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... Normal RBC count, normal hematocrit level but low MCV, MCH, MCHC, and hemoglobin levels. WBC sometimes shows up as normal, or slightly elevated on recent blood tests, and platelets normal. My serum ferritin is 96 which is well within normal. ... (0 replies)
B12 Deficiency?
Sep 15, 2012
... I was looking into methylcobalamin sublinguals but I wanted to wait until I was actually tested so it wouldn't mess up the MCV was normal at I'm gathering my cells are normal sized... ... (29 replies)
... Could it also be the end of an anemic episode? I came out of surgery with a low red count and was pretty anemic. Hematacrit, Hemoglobin, and RBC were all really low. Just got a round of blood tests (last one was about 3 months ago), and they all look fine, as does the MCV, but my RDW is 15.8 (11.7-15.0). My BUB/creatinine is slightly elevated too, 21 (9-20), BUN is higher... (2 replies)

... My dr. emailed me all my blood results and said everything was normal. MY RBC is slightly low and my MCH is slightly elevated. What coudl this mean? I was on oral steroids (medrol dose pack) and came off of that a week prior. Same with Biaxin. I have been feeling extremely tired and lightheaded. I do not eat as well as I should nor do I take a daily vitamin. I started... (3 replies)
... Did you have a CBC was your MCV elevated this can indicate PA along with some other levels in the CBC.... ... (5 replies)
... I have been searching for something concrete to show my doctor with regard to "low" B12 levels and I found it. It is an algorithm which indicates that after B12 testing folic acid should be measured and if it is normal and B12 levels are between 100-400 then serum methylmalonic acid and homocysteine levels should be checked. It says if either is elevated, a b12 deficiency... (7 replies)
... Do you have any other results of bloods like MCV ? ... (7 replies)
... Hi Emmaspaws!!!:)Wow I can't believe you live where we used to!I think we lived on 17thAve.,N....yes it is a small world!!!!Well I'm glad you seem to be in better spirits is not easy,but we can get thru the rough spots with support & love from others!:angel: Okay let's see...if I remember correctly the large red cells would show in the MCV(the # will be at the... (34 replies)
... Thank you very much, Rainbow! I forgot to post the HCY result, that is HCY 9.70 (3.00-12.00), I will have the MMA tested next time.. But why tested gstrin,:confused: ? If I may ask, What aggressive therapy are you taking? Injections of VB 12? (12 replies)
Any ideas???
Aug 10, 2008
... accessn12--I completely understand your reservations in consulting a Hematologist. A straight forward simple IDA looks like this on labs: Hematology Hemoglobin Low Hematocrit Low MCV Low MCH Low MCHC Low Platelets H RDW H (12 replies)
... Any time your MCV and MCH are elevated along with B12 being anywhere near a low, It's a B12 deficiency, as much as My Dr. has treated me this way. ... (4 replies)
... MCH was slightly elevated as it has been since the anemia was corrected? ... (9 replies)
... doctor. She did not seemed concerned about that, so I was not either. Blood work was done and I got my test results yesterday, the doctor said my billirubin was elevated and asked if I have a family member with Gilberts syndrome. But I noticed some other things in my blood results but she didnt not seemed concerned. ... (5 replies)
... Sorry for this being long. Just want to get as much info into this as possible. I was recently dx'd with low ferritin at 7 (10-291) and the dr has put me on 75 mg of iron a day. There's other things going on too, but not sure if they're contributing factors or not. From what little reading I've done on this, it seems like the whole chicken/egg thing. In Feb, they found... (4 replies)
... I was chuckling when I read ChristineVa's 'globus' comment. I felt I had a lump in my throat years ago, that "choking senation" and found the term "globus hystericus" during one of my frenzied medical internet searches. Well, now some ten yrs later after I have been diagnosed as hypothyroid, I see that I was not imagining it, and the sensation was anything but a quaint... (9 replies)
... Here is my newest bloodwork results: WBC 9.0 Normal limits are 4.5 to 10.5 (I know this is white blood cells) LY 24.6 Normal limits are 20.5 to 51.1 (no idea what LY is) MO 4.6 Normal limits are 1.7 to 9.3 (No idea what MO is) GR 70.8 Normal limits are 42.2 to 75.2 (no idea what GR is) LY# 2.2 Normal limits are 1.2 to 3.4 (?) MO# 0.4 Normal is 0.1 to 0.6 (?)... (3 replies)
Mar 4, 2002
... Well, it is not enough to say why you are anemic. What's your MCV? It could be hemolytic anemia (since indirect bilirubin is elevated) or iron deficiency anemia if, for example, you have gastrointestinal bleeding. It wouldn't hurt to check iron studies including reticulocyte count, serum haptoglobin, and LDH. (2 replies)

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