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... subsequently alters good and bad gut and intestinal bacteria that aid in nutrient absorption. So, one would reason that if it causes malabsorbtion of calcium, it can do the same for other minerals and vitamins like iron. ... (1 replies)
... would cause constipation, not diarrhea. You may have an unrelated digestive problem going on, or there may be more to your thyroid problem than we know. ... (6 replies)
... yes an ulcer can cause anemia .... i had a "slow bleeding" stomach ulcer that caused my anemia.... ... (1 replies)

Longtime anemia?
Feb 22, 2011
... it isn't going to cause constipation is it? ... (5 replies)
... Iron can cause constipation, especially in high doses, could that be what was causing the pain? ... (2 replies)
... aware if things are getting worse. At the time of my anemia crisis, I'd had GERD for 5 yrs. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks. My family doesn't get it--at all! It is nice to come here and have some compassion and understanding. I actually was diagnosed with IBS with constipation (although as a child it was with diarrhea--until I became pregnant, that is). My dr. just changed the kind of iron I am on, but I am sure I will still be constipated. I was PRIOR to starting any iron. I... (21 replies)
... Most of you guys who are experiencing constipation due to iron supplements, could it actually be a form of IBS? ... (21 replies)
... been anemic for many years. I didn't know how serious it was as I was younger. I also quite frankly thought that it was much worse to take iron as the chronic constipation I deal with while NOT TAKING iron was too much to bear to think about adding another reason why I couldn't go to the bathroom. ... (14 replies)
... After suffering anemia for years it has finally been labled 'microcytic' can anyone give me some info on this and ideas on how to increase my red cell count. Iron supplements cause constipation and neausea. ... (8 replies)
... Make sure you eat plenty of fiber and drink more water while you are taking iron supplements. Iron can cause constipation rather quickly. ... (1 replies)
... You are lucky to see a GI doc they can be very helpful in this situation regarding anemia. Ultimately, they can perform upper and lower GI tests to rule out any possible cause for anemia and other problems that you are having. ... (1 replies)
Anemia Question.
May 4, 2006
... in the body becomes too low. This can lead to health problems because RBCs contain hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to the body's tissues. Anemia can cause a variety of complications, including fatigue and stress on bodily organs. ... (3 replies)
My Anemia Story
Sep 4, 2011
... ice ice ice ice, that's all I want when I can get my hands on it. I even bought a fridge that does filtered crushed ice so my teeth take less abuse. Lucky for me, I haven't busted a tooth yet! ... (2 replies)
... Yah that is disturbing about the complications of iron use I had no idea it could cause those type of problems either. ... (6 replies)
... in your case where you have been on the enemas and laxatives for years i'm not sure what you can do to reverse the damage done. Being on a form of iron supplement which constipates you will likely make your bowel issues worse. ... (21 replies)
... The anemia can definitely be causing your inability to put on weight, especially if you have ruled out other possible illnesses. ... (3 replies)
... If you absorb iron supplements properly, you can start to feel better in a few weeks. Hemoglobin, hematocrit, and RBCs "usually" respond well to iron therapy. ... (8 replies)
Pernicious Anemia
Mar 21, 2008
... overnight and was noticeably clumsy. I noticed it more in the morning getting ready for work. I would often drop my hairbrush or hairspray. The clumsiness and constipation lasted for about 1 week, then went away. I had strange muscle spasms in my back that I had never felt before and extremely painful leg cramps. ... (2 replies)
... No persitant diarrhoea or constipation and no noticible blood in stools.Bowel habits regular. ... (2 replies)

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