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... Most definitely it can be Jess. A lot of people with low ferritin report struggling with dizziness and horrible balance. ... (14 replies)
... I just demanded a blood count, ferritin and iron test from my gp because my hematologist has not been helpful. my ferritin started at 4 went to a 13 after a month on a supplement and now it is a 6. my hemoglobin is 13 and my iron is 35 also my b12 and thyroid are normal. ... (6 replies)
... My Dr. has me on 240 mgs a day. My pills are prescribed they have 120 mgs per pill, they are called Integra. I started with a Ferritin of a 2 and I have been taking it for over 3 months. I dropped my dose to 1 a day a while ago and my ferritin has really taken a dive. ... (6 replies)

... ut my doctor doesnt seem too worried and has only prescribed me iron for 2 months, saying that after that i should just take a normal multivitamin... however, my ferritin levels are currently very low, and from research i have seen that it takes up to a year to restore iron levels? ... (4 replies)
... I ran into the same kind of problem in that I suffer from Fibromyalgia, which has similar symptoms (apart from the not being able to breathe well thing) so I didn't think there was anything additionally wrong with me. Being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia sucks, but teh worst part is that if you have anything else that they can't figure out they think it's... (15 replies)
... to you or anyone else on this board and listening to what my doctor says, but unfortunately this is my third doctor and tbh they don't take much notice with low ferritin levels and don't know alot about it this side of the planet. ... (15 replies)
... Some cause your ferritin levels to be high and some cause it to be low. And 2. ... (4 replies)
... exercise. No idea where the Ferritin levels were before. ... (8 replies)
... ich I believe is the solid indicator. My docs just put everything down to anxiety or stress which I buy into and understand but that doesnt cause things like low ferritin so they shouldnt assume everything is psychological. To get tested independently is expensive too. ... (10 replies)
... Hi .. this is my first time posting .. My ferritin level is also at 4 my hemo is 9.3 tired doesnt begin to describe the symptoms that suddenly came apon me .. i felt like i was going to faint and never wake up .. i had vaginal pain, bladder pain overwhelming weakness and fatigue shaky, pressure in my head tightness in my shoulders, mouth/gum pain (7 replies)
... rther investigation. There is no history of thyroid problems in my family. The only thing is anemia on my mother's side. My mum now has pernicious anemia. My B12 was checked and was in normal range. ... (15 replies)
Low ferritin 6
Jul 19, 2010
... Yes, you should. Also if you're that tired, you might want to have your B12 checked. A good multivitamin will help you. When your ferritin is low, it means you have no iron stored, so if anything ever does get out of whack, you could quickly become anemic. ... (3 replies)
... I don't think it should be necessary to continue to have to take the ferrous sulfate. If you stop will you go back to a low number? I guess you have to stop and and have it checked again after a period of being off it. I would also expect the doctor to explain why it is low and you have no evidence of loosing blood. No worry, but must be an answer. (12 replies)
... Hi, I am another low ferritin of 5 with an excellent blood count and everything else they tested for, B12 etc. were all in good ranges. Have also had the colonoscopy and endoscopy, all results were normal. ... (12 replies)
... Well, I got the phone call from the doc's office yesterday. Ferritin levels have dropped AGAIN, so they're going to start me on Venofer IV infusions. Once a week for 5 weeks. ... (74 replies)
... section 3 years ago and a referral by my gynocologist, I have been visiting a hematologist for the past 3 years. After 2 years of Iron infusions, my stored ferritin levels would raise for a short period of time and then decrease. ... (0 replies)
... my ferritin is up to 35. I have more energy and don't feel so tired and cold as I used to, but the hair shedding hasn't slowed one bit. ... (7 replies)
... As you know, being vegan can be a little harder in maintaining ferritin levels. Have you explored the full option of protein foods available? ... (1 replies)
Jun 14, 2009
... know that you didn't get there over night and that it will take some time to rebuild your B stores and ferritin. No, you are not anemic BUT when you deplete the ferritin stores over time then the final stage of ferritin stores IS indeed anemia. ... (44 replies)
... ot, i know my sleep became worse and worse until i began meds for my thyroid. The other thing which i know caused waking in my dads case was being low in either B12 or Vitamin D. Once he boosted both of those nice and high his sleep issues totally disappeared. ... (10 replies)

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