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... A person with anemia will feel tired and weak because the body's tissues are being starved of oxygen. In fact, fatigue is the main symptom of most types of anemia. ... (3 replies)
... but among the list of symptoms I've come up with I'm finding jar with pernicious anemia includes parathesis or as it's called hyperparathesis, it's a hightly sensitive reaction at random times in my arms to temperature and some meds. ... (0 replies)
... She determined that my anemia was due to menorrhagia and I then made an appt. with a GYN. ... (4 replies)

... I looked back at my records and now see that although my hemoglobin came up, the mean cell volume took a long time to come up and I continued to have microcytic anemia for quite some time. ... (5 replies)
... The main symptoms for this are headache, nausea and vomiting, as well as pulsatile tinnitus . This is a condition that is linked to iron deficiency anemia, and usually resolves when the deficiency has been treated. ... (5 replies)
... Greetings. I wonder, where is Dr. House when you need him? Anyway, I thought I'd try and answer some of the important questions raised here so far. over the past year, according the Dr., I have had blood tests to make sure this isn't my thyroid, pancreas, or liver. They’re also pretty sure it’s not an absorption problem since my ferritin levels were within normal... (10 replies)
Freshener infusion
Jan 29, 2017
... I have chronic anemia with no cause. Two years ago went to ER with an iron level of 1 and a blood count of 5. Lots of symptoms that seemed obvious after. ... (1 replies)
... I have tinnitus too whether my iron and ferritin levels are almost normal or not. I've been experiencing that fingernail tenderness as well lately but my ferritin is low again. ... (2 replies)
... Oh that is good about your liver and other functions. My thyroid symptoms started in my earlier 20's and I went undiagnosed until a years ago. I am now 41. It was all so slow and gradual and every symptom was seemingly so disconnected that the dr always had a good reason for everything. I would say I had most every symptom on the typcial hypo list of symptoms. I... (5 replies)
... I went back to the Dr on March 10, and they said the symptoms were due to anemia and did a full blood test. I also got a prescription for Vitamin D, since I was low. ... (2 replies)
... I am a male so no periods and obvious blood loss. it can be GI tract related, though. can you describe the kind of sound that your tinnitus make. mine sounds like hissing. ... (6 replies)
... as I had tinnitus for a few years but it was never a whooshing sound. I basically just feel that my body is not getting the oxygen it requires. ... (2 replies)
... I had surgery on March 10 and noticed in the hospital that my resting pulse had increased by 50 beats a minute. I thought it was heart related--not thinking of anemia--but I had surgery on my kidney and there was significant blood loss. With pallor and fatigue, I saw my GP a few days after being discharged and he ordered a CBC. The results on March 20 was a hemoglobin count of... (1 replies)
... t every time i have a blood test, and was prescribed iron tablets at the age of 13. Though it seems like ive got a lot of the symptoms, i need to know of this is anemia or something else? ... (3 replies)
... My fingernails are a bit tender when I press on them. Do you know if this is an anemia thing? ... (2 replies)
Symptoms ?
Mar 13, 2013
... Since your iron was slightly low, it might not hurt to ask for a anemia panel. ... (9 replies)
... Still get that pulsatile tinnitus after exertion and laying down. My fingernails are a bit whitish in the middle. ... (6 replies)
... Really? I thought it was just pulsatile tinnitus :c. I'm also anemic ( iron-deficiency ) Wait..if the sound goes away, does that mean you've had enough iron? I'm confused....I heard the whooshing sound in my right ear a month ago for two days at night only. I haven't heard it for a while. I thought it had something to do with my ear or blood vessels. Reading things online... (8 replies)
... Hi Scout, Thanks for your reply, and sorry for not providing more background—I was trying to keep it (relatively) short. Some background, then: A year ago, when my left foot started buzzing, I was constantly dizzy, I became nearsighted in my right eye, and a whole lot of other things happened, my B-12 level was at 367 pg/ml. I had to beg 3 different doctors to test my... (22 replies)
... went to a nuerologist for shoulder and neck pain. She had my b12 check it was 350 told me it should be over 400 and told my regular doctor to check for perinious anemia which came out positive. If you are in the 300 it to low. ... (3 replies)

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