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... yes we do appear to have a lot of the same issues, but i believe it's linked to the Hashimoto's. My thyroid doctor and my previous trichologist i saw for my hair shedding both said that thyroid suffers, particularly when its an autoimmune related disease, appear to suffer so many identical issues. ... (12 replies)
... gh old blood test reports from waaaay back, before my abnormal shedding, my ferritin was in the mid 30's. Now it's been 60 and over for at least one year and my hair shedding issues are the same. ... (12 replies)
... od properly, eating when calm is better rather than after an argument or when you are stressed as food wont get digested properly, skipping breakfast weakens the digestive system as our stomach energies are strongest this time of the day and the enzymes are all systems go. ... (20 replies)

... Hair........... well we all want our hair back and it seems to be the most stressful thing to lose. I'd trade less energy for some real hair growth. ... (80 replies)
... My first question is, can you please tell me what BRAND digestive enzymes you are taking? ... (14 replies)
... the enzymes i'm on are called Creon Forte and they are prescription only. My doctor organised a stool test to determine what my digestive system was doing prior to issuing the prescription. ... (14 replies)
... It didn't really start moving faster until i got my ferritin up to about 50, which took me a bit over 2 years. It also didn't start moving until i began taking digestive enzymes. It was found that my pancreas was not producing sufficient enzymes to digest protein foods. ... (9 replies)
... Thanks for so much info. It does get ones wheels turning to look into all possibilities I did have all the thyroid tests done and was in range with them I'm feeling pretty confidanrt as I was pretty much smack in the MID range. I thought about the Vitamin thing. I'm suprised they don't run this when they do everything else. I actually had asked my Dr. how everything could... (14 replies)
... When my ferretin was down to 8 and then it took virtually a whole year to get to 14 and my hair was falling out like crazy i decided to visit a Trichologist. ... (14 replies)
... i think it's ok to ask non anemia questions if it's possibly linked to anemia. As for my pancreas, i never knew i had a problem and never suspected i lacked in digestive enzymes. I did however get bloating and an extremely "full" feeling in my stomach after eating my meals, particularly lunch and dinner. ... (15 replies)
... Very interesting, can I ask which digestive enzymes you're taking? ... (9 replies)
... After a stool test it was found that my pancreas was not producing sufficient enzymes to digest all protein foods, which caused a form of protein deficiency. ... (6 replies)
New lab work
Jan 21, 2009
... Has your doctor mentioned prescribing digestive enzymes? ... (7 replies)
... en digesting protein as i've not got sufficient pancreatic enzymes. This could be a big part of the reason why my ferretin dropped and it would have added to my hair shedding woes. I'm now taking prescription digestive enzymes with all my main meals and i feel so much better. ... (80 replies)
... tiredness, hair shedding, messed up monthly cycles. ... (6 replies)
... overed, via a stool analysis test, that i wasn't digesting protein properly. He said this would obviously lead to getting insufficient protein and could lead to hair shedding or slow hair growth. ... (78 replies)
... i never counted how many hairs i shed. I would dry my hair over the bathtub, which is white, and i'd see how much hair was lost. I just knew as soon as i began shedding back in January 2000 that something wasn't right. I had never recalled losing that amount of hair. ... (36 replies)
... short cut type of thing, but that they would give me that greatly needed boost so that with summer approaching i would hopefully not shed as much hair as i normally would. ... (18 replies)
... With digestive enzymes, if you have a problem which is affecting your health, prescription enzymes are the way to go. The over the counter types you can buy in supermarkets and healthfood stores just don't cut it. ... (80 replies)
... Yay! I am so happy for you in that you have some answers now! Your attitude sounds so positive and hopeful. I hope that things continue to improve with you. :) Glad the yellow dock worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (36 replies)

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