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... My first question is, could the high gastrin level be from the pernicious anemia and has anyone ever had a level that high? ... (4 replies)
Anemia Insomnia
Oct 26, 2010
... I've been searching this anemia board for days now but I can't find any specific post on dealing with insomnia caused from anemia. ... (10 replies)
Possible anemia?
Sep 1, 2009
... Well, now I found another forum where people were posting about their anemia symptoms and someone said they developed anemia from taking lots of Motrin after having surgery. Guess what I lived off of for weeks after my c section. Yup. Motrin. ... (4 replies)

... Hi,im 16 yrs old,and i worry about my heath all the time.I was just like lookin at sum of the Symptoms of anemia. tiredness heart palpitations dizziness and my glands on my neck are quite tenderif thats a symptom i dnt eat alot of heathly food so i dnt get that much iron. (0 replies)
... I've been having problems with iron deficiency anemia since i was 15. I had a ferritin of 2 and my hemoglobin was at 7. ... (1 replies)
... but I am only feeling worse. I am exhausted and extremely dizzy. I have shortness of breath and heart palpitations, and so depressed I burst into tears for no reason. I can't think very clearly and I can hardly function. ... (4 replies)
... I would so much appreciate any anemia veteran's opinion on whether or not these levels are high enough to stop the iron at the end of June as recommended. ... (24 replies)
... last check. I think I should stop blaming the ferritin and I know that I cannot blame the anemia now either. ... (14 replies)
... I'm 14 weeks pregnant and have been a serious runner for 10 years. Anyway have been running 30 miles a week until last week when heart palpitations set in and scared me--my thought is that my ferritin is very low--again. I've had such low ferritin levels that they don't register and am amazed I've somehow come to live with this. I will get back trying to do another iron... (16 replies)
... Anemia makes you very, very tired, pale, weak can give you heart palpitations and many other things. Iron pills take quite awhile to bring up your counts. If you are having a lot of problems with them, check with your dr. ... (3 replies)
... low about a month before all my symptoms started kicking in. Meaning I didnt have any symptoms at that time. Then everything started like being short of breath, heart palpitations, weakness etc. So do you think it sounds like the "low vitamins" could have progressed into anemia giving me these symptoms? ... (6 replies)
... stop. Then came the heart palpitations. I got so afraid I gave myself a panic attack and called 911, thinking it was a heart attack. ECG was normal, blood sugar was normal, no sign of fluid in the lungs, BP lowered as I calmed down. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, I too have alot of the symptoms.. Cold hands and feet Restless legs And arms.. Rock hard, painful Muscles especially upper arms and shoulders forgetfulness very clumsy sometimes cant take full deep breaths occasional heart palpitations (13 replies)
... I drink tea and eat chocolate. I probably do have some anxiety at times. All my health issues make me anxious! But really, I get the heart palpitations at odd times. Usually when I am just sitting . The worst is when I walk down a small hallway at home and get so out of breath I have to sit down. ... (89 replies)
... I would consider the infusions. I had a ferritin of 27 and completed two infusions last month and it has changed my life. I am four months postpartum and lost too much blood since delivery that oral iron couldn't help. From my understanding, you won't feel "human" until your ferritin reaches 50 and most hematologists want it over 100. You won't ever get that climb with oral... (89 replies)
... My Hemoglobin and Hematocrit are coming up nicely, but ferritin and serum iron sucks! Many of my symptoms are going away though. No more restless legs or heart palpitations. Sometimes I get short of breath, but only on exertion. I still get tired easily, but I can run errands all day. ... (1 replies)
... odes of vertigo and nausea. I started having times where I felt really unfocused and unable to think clearly too, and having hand tremors. Then I started getting heart palpitations and weakness in my legs. Then a week of migraines with blurred vision in one eye. ... (8 replies)
... te it. I still get foggy brain some days...but it's not bad and i have slight balance problems still but it's not as bad...dizziness has definitely gone down and heart palpitations has also gone down...Thank God. I can't believe there are this many people out there with this issue and doctors have no clue....well some doctors. ... (10 replies)
Anemia Insomnia
Jan 21, 2011
... I came home and immediately started a very heavy period and for the past week I haven't been sleeping again. I have pounding headaches everyday and very bad heart palpitations. I'm eating iron foods by the loads and still am taking my iron supps like I have been for the past months. But it's not helping. ... (10 replies)
... When you say your iron level is a 5, I assume you mean ferritin? That is low and all the symptoms you are describing I had felt as well when my ferritin was at a 5. Prior to being diagnosed I did have pins and needles in one of my arms and even started having pretty severe chest pains, along with many of the other usual symptoms of iron deficiency. When I had leg aches I... (1 replies)

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