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... There is if you dont mind some things I would like to add to your above post re B12 if thats ok? ... (40 replies)
... ding problems is feeling cold and poor thermoregulation, which is a very classic symptom! I don't think they've done the full thyroid panel, but my bravery with doctors is running out. I've just been reading this morning about the link between hypothyroidism and low iron, so maybe I will pursue this later. ... (3 replies)
... nd since hubby had health insurance, I started going to the doctor to figure out why I was not able to get pregnant, why I was so moody, etc. Years and years of testing and being passed along from doctor to doctor resulted in feeling as though I was a hypochondriac! ... (6 replies)

... I don't think your mom's problem is due to a vitamin b12 deficiency for several reasons.... ... (40 replies)
... I was hoping someone would be able to give me some advice. I would be really grateful as I am unsure what to do next and do not know any doctors who have lots of experience in this specific area. ... (3 replies)
... myself as my doctor just disregarded the whole issue! I managed to get the level up to 424 but am having to pay for blood testing myself as my doctor won't order it and even though I have great insurance, they won't pay unless the doctor orders it!! I haven't had it tested in a while. ... (89 replies)
... ve NEVER tried to lose weight. I keep trying to eat things now to gain weight, but I am not gaining any. I have sporadic bouts of high blood pressure which the doctors have done several tests for, but they came back normal. My arms and legs fall asleep VERY easily. ... (57 replies)
... I am going to see a GI specialist next Wednesday so I will definitely ask him about this. My guess is he might do some testing of his own. Maybe the dreaded scopes. ... (6 replies)
... What is correct B12 therapy for newly-diagnosed? SumGuy Posts: 1 New Member Send a PM Give a Hug My mom (70-year-old, over weight, slightly or increasingly diabetic) was found to be anemic during a blood test about 6 weeks ago, and I believe that either as part of that test or a followup test was shown to have low (or no?) b12. (5 replies)
... If you want to have your adrenals checked you will need a cortisol blood test if it is elevated they will do further testing mine was due to severe stress though..... ... (89 replies)
... ut the endo said it was not thyroid related, although I think that it is related some how to how I feel, but if someone here could help that would be great. The doctors I feel are not looking at something, or are just not concered as I am. ... (4 replies)
Low B12?
Sep 16, 2008
... Pernicious Anemia, which you have already ruled out by the IF test. I have read that IF testing is only 50 percent specific but much more specific in testing for Parietal Cell. ... (8 replies)
... Not all GI Doctors are created equal. It took three years to get anyone to dig deeper into my problems. ... (22 replies)
... I find that doctors are very reluctant to order any sort of urine or blood test for fear of repercussions from the insurance companies!! ... (89 replies)
Anaemia (B12)
Aug 24, 2007
... Thanks, I will get it checked just to be on the safe side. Is there anything I can do to help relieve the light-headedness? I usually just lie down but I still feel light headed even while I'm lying down. Is there anything I can take or do to lessen the light-headedness? Rach x (11 replies)
Anaemia (B12)
Aug 24, 2007
... Yes, shortness of breath can be one of the symptoms. I was told it happens because in B12 anemia the red blood cells enlarge which makes it difficult for them to carry and deliver oxygen. ... (11 replies)
May 27, 2009
... I agree with gemini, i think with certain tests doctors can only do a certain amount of 'free' testing for a certain thing. Here we have the Medicare system. ... (44 replies)
May 24, 2009
... I'm not sure what the general testing is for digestive disorders and how mainstream doctors work out what's going on. ... (44 replies)
... is what I would do in your case. But it is only my opinion. I am not a doctor of any kind. If it were I, going through this. I would stop any type of therapy or testing and see if my body could fight this on its own. Sometimes over medication causes more side effects than the actual disease. ... (1 replies)
... Hi Audrey, Thank you for all your information and being helpful. Yes, I have hypothyroidism. I am treated with Synthroid. She keeps my TSH at 1 and we keep track of FT4, FT3 (ideal ranges), and anti-TPO antibodies. I tested negative for, I'm in good shape thyroid wise now. I have started taking ferrous gluconate and I do take several multivitamins.... (7 replies)

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