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... So anything over a 3 for your TSH is over the range. Some doctors are still using the old antiquated "your TSH has to be over 10 to be treated". B12 deficiencies, low vitamin D, low ferritin, anemia, go hand in hand with hypothyroidism. These might be some other tests to ask for. ... (13 replies)
... You will see that people with hypothyroidism most often have low ferritin, low B12 and low Vitamin D levels as well! Good luck! ... (1 replies)
... (14 replies)

... Just wanted to ask a question. My ferritin is now at 22 after 5 months of iron pills, and the other blood test I had for anaemia was 'normal'. If I had a Vit B12 deficiency would this have showed up in these tests? ... (14 replies)
... Hi Donna - wow, you have done some research!! The thing i noticed was that your ferretin was SO high which would indicate iron overload, yet robine's ferretin is low at only 28 yet you both have one gene found for the hemochromatosis. I find that unusual. Robine - in your case i'm still curious about your high B12. I hope you get some answers to that as i can't find too... (21 replies)
... Yes, I think this is so very true. It is easy to become myopic and overlook the big picture when we have something concrete, like numbers/labs, to focus on...sometimes when looking at details, we can't see what's staring us right in the face! The numbers mean little if you don't know the answer to the "WHY". Your post was much appreciated, cgranulomatis. Thank you. (24 replies)
... It is methylcobalamin that I am taking and have decided not to take the folate right now. My grandfather that had pernicious anemia went undiagnosed for so long that he did have serious neurological problems that they think were caused from his lack of diagnosis. He even had to be fed because he shook so much that he couldn't hold his own glass or fork. He was only diagnosed... (24 replies)
... I think the low ferritin is also related. Best of luck with your testing. Keep us posted. ... (10 replies)
... c sections,and misscarages,and always hemmorage badly.but this was years ago.i wonder if i just never got my iron up suficiently after this.interesting how the b12 is considered low at 600? ... (34 replies)
... (7 replies)
... I just posted some new results. My b12 was 311. ... (7 replies)
... Hi Steph, My Ferritin was only checked once, with my initial 367pg/ml B12, and it was 42 (range: 10-154 ng/mL). My Iron, Total was 178 (range: 40-175 mcg/dL). I assumed these were normal--though my sense of "normal" has changed considerably since my symptoms have begun. I actually share your insomnia, fogginess, twitches, shakiness; I also have palpitations and so many... (22 replies)
... not sure if it will prove anything or not, no matter what the numbers show. He isn't even aware of the MMA or homocystine tests, at least as they are related to B12 levels. ... (8 replies)
... I know with iron there is a blood test iron serum, and then there are iron stores, ferritin. I don't think that B-12 works that way. I have read that B-12 serum is not a good reliable measurement of B-12 stores. I guess that's why Hcy and MMA tests are done to back up B-12 test results. Sorry I can't answer your question definitively. I would think that the proof would be... (8 replies)
... Thanks, Rainbow, Just came back from a "so-called" doctor specialized in blood disorder, who said that my RBC, RTHB,HCT is normal and I am not anemic, and there are no tests I mentioned in the lab of hospital.:mad::( I have some other questions, do you think for anemia, three factors are essential? : folate (red cell folate and serum folate), V B 12 (Serum B12, Active V... (12 replies)
... sounds so familiar except I was diagnosed with severe anemia, low ferritin, low Vitamin D but they have never checked me for B12 deficiency so that is the next thing I need to be checked for because I am still feeling the horrible exhaustion even after 3 months of many vitamin supplements. ... (89 replies)
... have that then that rules that out. It's probably good to get the biopsy done as blood tests can give false positives and false negatives. You should get your B12 checked too. ... (80 replies)
... I've been taking a daily vitamin with minerals and there should have been ENOUGH of the B12 in it. I guess there wasn't! ... (27 replies)
... Christine, :) thank you very much for that. I will have to look into it. My ex-doctor was not concerned and yelled at me to worry about the real issues (whatever!!!) -not aches and pains. My new doctor does not know about it yet. I'll make sure to mention it. In addition to the tingling and numbnessin my arms and hands, I have every single cardiac/respiratory... (27 replies)
... tingling and numbness are usually signs of a B12 deficiency. ... (27 replies)

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