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... I had a very low red blood cell count for a long time. I was on iron always, finally I was on 3 iron pills a day. My doctor said, your iron is fine but your Hemoglobin is not going up its slowly going down. After lots of tests with a specialist, I have Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia. ... (1 replies)
... Hello From Maryland ~ I too am a new person to this lab stuff ~ I have had issues with low red blood cells for the past year ~ been in and out of the hosptal dehydrated from what I thought was the flu ~ I think when ever I get around someone who is ill, I seem to get it bad ~ then everything seems to fall off the charts ~ the last time I was in the hospital they wanted to... (1 replies)
... Doctor's like iron infusions due to the neccesary concentrated iron which our bodies need. I am presently doing infusions. My hematologist told me there wasn't any side effects to mention. He was wrong. ... (63 replies)

... n past yrs so it's no wonder i've felt like crap and had a multitude of strange hematologist said the hgb and hct levels are not enough to show iron depletion..which is what i stores...reb blood cells are pratically empty.... ... (5 replies)
... is happened about 6 months after my last surgery..My hemg. fell to 6..I thought I had pick up a virus and couldn't get rid of it..I had almost no blood...I had a transfusion several times until the figured out, the Iron by mouth was not being obsorbed... ... (9 replies)
... hi it's funny you ask why they didn't transfuse me. my primary doctor didn't even come up with any options at all! a freind of our a hematologist in a different state went ballistic and said i must go to hosp but then suggested the iron iv because i was deathly afraid of a transfusion-you know not knowing how well they really screen the blood etc. my doctor agreed to the iv ... (63 replies)
... Hi, just found this thread and am wondering if I REALLY had to have the blood transfusion I had 2 years ago........ ... (63 replies)
... That doctor wasn't available so I saw someone else. She ran my blood that day and said it was up to an 8. They wanted me to take iron, and eat lots of iron rich foods. They also gave me and iron shot. They decided to test me weekly to see if it was going up or if I needed to be referred to a hemotologist. ... (4 replies)
... there are a lot of ladies here that do complain of not having a Dr. that cares. This isn't something you want to brush off. Sometimes people do not feel the full effects of anemia but even if you aren't feeling them doesn't mean it's not serious. Iron is what helps our bodies get oxygen, cells, organs etc. ... (11 replies)
Iron Infusions
Mar 28, 2008
... I have had iron deficiency for years...I am a redhead maybe that has something to do with it. I have been on iron supplements for 5 years now and Repliva for one. ... (7 replies)
... I have two related experiences which may help. 1. 3 yrs ago I was unknowingly a walking case of undg severe iron-def anemia. Cause turned out to be a combo of longterm slow blood leak caused by tiny ulcers coming & going - plus - apparently a poor digester of iron to start w/, assimilation further undercut during same 4 yrs by rabeprazole for hiatal hernia GERD (stomach acid... (4 replies)
... day I was fine the next I was like wow I feel weird and just went straight into a panic. About a week later I was blacking out and thought I was dying. The side effects alone are enough to be a problem of their own. ... (8 replies)
... Don't be afraid ~ I have had two transfusion and each one I got a worse reaction to, but most people I read about have very little side effects, I even told them I have reactions to shell fish which has iron in it ~ just remember to have some Benadryl on hand, maybe go home after your treatment and take it easy for the day ~ I will say my mind wants to go but my body is too... (13 replies)
Re; iron infusions
Aug 13, 2005
... hours. Venofer is also given several times until the iron stores are up to a desired level. ANY of these drugs can cause reactions but that's why you'll be under constant medical supervision during the IV. ... (13 replies)
... Has the doctor checked you for toxic shock syndrome from having frequent heavy periods. Have they tried treating you with antibiotics? Sometimes fever is not fever but a raise in your metabolism trying to help you make blood. Have they done a bone marrow biopsy to find out if you are making new blood cells. Have they done a reticulocyte test to see if you have blast cells or... (6 replies)
... couldn't handle the iron pills at the time. So, last dec., I discovered that I had some swollen lymph nodes in my neck, sore throat, cough, etc. My hemocrit had dropped to 24. ... (6 replies)
Chronic Anemia
Jan 11, 2012
... wo colonscopys and endoscopies, full CT scans, and blood work for four years and no definitive costs. He even had the pill cam, with no results. At first, oral iron would bring up his counts. When his count dropped this last time, his doctor ordered a bone marrow biospy. ... (0 replies)
... I was diagnosed with anemia in 2008 and received a series of iron transfusion of 8 within a few months. My hemoglobin was 9.4 and reached up to 11. ... (6 replies)
... hello, I had IV iron about 4 weeks ago - it took about 6 hours because my Dr. said it is best to get is slow. Make sure that your mom gets the small test dose before they start the main transfusion. I had very little side effects. I did have the bronze look to my skin but other than that I had no problems. Good luck to your mom (3 replies)
... Hi! I have read online that the symptoms you are experiencing are somewhat common side effects and should pass soon. Are you felling better now? ... (1 replies)

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