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Ice Cravings
Mar 4, 2011
... Every time I get a transfusion or infusion the ice cravings dissapears! And the terrible fatigue disappears. I get regular blood transfusions because of my anemia problem. ... (3 replies)
... I have been anemic most of my adult life off and on. ... (23 replies)
... It may sound silly to you, I can understand that. When I started eating ice I thought that sounded crazy and didn't tell the doc until I had a 2 ferritin. Now, I wish I had listened to my body because it was trying to tell me and I didn't listen to the warning signs that were clear as day! It's just better to be on the safe side if it continues, could just be anemia. ... (9 replies)

... I had ice cravings to bad I would also go through a small bag of ice in 2 days if it lasted that long and that was with me working full time also. ... (23 replies)
... I don't even suck on the ice...I just chomp on it right out of the bag before it even melts. My mouth is literally watering just typing about it. Sometimes the cravings are so bad I cannot sleep at night or I don't want to go to work in teh morning becasue I just want to lay in bed and eat ice and read!! ... (5 replies)
... OMG!!! I really cant believe this!! I also crave ice!! like crazy!! I get palpatations if there is no ice in the freezer! Im allways chewing on it!! And i have just found out today that i am anemic!! How comes we crave ice when we are anemic??xxx (23 replies)
Ice Cravings
Mar 16, 2011
... When I was really anemic all I wanted was popcorn. Nothing else. So strange. ... (3 replies)
Ice Cravings
Mar 4, 2011
... Thank you for sharing your story because so many people, myself included at one time, think of ice chewing as something they just enjoy doing and do not realize that it is indeed a form of pica, and is from being anemic. It's amazing how immediately the urge to crunch ice goes away once the anemia has been treated!! Be well. (3 replies)
... I was diagnosed with anemia 3 years ago and I was able to increase my hematocrit score from about 32 to a normal range within 2 months. Recently, I've been having cravings (ice) and all the other symptions that go along with anemia and I went in for a blood test. Here are a couple of my scores. My hematocrit is: 30 and my hemoglobin is: 8.9. My doctor wants me to have a... (12 replies)
... Yes my labs were very low. My ferritin is only 2 and he wants it at least 100. I have not seen my wls in quite some time. I need to get in for a check up. I have not seen him since I was one year post op. I am sure he would not be pleased with my labs. I hope your infusions make you feel better. (10 replies)
... that all I want to do is sleep. Not that it helps. Just as eating tons of crushed ice doesn't help...but the cravings are overwhelming. ... (10 replies)
... This is very common with IDA. I am anemic and crave ice and popsicles(and it's 20 degrees where I live now!). I could eat a box of popsicles and still want more! (23 replies)
... my anemia. I have metal teeth thanks to a softball so i can handle the crunching my friends just hate the sound of it though. My anemia is related to lupus been anemic for years and didnt know why. ... (23 replies)
... I too craved ice, I was both iron and B-12 anemic, the ice soothed my sore tongue, chewing is a stress reliever, and it soothed my upset stomach. It's a coping mechanism, I suspect. I'm no longer crave ice! I don't think you can OD on B-12, get some OTC and maybe it will help! (23 replies)
My Anemia Story
Sep 4, 2011
... tune moments. Then the restless legs, the thinning hair, and the worsening stamina that makes meaningful physical activity impossible. OH! Don't leave out the cravings for ice. ... (2 replies)
New to Anemia
Jun 11, 2008
... Someone told me months ago I may be anemic because I was always eating ice but I thought they were just saying that. Does anyone else has this problem? ... (9 replies)
... When I was anemic, I craved ice, chewed on ice by the pounds everyday and no one thought that was unusual. But according to my hematologist this is common with anemic people, found this out after years of chewing ice. Now I do not have that craving, but crave eggs. ... (4 replies)
Useful information
Jan 11, 2008
... I have been dealing with anemia for years now. lets say i started my period at age 12 and am now 33. so i have been anemic for 21 years. ... (6 replies)
... Hi guys -- I'm new to the board so I hope I don't wear out my welcome here by rambling. I'm hoping for some support or advice on my low iron. Up until a few months ago I had a PCP that, although for years had been telling me that my iron was low, had never mentioned the word "anemia" and was never alarmist about anything. He never even brought up supplements. When I... (0 replies)
... I've been feeling sick for some time now, and it gets much worse daily. I have a few things going on, but nothing the doctors have been able to nail down completely just yet. The level of fatigue, weakness, etc. has gotten to the point where I'm basically house-bound, and now I can hardly stand up to put a small load of laundry in the wash...and that's the tip of the... (0 replies)

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