh orange or apple. Take a tablet three times a day! (My Dr. told me to for a week) Then go back to one a day.... It will solve the tightness in the chest, the breathlessness, etc....... (1 replies)
... my partner is severely unwell and in need of a diagnosis ASAP. We are currently awaiting results of an upper addominal ultrasound done last Tues but assume that the lack of news means no further clues. I am hopeful someone may be able to read a history of SHane and advise whether you think we are on the right track so far as he has very risky history healthwise and I am... (2 replies)
... Hi, Yes I've had Plummer vinson from iron deficiency. Felt a sort of lump at the back throat when drinking. Other symptoms were due to very low iron. Breathlessness, pains in leg muscles, headaches, some hair loss. Didn't realise it as was very busy. I had surgery to have the esophagus widened (Minor Surgery) No bother and felt great once my iron was corrected. Good... (1 replies)
... Hi everyone, Two months ago I started to experience constant pressure and heaviness in the head. For a few years I had always felt lethargic and sensitive to the cold and suspected I was iron deficient, however, just recently my symptoms worsened and went for a blood test to find that my serum iron was a 2 when the normal level is about 20..the doctor said I was iron... (5 replies)
... Based on my own experience and others that have been here for the last 3 yrs you are going to be okay. Sometimes it takes a long time to correct things. Take care. Hope you are feeling better by this time. (2 replies)
Anemia and scared
Apr 21, 2010
... Please...someone out there tell me Im going to be ok..I am so anxious all the time and that certainly doesn't help the breathlessness I feel all the time! ... (2 replies)
Nov 1, 2008
... Hi My symptoms have been getting gradually worse over the last 5 months. They are: Very very giddy can't focus or concentrate on anything (Find it hard to type this) Nauseous Very bad headache insomnia breathlessness when exerting myself E.G. running up the stairs I wonder if you have suffered any of these?? I am going back to see my doctor in 2 weeks but I'm... (4 replies)
... I find the chest pain and breathlessness worse at night. I also feel extremeley tired after ive eaten my evening meal. ... (8 replies)
... I do believe that my low ferritin levels have caused me a lot of symptoms ie, fatigue, anxiety, breathlessness etc, so maybe you should enquire as to what your levels are. ... (6 replies)
... Its cause me anxiety, breathlessness and generally feeling like ive no energy at all. ... (12 replies)

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