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... Did she check to find out WHY you are low? ... (22 replies)
B-12 defficiency
Feb 22, 2004
... I may have said that wrong. If you LACK the intrinsic factor you can eat liver til it comes out your nose and it will have done you NO good. But if you are a person who has the intrinsic factor but has low B12, eating food rich in B12 and taking supplements like b12 will raise your b12 level storage. ... (16 replies)
B-12 defficiency
Feb 22, 2004
... if you still have your intrinsic factor maybe it's only working on one side ? ... (16 replies)

... Welcome to the board! Sorry that you are going through this too. Many of the people on this board are still trying to find out what and why. But we can help you a little and give support when needed. ... (20 replies)
... You appear to suffer from iron deficiency anemia, which can have a specific apparant cause, but certainly can appear without a direct physiological or nutritional cause. It's the most comon cause of anemia, so I wouldn't worry too much. ... (4 replies)
... Haliez I would like to suggest that you also get checked out for celiac disease this is a malabsorption problem this may also be why you feel sick....PA can do the same thing to so you could ask for these tests too.... ... (19 replies)
... Hi Ashleymichele23! First of all...what was your B12 level on the test? ... (89 replies)
... So, you are both B12 and iron deficient. No wonder you feel so bad. ... (8 replies)
... are often results of IDA. When I saw all the same type of results it scared me too! There are also many causes for this type of anemia. This can be caused most commonly by menstruation or due to disease. Anemia is a symptom not a disease in itself and a cause has to be determined by your doc. ... (2 replies)
... I was going to report happily that my husband is in the wrong field and should be a nurse! I didn't even feel the shot! However now that you reported parts of your stomach were makes me wonder if my BUTT is numb! ... (57 replies)
... in liquid or tabs that dissolve under the tongue. You will have to check about the dosage, I'm not sure how much you would need daily to raise your numbers. ... (3 replies)
... intrinsic factor prevent intestinal absorption of vitamin B12. ... (34 replies)
Just Diagnosed
Jun 8, 2006
... aintainence of myelin. Therefore a deficiency in B12 causes a depletion of the nerves protective "coating" hence causing damage to nerve cells. A B12 deficiency can also cause a false positive pap smear for ladies, as it is a part of the epithelial cells surrounding the cervix!! ... (1 replies)
... The benefit of a Xanax treatment is that you only need to take it whenever anxiety gets to a point it's unbarable or interferes with everyday life, and it acts to lessen it immediately. ... (2 replies)
... Well for me and I have no intrinsic factor it took a few years to build my level up to a normal range, now with someone who does have the intrinsic factor which does help with the absorption of B12 I would think a few months should do it. Do you know what your level was before you started on the shots? ... (22 replies)
... st rule of thumb is "not to panic" because if you'll feel worse. Also, I have pernicious anemia also and my husband thinks it's the same thing like he has....reflux! It is a step up from reflux... ... (4 replies)
... borderline so I looked them up and kept coming back to Pernicious Anemia. My grandfather had this and it says it can run in blood relatives, and some of the symptoms fit but not all... ... (4 replies)
... There is really no difference in the symptoms which is what your doctor was trying to tell you. However, the reasons are more complicated as to what makes each one. ... (17 replies)
... what you had written to me and it prompted me to see the pharmacist at Pathmark which told me that Caltrate is not a good source of calcium to take and Citrical can be more readily absorbed with people who have pernicious anemia. I am forever indebted to your good faith of helping me. Thank you so much. ... (6 replies)
Jun 19, 2009
... It is unlikely that your bleeding hemorrhoid caused this low of a number unless it is a severe grade and have more than one. It does happen though if it is bad. ... (1 replies)

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