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... menopausal hormones was causing the bleeding. I passed all the tests with flying colors, and I feel fairly confident that it is safe for me to take the pill. I am on Microgestin FE which supposedly is okay for women in our age bracket. ... (19 replies)
Fear of Flying?
Feb 2, 2008
... I don't know anything about the flying thing, but I'm so glad someone brought up the heavy period thing. ... (6 replies)
Feb 17, 2006
... I keep reading yes and that sickle cell is the real danger of flying but only in a unpressurized cabin. ... (1 replies)

... I went back to the internist still complaining of heart symptoms. Internist sent me to a cardio who did the full work up. I passed the nuclear stress test with flying colors so he was? ... (13 replies)
Feb 17, 2006
... I use commercial airlines and don't have any problems with my anemia, but if your hemoglobin concentration is <8.5 g/dL, regardless of the cause of anemia, you shouldn't fly. Anything above that number is considered safe. This is from the Pulmonary and Critical Care update. I've heard the same thing as you about sickle cell and unpressurized cabins. (1 replies)
... ll get through this with flying colors. ... (5 replies)
Hemolytic Anemia
Aug 3, 2005
... talised and my haemoglobin went down to 54....blood transfusion after blood transfusion in Rocky hospital followed by a trip to Intensive Care in Rocky and Royal Flying Doctor flight down to Brisbane...Can't remember about a week and half of my life as they put me on amnesia drugs in Intensive Care.... ... (36 replies)
Fear of Flying?
Jul 24, 2003
... Quietstorm...thanks for starting this new thread...the other was getting a little long! It'll be interesting to see if anyone has any answers about the flying thing. I did a quick search online and I actually found some articles written on this...they all said that if you're hgb is below 8. ... (6 replies)
... I do have a point related to anemia here, but I'm trying to provide a holistic picture of what I've been going through before I get there. ... (3 replies)
Fear of Flying?
Jul 24, 2003
... As for flying, I would think it would depend on flying altitude and on the size of the plane. Little puddle jumper planes like the American Eagle planes aren't pressurized, are they? ... (6 replies)
... fusion on Monday Dec 24, my level is at 5 right now, dr is concern, so I will have this done for the next few weeks, I am worried about being so tired since I am flying to DR on Tuesday Dec 25, not sure how I will feel on my vacation, kind of worried after reading some of the post here. ... (22 replies)
... itin levels will keep you from overload, so really there is nothing to worry about there. I know that your doctors are not worried about you, but we here on the Anemia board are! You will make leaps and bounds when you take the higher dose. ... (9 replies)
... Low ferritin in and of itself should not cause any symptoms. It's it's effect on your ability to manufacture/replace your blood supply that causes a problem. Being anemic feels crummy-being iron deficient is not a medical condition until/unless it leads to actual anemia. I'm ALWAYS iron deficient but I'm not always anemic--big difference. I'm guessing you've gone a long... (3 replies)
... Good news. My PCP looked at my overall health over the last year which included a mysterious fever of 104 for 12 days, a broken leg while flying a kite, anemia, bleeding, dysplasia, and hypoglycemia. She decided it doesn't all add up and something must be done. ... (36 replies)
... lol! I'll have to think twice before I donate blood next time...well, if there ever is a next time! Has either of your doctors mentioned anything to you about flying when your hemoglobin is low? ... (22 replies)

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