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Mcv question
Aug 23, 2009
... From my own experience I was classed as being moderately anemic with a severely low MCV of 65. ... (2 replies)
... Is everyones MCV here decreased? ... (4 replies)
... Your MCV,MCH and RBC are very similar to mine. I am having more bloodwork done this week. My Dr. has checked me for a B12 deficiency and low folic acid. Now she is even sending me for a colonoscopy, and checking feritin among other things. If you drink, even moderately, it could affect your mcv/mch. (1 replies)

... such as is seen in iron deficiency anemia or thalassemias. The normal range for MCV is 80 to 100. You should get checked for both B12 deficiency and folate deficiency. ... (1 replies)
... also decreased even more this year along with the WBC. It's ranged from at limit 3.8 to below limit 3.63. ... (1 replies)
... or folic acid anaemia which could have been caused by your surgeries. A decreased MCV is indicative of an Iron deficiency. ... (22 replies)
New test results
Aug 2, 2008
... s decreased MCV. ... (4 replies)
... I would say keep taking iron tablets and a daily multivitamin. You need not only to replace the iron in your blood, but also the iron stores in your body. Sundown Perfect Iron is a well tolerated iron supplement, and is quite cheap (about $5 for a 3 month supply < edited > ) Also, a daily multivitamin, such as Centrum (or the generic store brand), would be a good idea,... (2 replies)
Jul 14, 2009
... r. From what I gather from your labs, back in Sept. '08 you were at that time considered to be moderately anemic as reflected in your Hgb count, you also have a decreased MCV of 69. ... (5 replies)
... The end result of decreased dietary iron, decreased iron absorption, or blood loss is iron deficiency anemia. ... (1 replies)
... is a measurement of the average size of your RBCs. The MCV is elevated when your RBCs are larger than normal, for example in anemia caused by vitamin B12 deficiency. ... (2 replies)
... mbbasketball--Welcome back to the boards! :wave: I know every so often you are going to show up ;). I see you around on other boards and know that you are still dealing with issues. I am really sorry that you are still having such a puzzle to work out. One good thing on your side is menopause, that's a plus. Your (MCV) is a measurement of the ~average size~ of your... (4 replies)
New test results
Aug 1, 2008
... H, MCV, MCH, and MCHC are DEcreased in values. The Platelets and RDW are INcreased. ... (4 replies)
... Hi Hoppy! :) It looks like you've taken matters into your own hands. I don't blame you for wanting to have all these tests done. I find that doctors tend to order the same tests over and over. I read that it is actually cheaper to run a whole panel of tests than just a single one. Hard to believe, isn't it? Managing to stay on top of things with multiple medical issues... (89 replies)
... The end result of decreased dietary iron, decreased iron absorption, or blood loss is iron deficiency anemia, the end stage of the ferritin stores. ... (1 replies)
... Since my symptoms started over two years ago (I was 22), I have lost 70% of my hair. My iron status at the onset of symptoms: Hemoglobin 13.5 (11.7-15.5) Hematocrit 39.3% (25-40) Iron, total 160 (4-175) Ferritin 18 (10-154) After supplementing with 150mg of elemental iron for 6 months (per a dermatologist that diagnosed me with telogen effluvium and advised that I... (1 replies)
... you have microcytic(small red cell indicated by low MCV), hypochromic(pale red blood cells/decreased hemoglobin per red blood cell as indicated by your low MCH) which in itself is classic for iron deficiency anemia but not diagnostic .. but your iron studies are classic for iron deficiency anemia ... you have a low saturation % and your ferritin is sub 10 .. the ferritin being... (11 replies)
... and slightly decreased exercise capacity. ... (3 replies)
... Additionally, for the past four years, all blood labs have decreased every year except for WBC which have increased and the RDW has stayed about the same. ... (1 replies)
... My labs this last week came back abnormal and I'm wondering what they could mean. WBC- 2.0 * RBC 4.39 HGB 11.3* HCT 36.8* MCV 83.8 MCH 25.7* MCHC 30.7* RDW 16.4* MPV 12.7 (2 replies)

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