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... Looking back I realize I have had "all" the classic symtoms of anemia for several months now, yet he claimed I was "not" anemic, explaining that my low iron level was more or less sudden. My haemoglobin was around 126. ... (24 replies)
... For two months my dr has been trying to diagnose me. (altho my problems have been going on for four months...I was trying to get my Dad thru cancer treatments and my Mom had two surgeries within two I kept my problems to myself) My symptoms include dizziness, heavy arms and legs, migraines, and lately shortness of breath. She suspects I'm anemic....if I walk a... (0 replies)
... I also have hemolytic anemia (have had it all my life) and at times have had HgBs as low as 5 and 6 (which required immediate transfusions). However, I am on Aranesp 2x a month which helps to boost the hemoglobin but my average hgb is about 8.5. I guess your body starts to compensate after a time. On a day to day basis my life is totally normal. However, when I am not... (22 replies)

... I realize in the advanced stages, 44 years being Anemic and untreated, there may be a variety of physical dominos falling (irregular heartrate, breathing problems etc). My question is what types of neurological problems arrise and how do they manifest themselves. I have concentration problems that have appeared ADD, and mild.. recently both my anemia and that has become... (2 replies)
Anemia problem
Aug 12, 2004
... tart injections today.My iron is at 4. I do have celiac disease, and acid reflux. It was found when the upper and lower scope was done a few weeks ago. I had no symtoms other than being anemic. What is duodenitis? ... (2 replies)
Hello, new here
Nov 11, 2008
... nemia. I had already been chewing ice for months before I realized that it was a BIG problem after researching the net. As a child I was always told that I was anemic so I thought nothing of it when I read about it and really didn't take it too seriously. I had no idea what anemia meant! I have now been on iron for 2 years. ... (28 replies)
... that I was very very anemic. He said I had leukopenia and had a very anemic score of 26. ... (10 replies)
... foggy, sometimes i can not concentrate or think clearly, mild chest pain or palpitations. Doctors tell me im slightly anemic...but ive been told being slightly anemic is not the same as low iron. I would have to go to a hemotalogist to get the numbers on my iron count. ... (10 replies)
... I am not sure of the protocol for low ferritin in children, but I was curious, and thought it might be helpful to others who are looking at your question, to know some other facts. I was thinking that ferritin is not a typical test for a child - were there other tests and symptoms your child had prior to finding he has low ferritin? For instance, how is his hemoglobin... (5 replies)
Aug 23, 2006
... I just recently found out that I am anemic, I don't have all my blood count numbers with me, but I believe my hemoglobin count was 6.8..I havent seen anyone with this number since I have been reading here.. my doctor says I am severly anemic.. I have a few symtoms.. but not many and don't feel tired.. I guess my question has anyone had a number this low? and also is there any... (13 replies)
... last night sounding very concerned. I've always been somewhat Anemic, in fact when I had my son, I became very, very anemic and they didnt let me leave the hospital till I got my numbers up. I was taking prescription iron and stopped a few years ago. ... (6 replies)
Funny Lips
Jun 22, 2006
... I think I've been anemic for a while, thats what the prolonged symtoms point to, and recently (almost a month) have had my blood tested and informed to start taking iron pills by my doctor. Some of my symtoms have gone away, such as pica, but for some reason my lips have become constantly swollen- almost blistery, peely, very red- well I guess compared to how pale they used to... (1 replies)
... I'm not technically considered Anemic anymore because my hemo is normal levels now, but I still have no energy and most of all the symtoms I had last month! I also get head aches and light flashes aches in my ankles etc.. ... (3 replies)
Jan 7, 2010
... Thanks coping1. When I first saw the doctor, she just said to book an apppointment in 3 months for a blood test, so I didn't see her first, I just had the test. I don't want to move surgeries at the moment because the one I'm at is really close to where I live, but I'm not keen on any of the doctors there. I went to a different (male) doctor about 2 years ago feeling like I... (3 replies)
... My anemia got diagnosed only because my very astute therapist said "go get a bloodtest, just to rule out a physical problem" and lo and behold, I was low in iron and becoming anemic (my ferritin was at 4, which means practically no storage). My hair was falling out and I was semi-depressed and having anxiety symtoms, which is why I went to see the therapist in the first... (9 replies)
... I dont knw what I am suffeing with, I got all my test done the all are fine, Endoscopy,ECg what not... I fell dizzy all the time, I am slightly anemic, but the symtoms I have o yu fell the same, Dizziness, Yu knw I am better off standing if I sit I feel I will fall.. I dont knw its such a bd feeling... ... (10 replies)
... You may want to look into a potential thyroid condition if you have not already. Some hypothyroid people have low ferritin, are deficient or anemic too. ... (7 replies)
... Some questions come to mind. You say your ferritin is 11 and you had an infusion on April 9. Were you diagnosed with anemia at that time or just deficiency? I wondered if the dr has determined the cause of your anemia? He should tell you.... Ok. Now I see your latest CBC had a hemoglobin of 11.6. Anything below 12 is definately anemia. I don't know how your drs can... (12 replies)
Aug 25, 2006
... Les, thanks again for your comments may I ask how long you have been anemic, and what all have you for for treatment at this point and..are you better now? I do plan on going to a hematoligist.. as I mentioned I just found out and am still in shock.. at this point I am taking iron..Floradix, doesn't seem to upset my stomach.. addiotional herbs..and trying to eat iron rich... (13 replies)
Anemia problem
Aug 12, 2004
... Hi, I have been anemic for over a year now, was feeling very tired so asked doctor to check my iron levels, he did and i was a 4, he imediately started me on iron injections. ... (2 replies)

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