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... RX. I think that is the TRX that you put after the name Chromagen Forte Caps. Just search the name. ... (65 replies)
... apparently it has been going on for a few months, and they just never told me or wanted to do anything. Mayo called me up and told me that I needed to be taking Chromagen Forte, and called it into my local pharmacy. My PCP here at home wasn't so worried about it. I can post my labs here. ... (65 replies)
... ould possibly have to get injections, because my body may not be able to absorb the vitamins, as there are so many deficiencies, and also I have gone 2 months on Chromagen Forte, and still my Ferritin hasn't risen. ... (65 replies)

... Chromagen Forte is very well tolerated. ... (65 replies)
... Mary, I am so sorry that you are having so many things wrong with still no help from meds. I hate being sick all of the time, and hurting, and I am sure that you do to. How was your experience at Mayo? I really liked it, because they seemed to really care and didn't really doubt any of my symptoms. (65 replies)
... Mary--Thanks, I will check it out. I just thought that I didn't fit the criteria. FLFLOWERGIRL:) (65 replies)
... If you don't get the answers you need or have others, please don't hesitate to ask again. Mary (65 replies)
... Hello again, There was a misunderstanding with my email address. Solved now! Fibro is so many things! Go to the fibro board and you'll see answers to just about any question you have about it. Good Luck, Mary (65 replies)
... Looks like Bikerbabe has been banned, oh well. FLFLOWERGIRL:) (65 replies)
... bikerbabe-- I think the reason your confused by who has what is because we have too many things to be confused about! Your post interested me because of the symptoms that you listed that sent you to MAYO clinic. I have had strange symptoms MS like since I became anemic 9 months ago. Now that the anemia is resolved, I'm working on my Ferritin level but a lot of symptoms... (65 replies)
... Hello, I've been reading this thread tonight. I have to admit, I'm confused about who has what. I have fibro, iron deficient anemia, migraines, IBS, etc... oh, heart surgery to replace an aortic valve in april 07 too. I went to Mayo in Florida in 04. My docs here were trying to find out what was wrong. I had... shooting pain, numbness in legs and arms, pin pricks,... (65 replies)
... Thanks so much! Yeah, I am just glad to be out of the hospital. How do you explain to people that you were in the hospital because you were thinking about killing yourself? OMG! Everyone heard that I was in the hospital, and keep asking me how come, and I have to lie. It is partially true that it was because of my back though. If I weren't in so much pain, I wouldn't be... (65 replies)
... Bananarama--What a story.........sorry you are going through such hard times. I did notice that you wern't posting. I'm glad that your meds are working for you now and that you are doing better. Congrats on your anemia too! Good luck to you. FLFLOWERGIRL:) (65 replies)
... Hey guys! I haven't had time to read everything that has been going on. This is my first time on in a while. I was put into the hospital last Sunday and just got out. Was Baker-acted (put in psych ward involuntarily for wanting to kill myself). they upped all my meds and stuff. Doing much better. My iron is still low, but I am no longer anemic. Don't know exactly how that... (65 replies)
... Nyxie--Of course the first thing I did was compare. When I was really ill they kept checking these and they were always normal. BUT there is a trend of them going up each time taken:? 3-20-07 AST 17 ALT 18 5-30-07 AST 20 ALT 14 10-1-07 AST 35 ALT 42 It's almost double since the beginning. LOOK HOW THEY WENT UP AS THE ANEMIA RESOLVED,... (65 replies)
... FLFLOWERGIRL - Sorry you've had such a stinky time with drs lately. Sounds like they all could use a clue-by-four upside the head. The ALT isn't elevated by much. Since this was also the only level out of range, I wouldn't think it'd indicate a serious liver problem. Keep an eye on it though and retest in a couple of months. If it continues to be elevated, then it... (65 replies)
... Nyxie--Went to the Endo. Because he knows that I've not seen him for 1 yr. because I've been sick for 9 months now. He only wanted to address my THYROID and nothing else. Although he ran a CMP and my ALT was up this time to 42 range 0-40 he said, he didn't think it was a problem it's just going up and down but to see my GI doc. Well, I can tell you right now that he... (65 replies)
... FLFLOWERGIRL, Thanks! Unfortunately, the scopes they use aren't long enough to get a good look at all of the small bowel. Therefore the additional testing. Did my first smear this morning. Joy! Ain't that a gas!? I really cheated on my diet yesterday (stopped at McDonalds... bad girl!) so if anything's going to bleed anywhere, I'm pretty sure that's gonna do it. I... (65 replies)
... Nyxie--I thought that he checked you completely already. Isn't that pill more for the sm bowel? Good luck to you on your smear, great fun! That only shows bleeding at the time. If it comes and goes it will not most likely not be detected. That's what my GI told me. He was not impressed that I had done that test before I was him. Guess it's just another tool. I hope it... (65 replies)
... Well, saw the Gastro yesterday for the follow-up. So we reviewed the findings from the exam and biopsy (there weren't any), so it didn't take long. I thought that'd be it. But wait! There's more! He gave me one of those smear test things to check for occult blood in the stools. If that comes back positive, then he's going to send me down to Philly to get one of those little... (65 replies)

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