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... Some questions come to mind. You say your ferritin is 11 and you had an infusion on April 9. Were you diagnosed with anemia at that time or just deficiency? ... (12 replies)
... ou for your response. Seven months ago, I had the complete blood panel done and the hemoglobin and mcv were in range. I am going to have various tests incl the B12 done when I see the gastroenterologist for the celiac diagnositics. ... (2 replies)
... Interesting on the B-12. Back when I first found out about my mild anemia, my B-12 was measured at 310 which my doctor said was "good." We didn't do iron tests until much later and I know my ferritin is at 5 (this was after I used Spatone iron and got the hematocrit and hemoglobin back in the normal range). Technically, I guess I am hypthyroid as I had my gland removed... (12 replies)

... weeks is up, I feel alot more tired. I really don't tolerate iron to work on my ferritin levels. I have a stomach that bloats sooo bad when I take iron, it ends up making me short of breath because there's literally no room for my lungs to expand! ... (10 replies)
Ferritin Questions
Oct 15, 2006
... My understanding is that Ferritin is your iron stores. ... (5 replies)
... It's so good to find these boards and especially this thread. My ferritin levels are also below 5, I've had a gastroscopy and a colonscopy so far but nothing showed up. An echo is next, to make sure it's not my uterus. ... (12 replies)
... I have had anemia (due to low ferritin) since the 1980's. Why??? Seems no one knows. I am now 54 years old and have been through menopause. So when my low iron showed up on a blood test in March of this year, the Drs. immediately wanted me to see a GI specialist. He did an upper and lower scope, which did not reveal anything except two small benign stomach polyps. Taking... (12 replies)
... Hello :) I am currently suffering from a hair loss, due to the fact that I was supplementing with Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) for my acne. I took doses ranging from 4 grams - 6 grams. I read on the Acne board, that supplementing with too much Vitamin B5, can cause Iron Deficiency. I am 18 years old, and I got my blood work a month ago, if it's not a big problem, can... (3 replies)
Low ferritin
Oct 29, 2014
... ed again. I can't breathe and could sleep my life away. Ferreting is 4 hematocrit and hemoglobin are both low but not severely like last year. However my vitamin b12 is high. I was told stop taking that supplement but I'm not taking one. So the answer to that was ok then never mind. ... (1 replies)
... About 4 years ago I had iron transfusion I had 2 a week for about 8 weeks. I have a feeling it will be that way again. I go see the hematologist on Tuesday. My B12 was also a little low at 276 and Vitamin D was 17 which is considered insufficient. I want to know if anyone has an idea of how many treatements it will take? ... (5 replies)
... OTC means over the counter As you're in the UK, you wont be able to get the iron supplement dale suggested (its American) Can I suggest you buy some Vitacost Ferrochells 45mg? They are avaliable off of the internet for about $12 for 300 capsules, the dose is one a day, prferably with either a glass of orange juice or a vitamin c tablet. This wont cause the stomach... (15 replies)
... I have Hashimoto's thyroid problems and am hypothyroid as a result (numbers and antibodies are all messed up). Also have GI problems which they tried me on Nexium for, but it made things worse. Have been taking digestive enzymes with HCl and that has helped things tremendously. However, I have been extremely fatigued, in pain, some neurological issues, swollen tongue, etc.... (0 replies)
... I don't know specifically about the vitamin B12 deficiency but I know by reading lots of posts about other deficiencies and since I had a few of my own recently that everybody is different. ... (3 replies)
... Hi johnstar; Firstly, thank you so much for your reply! It is greatly appreciated! Well, that's good to know! I was making that the big focus! (6 replies)
... How much B12 are you taking each day? ... (6 replies)
... Its almost unbeleivable that they didnt test your B12 with those symptoms..... I'm so glad you're on the right track now. ... (10 replies)
... Whily you're getting your B12, get some 250mg vitamin c tabs, and take one with each of your iron pills to boost adsorbsion. Best of luck! (10 replies)
... B12 only helps B12, if you're low in iron, you need iron. You can buy 65mg iron pills at any drug store, one in the morning with a glass of OJ gives you a good dose of iron. it can take many months to fully rebuild your bodys iron stores. Let your doc know what you're taking, and get your levels tested again in about 3 months, to see how you're doing. A daily multi... (3 replies)
B12 378
Jul 29, 2010
... It just means you're on the lower end in iron storage. You should probably supplement. Most people on this board want a ferritin level of 50 for hair growth and to feel well. I think you use more iron when you're rebuilding your B12 stores. ... (4 replies)
... ith the muti. I usually take 2 or 3 iron per day. Along with those I end up having to take Stool Softners due to the effects of so much iron. I haven't had my B12 or Folate checked that I know of. When I go in next month I will also ask for those. ... (6 replies)

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