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... Conventionally, doctors are told that blood counts are among the first things to suffer in iron deficiency, but there's accumulating evidence that blood counts are the last thing that shows signs of iron deficiency. ... (2 replies)
... My numbers have been dropping for some time now the lowest my hemoglobin got to was an 8 and ferritin of 5. I had IV iron therapy 3 months ago and the numbers crept up to Hemoglobin of 11 and ferritin of 8. ... (2 replies)
Follow Up Report
Mar 20, 2008
... you with the thyroid. For example, my thyroid has never once gone hyper and it was at the high normal range under 3.0 for the entire year that I was on 300 mgs iron supplements daily and held it's own. Then as I progressed it went Hypo on me, high end old normal range 5.0. ... (9 replies)

... homocysteine, again if elevated could be PA or a folic deficiency. An endoscopy to look at the stomach, to look for PA and coeliac disease. ... (57 replies)
So confused~
Mar 19, 2010
... He said if I have low iron on that then MAYBE he will check my ferritin. ... (19 replies)
... B12. Inhibiting that process with the PPI drugs, can reduce your absorption of all these minerals. I have reduced my Prilosec usage all month and am having my iron checked this Tuesday. ... (1 replies)
... and the dr has put me on 75 mg of iron a day. There's other things going on too, but not sure if they're contributing factors or not. ... (4 replies)
... total iron binding Capacity is elevated. ... (1 replies)
... Hello all I've been taking alot of blood work lately based on elevated liver enzymes. I have the beta thalassemia minor trait and Im wondering is that contributing to my elevated levels. ... (0 replies)
... lingual that you were taking did have an effect on your tests...hmmmmmmmm....don't know if the MMA will be elevated now.....but it will be interesting to see if it is.I know that most hematologists say blood levels usually only need to be checked at 4 month intervals.... ... (7 replies)
Stopping Ferralet
Mar 26, 2017
... I think I was checked for diabetes I don't remember. I do recall them saying my A1C levels were elevated and was considered pre-diabetic but they did not check the A1C in the most recent blood test. I haven't really had any symptoms today, but usually I don't get symptoms on the weekends they seem mostly to appear when I'm at work. (2 replies)
... L levels across the board with H RDW and TBIC. The cause of the deficiency is the question, which as others said are likely due to GI issues or menstruation. ... (9 replies)
... "MCHC is diminished ("hypochromic") in microcytic anemias, and normal ("normochromic") in macrocytic anemias (due to larger cell size, though the hemoglobin amount or MCH is high, the concentration remains normal). MCHC is elevated ("hyperchromic") in hereditary spherocytosis, sickle cell disease and homozygous hemoglobin C disease" Re your iron, B12 and folate levels, I'd... (1 replies)
Low Ferritin
May 21, 2011
... just under range, the gyno states i'm no longer anemia, although the iron stores and ferritin is currently 5. She thought i may be hypothryoid based on the numbers over the last 2 yrs. It used to be 2 ish and elevated to 3.2. ... (0 replies)
... My bleeding got worse in the past 3 years or longer, I am 47 soon!! I just started to complain in the last 3 years, this is when they found my TSH and Choles. levels elevated and was DX'ed with Hashi's. ... (10 replies)
... L On the Test results comment is Low iron saturation but serum ferritin indicates adequate Iron Stores. ... (6 replies)
... Elevated serum methylmalonic acid and homocysteine levels are found in patients with pernicious anemia. ... (1 replies)
... I am on mission to determine what is wrong with me. I have been followed for the last 4 years by an endo. for a thyroid disorder. Elevated TPOab, low TSH level and untreated. ... (4 replies)
... I do have Hashimoto's and my testosterone is slightly elevated and i have excess estrogen. My doctor also discovered that i wasn't digesting protein foods very well and therefore had malabsorption of various nutrients. ... (12 replies)
... I take iron supplement every day and other vitamins, such as B12. I will have another blood work to check if the levels have been elevated, but wonder if I should stop taking them a few days before having the tests in order to make results more accurate. ... (10 replies)

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