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... Oops. That is what the nurse kept telling me. However, I just picked up my results are: MCV 101 (Normal 78-99) MCH 34.7 (Normal 27-31) Does this mean anything? Thanks. (5 replies)
... However if you are talking about PA that is different the blood now changes the cells become large...and the MCV is elevated... ... (24 replies)
... anemia but tends to be normal sized .. anyways, ferritin is what's referred to as an acute phase reactant, in other words if your body is inflammed, it's usually elevated ... ... (11 replies)

... and my MCV was 88.4 with a range of 81. ... (4 replies)
... is a measurement of the average size of your RBCs. The MCV is elevated when your RBCs are larger than normal, for example in anemia caused by vitamin B12 deficiency. ... (2 replies)
... I agree that you need to go to a doctor and get a full workup. Your low MCV and MCH indicate iron deficiency anemia, but the high RBC is definitely confusing. A B12 anemia would cause the MCV to be larger, I believe. ... (4 replies)
... mbbasketball--Welcome back to the boards! :wave: I know every so often you are going to show up ;). I see you around on other boards and know that you are still dealing with issues. I am really sorry that you are still having such a puzzle to work out. One good thing on your side is menopause, that's a plus. Your (MCV) is a measurement of the ~average size~ of your... (4 replies)
... I noticed that your daughter's MCV, mean corpuscular volume, is elevated. It is an important marker in hematology and the diagnosis of anemia. The range signifies low = microcytic anemia (usually iron-related) and macrocytic (b-12 related). While your daughter's MCV elevation is not at the clinical level for pernicious anemia (b12), I would urge you to have her serum b12... (10 replies)
... It may also be worth having intrinsic factor antibodies,partiel cell antibodies, gstrin,ana....As your MCV is high this will look for Pernacious Anemia Megablastic anemia this will not enable any B12 to be absorbed.... ... (12 replies)
... Hi Hoppy! :) It looks like you've taken matters into your own hands. I don't blame you for wanting to have all these tests done. I find that doctors tend to order the same tests over and over. I read that it is actually cheaper to run a whole panel of tests than just a single one. Hard to believe, isn't it? Managing to stay on top of things with multiple medical issues... (89 replies)
CBC numbers
Sep 16, 2008
... low MCV, huge platelets which have always been high but are starting to decline otherwise indices are fairly nml, always slightly elevated LD, and hist of breast CA treated with arithromycin and cytoxan. Got any ideas on that one because no one else seems to including my oncologist. ... (4 replies)
... I have a question for you on h.pylori. About three months ago I started eating Dannons yogurt. The one with the "Bifidus Regularis" in it. Dannon claims that in two weeks you'll be regular if you eat this yogurt. About 1 month ago, I started having full fledge panic attacks. I went to the ER thinking it was a heart attack. Everything came out fine, except my iron... (15 replies)
... There is no indication that she has anemia and certainly not iron deficiency anemia because her MCV is high. The MCV is the measurement of the red blood cell. In iron deficiency anemia, the MCV will be close to the 80 or far below it. ... (10 replies)
... Thanks for your answer, Zoe. Since I last posted, I saw my doctor for another matter. I brought up the B-12 issue and she looked in my chart and saw it had been over a year since I had been tested. (The nurse must have read the test wrong over the phone.) My B-12 was in the 200's so it was low normal even then. I started B-12 injections last week...once a week for a... (15 replies)
... A B12 test will say "B12." Your doctor may be referring to MCV which is routinely done with a CBC. ... (15 replies)
... Usually the MCV will be elevated... ... (34 replies)
... Hello I'm a 31 year old female with symptoms of tiredness, confusion and generally feeling awful. My doctor ran a full blood count and I was given the following results: MCV 77.1 (LOW) - Range 80-102 MCH 24.7 (LOW) - Range 26-32 HGB 16.1 (HIGH) - Range 11-16 They also checked my ferritin and B12 - both came back normal, but I don't have the exact result/range. (1 replies)
... All I know is that I hope the iron test shows a low ferritin and not an elevated value. I just don't want to have to get a bone marrow test. I heard those things HURT! ... (7 replies)
... As I understand, an elevated RDW and a normal MCV indicates the beginning of Iron Deficiency Anemia. Does it have to be from a hemorrhage or could it be just mild iron deficiency? ... (3 replies)
... and a Total Homocysteine test. These will be elevated when your body has a problem using B12 properly. ... (10 replies)

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