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... I get very fatigued, an extremely rapid heartbeat, headaches, and anxiety. In fact, I am experiencing some of this right now. ... (22 replies)
Need Advice Stat
Jul 20, 2012
... I've been experiencing hair loss, leg pain, and fatigue for about six weeks now. ... (8 replies)
Getting scared...
May 21, 2011
... This cbc was done before her last iron infusion. She had a more detailed one done about a month ago. I did not get a copy of those results. ... (3 replies)

... I know how you are feeling because I had a very similar experience going through my anemia. I started to develop panic when I saw doctors and had to take Xanax for 6 months for muscle cramps in my neck. It also worked for me seeing the white coats! ... (5 replies)
SO fed up!
Nov 26, 2007
... im now older and wiser and would urge anyone out there to insist on further investigations if they are suffering from unexplained symptoms. ... (21 replies)
... can lower ferritin. I bet it would only be a problem if you started out very low. FOr me, I had some fogginess and anxiety issues, but then I got pregnant and had a c section and bled for a long I was completely wiped out. ... (4 replies)
... I also suffer with anxiety which can also in itself cause hair loss. ... (2 replies)
... She did some blood work on me and said theyd call if there was any problems. well the nurse called me a few days later saying the doctor wants me to see a hemotolgist. ... (3 replies)
... ot anemic, because my levels are still in the norm range. My main symptoms are fatigue, tiredness, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, fast and hard heart beat, weak and sore muscles, dizziness, difficulties to concentrate for longer time, during the night cramps in the calf, I feel stressed all the time even without a reason. ... (1 replies)
... im am in the UK... ive had my ferretin tested several times and its normaly in the low 20s which im not pleased with, but is classed as nroaml. ... (9 replies)
... what mine was at that time.My ferritin was 11 in sept.'05.....but my MD said I was "fine"...yeah right.When I had my feritin checked last year it was I think 42 and I was still having sever muscle twitching....the twitches stopped in Jan.this year and I had my ferritin checked just over a week ago and it was 92...... ... (10 replies)
... I've been having alot of trouble with anxiety, feeling as though my body is rushing, shaking inside and heart palpitations, it's driving me crazy. ... (2 replies)
B12 level is 175
Dec 24, 2007
... Yes low B12 is medical referred to as pernicious anemia. I ask my Dr. what would have caused this and he said that for some reason my stomach quit being able to absorb B12 from my food, which could have been caused by many things like my diet, stomach ulcers etc. ... (6 replies)
... My ferritin is a 15 and just yesterday my doc told me that was low enough to cause all of my symptoms. I am anemic, due to VERY heavy menstrual bleeding, from fibroids. I am on iron now. ... (4 replies)
... Aches and pains in my joints, the ankles top of feet and wrists also upper back between shoulderblades, that area comes and goes. ... (0 replies)
Hello, new here
Nov 11, 2008
... hi rhiannon i have been on iron for 2 years,becouse of heavey bleeding and dread the last day of my periods i get this overwhelming tiredness and fatigue this will last for maybe a week,then i will start to feel better until my next cycle ,my ferretin last time i had it checked was 39 ,i have and had a lot of symptoms like you, mine started 5 years ago i ,was also told anxiety... (28 replies)
What's going on??!
Jan 26, 2011
... if you feel betetr then all good, if after 2 months you still feel unwell, ask for referal to a consultant physician for futhur investigation and treatment. ... (5 replies)
... of tooth and toes .. when it hits me hard, i just lie down .. ... (7 replies)
... ll your symptoms match that of someone who is anemic. It's a good thing that you are going to a hematologist, this is the fastest route for people who are anemic and should help your numbers zip up faster. ... (5 replies)
... Fitness Seeker, after my surgery, my bleeding got way under control!! I bleed less and had more energy. During my period i do find it hard to sleep, already uncomfy from the heavy bleeding, but it seems my PMS is worse than ever. ... (34 replies)

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