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... mgs daily for the last year minus the times I was ill and couldn't take anything at all. It is available OTC but you have to ask for it at the pharmacy. ... (3 replies)
... Anyway, as to what to keep iron away from, it interferes with thyroxine because I noticed I was badly hypothyroid again when I took them too close together. ... (13 replies)
... Hi old friends! It's been a little while since I have been at this board. I am still working on my ferritin but not taking a high dose any longer. When I got to 48 or so my pcp said stop with the higher dose and just go to a daily dose of 18mg. ... (13 replies)

Iron injections
Sep 21, 2007
... With that being said, what I did when I was having the "endometrial ablation" which I LOVE, the doc said that you have to replace the amount of iron that you use up with a period, to at least break even. ... (9 replies)
... FLowergirl, 1. % Saturation = 16.3%, which is calculated from TIBC;) so I am not overloaded with it at all. 2. I don't take multi vitamins now, I just take iron-focused and complex B tablets. I drink mineral water every day, too. All that I can find the best in the market is Ferrochel, as ferros bis-glycinate chelate. They claim that it is more bioavailable than other... (10 replies)
... supplements prescribed to me by my hematologist. But the problem is she discovered my body doesn't absorb any iron at all. She said it goes right through me. I was discovered to have anemia back in 2006 when I had an accident that required me to have surgery. ... (7 replies)
... ance. I was also in between insurance when I was ill and it's a hard situation to be in especially when your ill. My suggestion to you would be to start on high dose iron if you are not already. The higher the dose the better it works for people like us. ... (7 replies)
Iron Injections
Oct 6, 2008
... I was like you and was not able to tolerate iron such as Ferris Sulfate. ... (3 replies)
... Could you have perhaps one or two IV iron injections to quickly raise your HG levals, then switch to oral iron to slowly replenish your iron stores? ... (19 replies)
... When i first found out i was very low in iron i simply bought over the counter iron tablets, which ended up giving me constipation. ... (3 replies)
... In your case, unless you find out what precisely is causing your drop in ferritin, i'd be staying on the iron supplements. About a year ago, when my ferritin got to 60, i started taking my iron only about 3 times per week and it started dropping right away. ... (19 replies)
... I have been on the supplements for 3 months now. My numbers were close to yours, but my daily dose isn't as high. It seemed like in the beginning I craved salt which was new for me. Popcorn and goldfish crackers. ... (5 replies)
... FLFLOWERGIRL is right, you do need to up your doses until you are in the clear and then you can cut back to a minimal daily dose. ... (78 replies)
... ay that blood tests of selenium were not accurate and often came up as being high when you were likely actually a lot lower. He said you can safely take a small daily dose each day for up to 5 years before it would become "too much", as not enough selenium can be as bad as too much. ... (21 replies)
... Welcome to the boards! First, know that you have to take in a larger amount of iron than is lost for whatever reason. Are you having a history of heavy periods? ... (17 replies)
... ome to my mind. You are mildly anemic and really want your Hgb to be optimal at 14.0, this will also help in the storage of iron. You also want to be on a high dose iron for at least 6 months to raise your ferritin, it may be longer. I was on 300mgs daily for 1 year and now remain on 150 daily. ... (14 replies)
Ferritin level
Mar 12, 2009
... You feel well because you have enough iron in circulation and you are not anemic at all with a 15 Hgb. Your ferritin is what is low and that can take up to a year to replete. ... (3 replies)
New Test Results
Mar 19, 2009
... I bought the ferrous sulfate since I didn't know that my body won't react well to it or not without trying it first. I did ask the pharmacy about the poly iron, it's $35 for 100 tabs. :eek: I didn't think that I was taking things lightly. I've emailed and called, I've taken the tests they want and now starting the ferrous sulfate. Maybe I'm just in denial and... (8 replies)
New Test Results
Mar 19, 2009
... I hope that she is well versed in iron supplements, many are not. ... (8 replies)
Cerealed out!
Oct 15, 2007
... d to eat huge amounts of cereal to improve your ferritin level. There is no reason that I can see that you need to do the cereal thing. Yes, it is a way to get iron but it is just one way. You could reduce the cereal to a normal daily amount and instead get an iron supplement that is just iron alone. ... (6 replies)

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