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... I have a ferritin level of 38 and low range rbc, hemoglobin and hematocrit. So far my dr. has advised ferrous sulfate one time a day. I am taking slow fe. ... (9 replies)
Iron supplements
May 27, 2007
... Fe. I have had no side effects either. I didn't want to start any kind of iron. First most of my doctor said that I was anemic because of my rheumatoid arthritis and there was nothing going to help it. ... (16 replies)
... hour and is relatively painless, except for the stick of the IV. I also had gastric bypass 2 years ago. My ferritin had dropped to 3. It's now back up to 63 and my hemoglobin up to 12. ... (2 replies)

Ferretin Level?
Jan 29, 2007
... I am also taking the Spatone Iron because it is the only thing I can tolerate. I never did get a baseline on my Ferritin. I just knew that I had become mildly anemic. After taking Spatone for 6 weeks, the anemia corrected itself, but my Ferritin was only at 5. I've just been told to keep taking "whatever" and to come back in March or April. In the meantime, I will be... (13 replies)
... Shamrock, did you have any side effects when you got the IV iron? ... (6 replies)
... Fe for almost 6 months but it didn't help. I also had alot of GI side effects from it that weren't pleasant. My primary care suggested the Ferrous Gluconate and I then took Fergon for about 6 months with no improvement. ... (2 replies)
... I have been on HealthBoards but different topic. I don't know why that I didn't think of this before last night. I had read through a few of the posts. Shamrock, I read with interest your prior posts. ... (4 replies)
... our Hemaglobin is hanging out at 7 you need to see a doctor for transfusion. That is not enough oxygen getting to your body. The depression is caused by the lack of oxygen to your vital organs and it is influencing your central nervous system. You will have organ failures of all kinds if this continues. ... (3 replies)
... hi all...i have been anemic most of my life because of a hereditary blood disorder but recently have been feeling the effects more acutely. some of the boards talk about feeling depressed, is this a common thing? ... (3 replies)
... symptoms of it all. ... (16 replies)
Lab results?
Jan 20, 2004
... Do you feel exhausted and wonder why? Or why do you think you are anemic? What is involved, anyone, in getting the Retic ratio? I've heard that sometimes the RBC can look at least borderline normal (Not the case here, anyway) but that the Retic ratio will let you know whether or not there are enough MATURE red blood cells. More the kind of thing that painters and oil... (16 replies)
... day in a few days. The major side effects for me are constant hunger and insomnia. Oh....and water rings look like they are on sausages instead of fingers now. ... (9 replies)
... varying throughout the yrs...then this summer i saw a new neurologist..when i mentioned to him my levels of ferritin were low he perked right up...he ordered another one and it came back at 13...he sent me to a hematologist who drew another level plus the normal cbc .. ... (5 replies)
Iron injections
Oct 8, 2003
... what is the rate of increase like? ... (1 replies)
... im anemic since many years. have been told i suffer from iron deficiency anemia, but taking iron for years and years still only maintains my haemoglobin level at 9 to 10. ... (67 replies)
... I've been anemic for sometime and have periodic iron nfusions. I've never had a reaction of any kind to this kind of treatment. ... (6 replies)
... maybe in the 30 range if I recall the comments correctly. It can take a while to reach those levels when the body is depleted, as it doesn't have the luxury of storing iron to increase ferritin reserves when the iron is going to the RBC production the body needs for daily maintenance. ... (6 replies)
... The good news is... you are not alone! I can completely sympathize as I share most of your symptoms, and I can tell you that there is hope! This post may be long, but I will do my best to help you based on my personal experience. ... (2 replies)
... fore I knew it I was down. Went to the Dr. my ferritin was a 2, iron stores 18, hemoglobin 7.5, hematocrit in the 30's. I thought I was dying. After a few months of taking iron I finally noticed my energy coming back a bit. ... (4 replies)
... Yes it's possible to have a ferritin that low. With anemia ferritin is one of the first things that will start dropping. Low ferritin causes many many side effects, a lot of the ones you have listed. ... (3 replies)

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