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... is the most common type of anemia and it has many reasons. ... (7 replies)
... The CBC is enough to DX anemia. ... (11 replies)
... as a teenager, during both of my pregnancies, and when I initially became very ill four years ago. Chronic Fatigue was the first dx I received after contracting mono that I never seemed to recover from. ... (0 replies)

... I was DX'ed after. My doc put me on blood pressure meds and it's been fine since- that was 2-1/2 weeks ago. It was at 163/108. The silly thing is that my pcp who ordered my CBC said 'you're a lil anemic' and that was that. It was the rheumy and neuro that were alarmed about my hemoglobin and such. (23 replies)
... ngs, ringing ears, anable to warm up , eye sight failing ect. ect. As I am totally over feeling this way I convinced my Dr to start testing for anything that has anemia as a symptom. ... (23 replies)
New to anemia
May 16, 2011
... I'm guessing. My lovely PCP hasn't really given me a dx and all my labs are ran as either Hypothyroid or Abnormal CBC dx. ... (6 replies)
... :wave:Hello Dee--Welcome to the boards! Sorry that you have been DX'ed with hemolytic anemia. Most people here experience (IDA) iron deficiency anemia. Sometimes people do come here with your DX, but not too often. You may also want to check out the blood disorders board there are also people there at times that know something. You can also use the search box located at... (7 replies)
... when you actually have Lupus it can be very hard to show up on tests at times. AI things are very difficult to DX. Lupus can be present for many years before a DX is made. ... (4 replies)
... (4 replies)
... My anxiety is also much better since the anemia has resolved. However, I still have a little health anxiety and white coat that's my DX anyway. I still have the panic over these events, I take Xanax and I'm able to get on with things. ... (12 replies)
... So, the moral of this is, let your doctor do all the test to find the cause. After two years since my dx of anemia, the conclusion was several factors caused it, my heavy period, ulcers, hemmroids and given birth to 6 kids. ... (1 replies)
... LavenderRose, I have double gene for HH and was first diagnosed with the disease itself about 6 years ago when my ferritin level was above 2500. I also take prescription acid refleux meds daily (and have for about 10 years) so it would seem, atleast in my case, that the acid reflux meds didn't block the storage of excess iron caused by the HFE genes. Of course, "normal"... (2 replies)
... were still very low. As my anemia resolved all of these symptoms have also resolved. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks for sharing your experience with us, it helps alot of people. I don't have this type of anemia either but wanted to tell you the types of anemia that are associated with Lupus in case you don't already know. ... (2 replies)
... When I was dx'ed with anemia my Ferritin was a 2 and my Hgb was 8.6. ... (16 replies)
... ad it. My infectious disease doc said you can't treat it anyway, so she ruled it out as a dx. I thought that was ridiculous. Do you rule out terminal cancer as a dx bc you can't treat it? ... (14 replies)
... I am dx with B12 deficiency....but I have a very high folate level, and I have never taken a folate supplement. ... (10 replies)
... All of these tests help in the DX of anemia and tell about the iron. But the more accurate amount of iron stored in the body is based on the Ferritin. ... (6 replies)
... First of all you should never supplement with iron unless you have a DX from medical doctor. What comes first to my mind, is the quesetion, have you had your thyroid tested? ... (2 replies)
... This can take up to a year. Iron should be continued for up to 6 months after the anemia is corrected. Many people quite too soon and end up back at square one. ... (5 replies)

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