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... they are purpley sometimes and sometimes white with a red band near the top. I told myself it was probably related to the anemia and low iron....I tried searching on the internet and all I could find was "Terry's nail" which look and sound exactly like my nails. ... (3 replies)
... As the anemia was treated the nails stopped splitting and some of the paleness has let up. ... (1 replies)
... First of all it is true, that with anemia you do just have to take iron for it. I am going to give them credit for being relieved that it is not a diagnosis of incurable cancer. ... (16 replies)

... Does anyone know if all tests for anemia would be diffrent or the same? ... (3 replies)
... Anemia is a symptom of disease. Whatever is causing the anemia could be causing the hairloss. It is something to check out. ... (3 replies)
... aware if things are getting worse. At the time of my anemia crisis, I'd had GERD for 5 yrs. ... (4 replies)
... I would not think in my opinion that it would cause a problem with weight loss usually anemia can cause nausea and lack of appetite resulting in weight loss. However, thyroid can and will cause this problem, so that is what I would check out. ... (2 replies)
... I have to go back to work and I am exhausted. I feel like maybe the anemia is affecting my thyroid and other things also. Does anyone know also if I need anything for my RBC being low? ... (5 replies)
... He has his weekly appt tomorrow morning. I'm writing all this down to make sure I ask the dr what type of anemia he has. ... (5 replies)
... :jester:wow, Stephrabin, it is very interesting. and I have nail beds only on my thumbs.:( I don't understand what is the difference bt ridges and curling:confused: I take 1000 mcg of sublingual B12 and 100% Daily values of Iron ( my TIBC is low, I am afraid that I am not that iron deficiency. Just suspect what is the reason:confused:) Do you think it is sufficient? (9 replies)
... SInce you posted this i have been reading a lot about nails and different types of deficiencies. From what I have come accross, ridges is b12 and curling under is iron deficiency. ... (9 replies)
... Im not sure what you mean by 'nothing is there'. My nails have been really pale almost white for a LOOOONG time. Plus, I have ridges going the long way and have had those for a few years. ... (9 replies)
... Does anemia have an underlying cause all the time? ... (2 replies)
... Hello, I am a 20 yr old female who is extremely confused about the cause of my hypochromic microcytic anemia and the test results I have gotten back thus far, I am hoping someone has had a similar experience and can help. ... (0 replies)
... Can anemia, specifically iron deficency anemia make you have a harder time losing weight? ... (2 replies)
May 4, 2009
... hi, me rusty, Anemia is so dengrouse for everyone who is affected by this disease who face a lot of weakness in body giddiness, pallness in nails,loss of appetite etc. ... (1 replies)
... eficient in B12 at all.......i dont think missing the gym has anything to do with it..You do have all the symptoms of one for sure and please do not rely on your nails for diagnosing anything.... ... (16 replies)
Anemia Symptoms
Jun 1, 2006
... I get weak legs and tired easy if i walk long distances etc. I checked the symptoms of anemia and not sure if i match these but was hoping someone could tell me how they found out they were anaemic? ... (8 replies)
Jun 21, 2004
... If you had it since you were 16..maybe you think its because of your period? It's very common in women. (13 replies)
May 12, 2004
... Okay. That did it. I have posted my "issues" on the little bump on the inside of my mouth, the strange lump I just found today - which led me to this forum, my horrible problem with IBS, and now the anemia, which I always knew I had. I am 40. It's time for me to accept the fact I'm not 24 and my body is getting's wearing down. A couple of weeks ago, after binging... (13 replies)

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