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... One of the strangest symptoms I've had from the anemia is the strong desire to chew on things - pica is the official term. Most people I've heard eat ice like crazy; mine went beyond that a bit - I was constantly eating broccoli and chewing on my drinking straws. Quite odd, I'll admit! I just had a follow up almost a year after those infusions and my levels are still... (14 replies)
... ight and do not want to lose anymore but cannot seem to maintain my weight because of the severe loss of appetite. I used to love food, can't even be bothered to eat now, also was eating ice cubes for two years, have recently stopped craving them so i am hoping my levels are up. ... (14 replies)
... I had the exact same experience with anemia and the urge to eat ice. ... (1 replies)

... and I eat ice like crazy. ... (4 replies)
... maybe our bodies just weren't used to having a healthy blood flow! That makes sense to me, because even while I was feeling sick, I noticed signs that my anemia was going away. I stopped wanting to eat ice by the truckload, anyway! ... (5 replies)
... t familiar with what was happening. When I got to the GI doc he knew what was happening, but I was already very ill from the iron. My only symptom was I had to eat ice all the time and in the end I almost passed out once. Anemia is such a strange beast! And.... ... (11 replies)
... yogurts with the fruit in them. There was a time i wouldn't touch natural yogurt if my life depended on it, but now i'm addicted to it and would choose it over ice cream. Now that's bad!! ... (16 replies)
... all I want to eat is popcorn, and yes, I do the ice thing too. I think it's our bodies telling us something is off! ... (9 replies)
... a PICC line in my arm. Well a cather which I have to go to the clinic every morning to get iron injected through the PICC line. It is helping my a lot I used to eat ice all day and now I have had about 10 treatments and 6 more to go and I think that I am getting better. Maybe you need to go see a hematology. ... (7 replies)
... ausea is almost unbearable. The funny thing is, I've taken supplements over the years. Not steadily mind you, but obviously not enough. I also have a great diet, eat lots of fish and leafy vegetables, don't smoke or even drink much alcohol except for the occasional glass of red wine. So I thought I was doing the right thing. ... (23 replies)
Pain swallowing?
Sep 26, 2007
... As far as symptoms, I had my share. It started way before I became ill I started to eat ice all the time. Went on the Internet and looked it up and came up with PICA and anemia. Still I didn't believe it! ... (8 replies)
Jan 28, 2007
... I didn't have pale skin, I didn't have hair loss and I didn't eat ice problem. My anemia goes on years by years. Investigate found no way I lost my blood. I got no period for 2 months. Now I was left like that. My hemoglobin is 8.2. ... (3 replies)
Signs of anemia?
Mar 2, 2006
... ay of other things best thing I can suggest is a blood testand talk to a dr to rule out anything and at least youll know. I hope it goes well for you.Im anemic I eat a lot of ice which is a craving among anemic people also Im tired . ... (2 replies)
... When I had IDA and my ferritin was 4, I liked cold water and would crave cold soda pop...non diet every so often. I craved steak and would eat the thawed frozen spinich from the box ....didn't want to wait to cook it. ... (23 replies)
Feb 20, 2001
... I was slightly anemic, but not enough to warrant treatment by supplementation. I finally found a doctor that was experienced in the treatment of iron difficient anemia and gave a diagnosis and supplementation. ... (1 replies)
... eathe and kinda balance myself to keep from fainting. I too was bleeding heavily although I am right in the middle of my reproductive years. I was also craving ice to the point that I was worried about my teeth. Really, that was the main symptom that triggered my concerns. ... (7 replies)
What do I do?
Apr 27, 2007
... Symptoms: anemia - anemia means a reduced number of red blood cells in the blood and is revealed on screening blood work as a reduced number of red blood cells (reduced RBC count and/or reduced hematocrit) In this type of anemia, the red blood cells are often microcytic (meaning the cells are smaller, which shows on bloodwork as a reduced "MCV") and/or hypo chromic... (8 replies)
... On to the anemia thing, you need to be all over this now that the Dr. has said you need to take iron! Now is your chance, while taking iron labs are something the Dr. ... (12 replies)
... ally STARVING for oxygen, every cell, organ, tissue. Starving, including our brains. So in my own opinion I think that is where all the psychological issues with anemia come from. It sucks. Having xanex is probably a good thing. ... (12 replies)
Feeling Unsure
Jun 25, 2010
... Hmm, maybe you should print these posts for your family to see. Anemia is such a frustrating diagnosis since it leads to so many other problems when it's left untreated. ... (3 replies)

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