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... i was taking oral iron 3 times a day and after a month my levels Hgb were 7. ... (5 replies)
... were digging into my flesh. My wrists and knees ached. My heart was pounding. I was dizzy whenever I stood up. I called the doctor's office and spoke to the nurse who had attended me, and she she said she had never heard of those symptoms before. ... (63 replies)
... Hiya I was kind of in your position also, good iron level but low iron stores (ferritin) mine was 12 and the range was 22-222 or something like that! It has taken me around 8 months to build this up to 59. I personally did not feel better that quickly - however I still do not know if the symptoms I had were down to the low iron. I also have an under-active thyroid... (7 replies)

... Thanks so much for posting this. It scared me to read how you felt afterwards but Id rather be informed and a little scared than oblivious and terrified. I will make sure I have a bottle of water with me, to wear loose and comfy clothing and shoes that slip on and off and dont bind. They told me that they are going to sedate me and wont let me leave unless I have a... (63 replies)
... I am light headed and dizzy all day along with hair loss, poor concentration. ... (1 replies)
Iron Deficiency
Dec 13, 2005
... id as this may sound, but i'm a 17 year old female who wanted to donate blood at our schools blood drive this year, and i was hit with the big REJECTION sign. my iron count was a 25 and i believe the "normal" was 28. i've had a few dizzy spells since then, and just a huge craving for ice all the time. ... (5 replies)
Low iron
Dec 8, 2010
... You should see your dr. right away. 6 is really low. If you can't have a blood transfusion you could have iron infusions by intravenous. I had to take ferritin tablets to bring my iron stores up in the bone marrow and take liquid iron to bring up my iron level. ... (1 replies)
... tell me im slightly anemic...but ive been told being slightly anemic is not the same as low iron. I would have to go to a hemotalogist to get the numbers on my iron count. ... (3 replies)
Sooooooo dizzy
Jan 16, 2009
... Thanks FLFlowergirl I had a look at my bottle of tablets and yes they are equivalent to 65mg like you say! All I know about my iron level is that my 'iron' level (whatever the doctor meant by that) was 5 and my reserves were very low too. When I had my blood transfusion I was 4. Other than that everything else was OK. I am up and on my feet now but feel like I have been in a... (4 replies)
... I got no period for 3 months before the iron infusion. After the infusion, now is 3 weeks and I got 2 periods? ... (5 replies)
Iron level-8.3
Sep 12, 2006
... they were worried about how the low level would affect my heart, although I really don't have a "heart condition". ... (22 replies)
... As my monthly cycles were all over the place i had to do something and i felt whatever was wrong with me, going on the pill would only mask what was wrong, rather than fix it. I did try 3 various forms of the pill and each had very bad side effects for me and i've never been back on the pill since. I found a naturopath who made up a herbal liquid tonic which i took day and... (12 replies)
Iron level-8.3
Sep 12, 2006
... hi i just did an anemia test and it was 8.3, 2 months ago my doctor did it and said it was borderline (12 i think) and that it cant have changed in 2 months. he was obviously wrong. is 8.3 bad? he gave me 200 ferrous sulphate at the time and bcos i cudnt take them bcos of the side effects he just said leave it. is severe tiredness, light headedness, dizzy, weakness, headaches,... (22 replies)
... Ever since I was a baby, my hemoglobin has been slightly low. My mom was told to increase my iron rich foods. However, out of all 8 of her children, I was the only one with this issue. ... (6 replies)
... ish she would have just written me a prescription. I am so tired of feeling horrible. They said if my levels haven't gotten better in 6 weeks, then it's an IV of iron and I go to a hemotologist. Another thing that was weird was that my sodium levels were low and my cholesterol was high. ... (11 replies)
... I was just diagnosed w/ anemia about a month ago - level was 9 and I felt like one foot was in the grave. Plain iron supplements make me constipated and don't work very fast, so I'm taking something called MegaFood "blood builder" w/ iron, vit. C, folic acid, B-12 and a few other ingredients that are good for building blood. It works incredibly fast!! I haven't re-checked my... (4 replies)
Iron tested 5
Feb 9, 2012
... nyway, I went to the health department for my pap and check up. They pricked my finger, thats to check your hemoglobin, NOT IRON, Ferritin blood test checks your Iron levels. ... (8 replies)
Ferretin Level?
Jan 25, 2007
... Is a ferretin level of 23 considered low? ... (13 replies)
... It went away and my iron was like, borderline but not anemia for many moons. ... (20 replies)
... I had my B12 levels checked on Monday, the results show B12 level at 99. I had a message left on my phone to tell me that I needed to make an appointment with my GP to discuss this. ... (0 replies)

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