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... ferritin def i would have thought post surgery, my numbers would really climb up. ... (0 replies)
... My teen age daughter has been battling iron deficient anemia for 2 years now. Over the last year, she has gotten IV iron 5 different times (working up to 300 mg of iron at a time). Her hemoglobin has been holding fine (between 12-13.6), but her ferritin continues to go up to 80 then fall back to 19 a couple of weeks after the IV iron. She is also taking ICAR-C 350mg of oral... (4 replies)
... I have had numerous problems with my son, he always seems ill, weak, pale. In his blood tests over the past two years there are few things that have always been consistent: UREA - always high LDH- always high Uric Acid & GGTP always low CRP AND ESR - sometimes high In addition to this he has a constant low grade fever, swollen lymph nodes in neck (for over a year), his... (1 replies)

... Just be aware that the serum level of B12 is often misleading. I had high normal serum level back when my fatigue sent me to the doctor, but I had high MCV and MCH which is often indicative of B12 def. It wasn't until a few years later that I had the methylmalonic acid checked (urine, but I think it can also be tested in serum) which pointed out the B12 def. Unfortunately,... (2 replies)
... He's 5, for the past 5 years I've been told he has Iron Def anemia, given iron supp and that's it. ... (4 replies)
... Hi, I think maybe you're looking at this backwards. It's "hidden" when your blood shows normal levels, but you have symptoms. So it's not hidden at all to you, but a doctor may tell you there's nothing wrong with you because the blood test shows normal levels of B12. I forget exactly how this happens, but I think if your folate is off it can make your B12 levels appear... (40 replies)
... also.. i need to know exactly what hidden b12 def is... becasue my doctor didnt seem to know what i was talking about... ... (40 replies)
... He belives I have been B12 def for 10 years. ... (5 replies)
... (48 replies)
... irisheyes39--I understand your post completely. I have many if not all of your symptoms. Yes, heavy periods for two years can in fact cause this to happen. Things like these go on for many years until the ferritin is drained and anemia (the last stage of iron stores) sets in. Same with B-12. Neuro feelings, numbness, tingling and pain are usually related to a B-12... (48 replies)
... LOL....I did the whole chiropractic thing too. I didn't know the rib thing was B12 related, and I started the chiro at the same time as I started on B12. I'd never read, in all my reading about B12 in the last year, that "loose ribs" could be a symptom of low B12. Well, have hope--it does get better. You're taking shots, which is great, but you could supplement the "off... (7 replies)
... Having low iron can mask overt CBC signals that would cause a doctor to check your B12--low iron usually means you have small red blood cells while low B12 usually has larger than normal red blood cells (low MCV and high MCV). Therefore an iron def. might cause the MCV to look normal, masking the B12 def. Also, serum B12 isn't a good indicator of status, AND the US's "low"... (2 replies)
... Even with taking iron supplements, you're not feeling any better? I don't know much about iron def., but I do know a little about B12 def. I've since learned (after going mis-diagnosed) that serum levels of B12 don't mean much, and the other usual "sign"--a high MCV can be masked by a co-occuring iron def. ALSO, it is known that acid-suppressors cause B12 to be malabsorbed,... (3 replies)
... The burning tongue and sore mouth is one of the many symptoms of pernicious anemia or B12 def. The difference between the 2 is that pernicious anemia is the lack of intrinsic factor in the gut that absorbs B12 and it is a life long series of injections to keep the level up, it bypasses the stomach and goes directly into the tissues. You can have a B12 def do to diet and it can... (2 replies)
... Hello Smokey, I am also B-12 Def. I get an injection once a week because my doctor states that supp. will not help me. It was my neruologist that discovered it and my hematologist continued with the process. B-12 def. can lead to optic neuritis (sp) and since the injection, I don't have near the problem I use to have with my eyes. I have a clotting disorder which is... (12 replies)
... I know it sounds crazy but I had the same symptoms for 2 yrs and thought I was dieing. They tested for MS but I had 4 small cysts on MRI not specific for MS and no marker on spinal tap. Ended up being Celiac disease; intolerance for wheat, rye,barley..and in my case milk products and sugar. I had PA as well caused by malabsorption syndrome of gastric bypass and Celiac. All... (6 replies)
... Well, I saw a new hematologist today and I have to say, I've been crying pretty much non-stop! I've never yelled at a doctor before, but I couldn't resist today. I'm so very sad and discouraged. After waiting an hour to see him (which I would do in a heartbeat to find the cause of all my issues!), he basically said that I have mild iron deficiency anemia and that at my... (6 replies)
... Hi Happy, You should have had loading doses of B12. I didn't and I did not feel better until I switched doctors who then did the loading doses and let me inject weekly.... I felt so much better! Low folate and PA go hand in hand, just FYI. Your folate levels can drop quite suddenly or go up quite suddenly. As a precaution, my doctor has me take 400mcg of folate (folic... (6 replies)
... Happylittlefam: You poor thing. I've only been experiencing my symptoms for 6 months. I've had such a healthy life (I just turned 44). If it weren't for the arthritis symptoms I've experienced over the last 6 months and my injured shoulder and some second half of the day fatigue, I never would have gone to the doctor at all. I hadn't been to the doctor in over 10 yrs (for... (6 replies)
... Wow! They have taken a very long time to give you a proper work up. I recently switched doctors because my former doctor was useless. A few weeks after meeting her and initial physical I became extremely fatigued to the point I fainted several times over a three day period (I fainted as I checked into the ER and several times the next two days). Despite fainting I had to... (6 replies)

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