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... I have been having anemia off and on for many years. Recently I had a lot of problems with my periods being very heavy. As a result I became severely anemic. My anemia causes me anxiety due to sometimes severe heart palpitations and extreme fatigue. ... (1 replies)
... Last July I was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia and was told to take an iron supplement twice daily. ... (2 replies)
... I am new to this board and I'm suffering from anxiety and depression. ... (3 replies)

... emia. First of all, it saps your energy. If you are young, it may not be so noticeable. As you get older, you will want as much energy as you can get. Severe anemia can make your hair fall out and make your fingernails look weird. ... (5 replies)
... I am a 41 year old female and for the past few months I have been suffering from severe anxiety and depression. ... (8 replies)
... did you feel anxiety and stress prior to your diagnosis? ... (7 replies)
Anemia & anxiety
Oct 21, 2018
... little swollen....... Google it at 3 am......... iron anemia..... wow.... Went to doc and i wanted full iron test 6 of them. I am Iron amemic. Unreal..... It is causing all symptoms.... here they are. ... (1 replies)
... feel coming here to this board. I felt a similar sense of relief when I found this board. There are many people here who know a whole lot more than I do about anemia and have been a great source of comfort to me, so Welcome, and I hope it makes you feel a little bit more at ease, as it has for me. ... (2 replies)
... I think that iron deficiency can play a role in anxiety, but the thyroid and b12 are much more likely to be causing the extreme anxiety. I know this, because I have lived through it. ... (18 replies)
... When I was at my lowest iron and ferritin levels, I had tachycardia and awful, inexplicable anxiety. If you have anxiety, it could be causing your BP to spike. ... (5 replies)
... ngs, ringing ears, anable to warm up , eye sight failing ect. ect. As I am totally over feeling this way I convinced my Dr to start testing for anything that has anemia as a symptom. ... (23 replies)
... He put me on some antidepressants and did the routine blood work. Called me back down yesterday and told me I had anemia took me off the anti depressants. Yay me right? ... (3 replies)
... First, your blood pressure is not low. In fact the upper number is quite high which would also cause lethargy. Second, get your thyroid checked. It can be causing the high blood pressure and the anxiety symptoms. Anemia may be in the picture but it is not usually the cause of anxiety or lethargy. ... (10 replies)
... You could be anemic as dizziness is the main symptom I have had but it sounds like you could have anxiety as well. If you are anemic a very simple blood test will tell you and you should have a blood test done anyways. Anxiety plays a huge role in dizziness. ... (3 replies)
... If that's the case, then yes, anemia COULD be causing it, but if you haven't had blood work to determine that your are anemic, I wouldn't jump to that conclusion. ... (1 replies)
... art to try supplements first before increasing the anti's as long as you feel you can handle it. They tried to prescribe these for me but I'm not depressed just anxiety from anemia. Depression is very common from anemia too. ... (9 replies)
... Hi I'm new to this board. I finally got tired of searching the internet to see if anyone else has had problems with plapitations due to anemia like me. I found I was anemic on February 27, 2011 because I was feeling very faint and lighthead, my heart was racing, and I was fatigue. ... (1 replies)
... Guess I was wrong, I thought I was anxious because I was stressing about being anemic. Not because the anemia was actually causing the anxiety. ... (7 replies)
... The doctors keep telling me that marginally low ferritin can't be causing my symptoms, because my Hg is really good. ... (5 replies)
... I am glad I could help! Anxiety causing low ferritin? ... (12 replies)

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