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... probably why I am feeling anemic now as I wasn't this bad before. ... (12 replies)
... Yes, go see a specialist. If you are not getting answers from your doctor and you are not seeing any improvement I would definitely get another opinion. ... (1 replies)
... Chest pain can be a symptom of anemia. My chest pains is what convinced me to go to the dr at the beginning. All the other symptoms I was feeling, I just shrugged it off to being a busy mom with not enough sleep. ... (10 replies)

... I get pale, i have very irregular periods, short of breath sometimes, chest pains, not a lot of headaches, cold extremeties, get dizzy often, and yes I feel very weak and tired or fatigued often.. am I anemic? ... (1 replies)
... maybe the plasma is too thin don't know for sure. I know if you are ID, that your immune system is weakened and you get sick more often, thus the low grade infection I had. ... (9 replies)
Can I be anemic?
Aug 26, 2003
... at have been somewhat of a concern to me. These symptoms seem to be present almost everyday, and just make me feel like going crazy at times. It makes me feel as if I have a serious illness...some of which I feel doctors are failing to diagnose. ... (2 replies)
... I don't know if it's relevant, but I've had this symptom... at least since middle school. When I was in school, I would always come home and pass out for hours at a time. ... (1 replies)
... ated in the deficiency of B12..And ask him to proof that that level is not causing you harm do some research on B12 and take it with you......I am not sure about chest pains with anemai but I think it is likely I know that B12 has caused me to get pressure under my ribs because of nerve problems in my spine... ... (4 replies)
Does anyone know?
Sep 23, 2006
... Hi according to my hematologist, Ferritin level should be at around 50 to be healthy. The lowest my level has been was 2 and at that time, my hgb was around 8. If I was not having chest pains, I prob would not have gone to the dr. Seems that chest pain is one of the symptoms of anemia. ... (2 replies)
... which carries oxygen to all organs and parts of your body. Since your doctor I assume did a cardiogram and ruled out your heart, it could be that you're getting chest pain from anemia. Shortness of breath can also be caused by anemia. You must try to get your iron levels up. ... (67 replies)
Long term Anemia
Sep 4, 2007
... wallowing. I had a blood test three years ago that said I was borderline anemic. I couldn't take supplements or eat food with iron because of severe symptoms and chest pains. ... (10 replies)
... I am glad that i am able to say hello to everyone that is suffering with anemia in any form..chronic or deficient etc.I am 44 yrs. old and have been anemic for over 10 years.I have been tested over and over again throughout the years yet none of my doctors went any further than telling me. ... (4 replies)
... are immune disorders that will cause the low iron and the chronic fatigue and muscle pain. Heat may feel good when you are using it and then make your aches and pains worse when you stop. You might try ice packs and get better relief. Of course use them sensibly and don't give yourself frost bite. ... (10 replies)
... way and my mom mentioned that I get dizzy a lot and tend to run into things and fall over cuz of that. He suggested an echocardiogram and blood work. so yeah, im anemic and I'm supposed to take iron pills but they mess up my stomach so I dont. Anywayz, My question is... ... (67 replies)
... Do you get chest pains when you're anemic? ... (4 replies)
... like feelings in my feet, I like to chew on ice, I've occasionally had blurry vision with my contact lenses in, occasional chest pains, and I'm sure theres a few more but it's really hard to list them! ... (0 replies)
... went back to his office. He gave me celebrex for swelling and and antibiotic. That got better in just a few days but my other symptoms seem to have gotten worse if anything. ... (5 replies)
... If this is going to be a chronic condition from now on, it will take a while, but eventually you will adapt to some of the symptoms, but will definitely feel it if called upon to do strenuous work. I hope this helps some. ... (1 replies)
... When I went to the doc with palps the first thing they ask me is "Do you have chest pain? ... (2 replies)
... Does anyone else have only low iron saturation (aka low transferrin saturation)? It is the only value I have out of range. Mine is 11% (range 15-50%). My serum iron is 43 (range 28 - 170). TIBC (transferrin) is in the high end of normal (a year ago it was above normal.) Ferritin is in the low end of normal. So everything seems to fit the classic iron deficiency... (8 replies)

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