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... the running routine that used to leave me feeling happy and energized just kicked my behind. ... (10 replies)
... My ferritin was 10. And no, they did not do any other tests other than ferritin. ... (1 replies)
... granted I do NOT exercise and I am extremely out of shape and heavy since I gained all that weight. ... (12 replies)

... shortness of breath, dizziness, hair falling out, low exercise endurance, pale skin and nails, sore tongue, frequent sinus infections and colds, fearfulness, muscle pains and cramps, and feeling cold even on very warm days. He ran every test under the sun and said my ferritin was too low at 10. ... (10 replies)
... it took me six months to jump by 12 points to get my ferritin to 22. It takes a long time! ... (34 replies)
... Hi, That is exactly the way I feel, even though I know I have a reason to be tired, I feel guilty that I can't clean my house the way it should be cleaned and I feel guilty that I don't exercise anymore. I am afraid to exercise because I get so short of breath and I just can't get the energy to even do it. ... (34 replies)
... Hi there :wave: I am not sure if there are any health issues? it may even do you good to have a rest/change etc but what did cross my mind is make sure the anaemia doesnt invalidate any insurance if you need it?? I am sure others will post to help more :) Hope you feel better soon and have a fab time in greece x (2 replies)
... which I guess is why I am only mildly miserable compared to some others. I am short of breath and do have arythmias, which I now attribute to this. Just started the ferrous sulfate five days ago and feel some better already and so far tolerating it. ... (2 replies)
Low Ferritin Level
Jan 18, 2008
... ve had the same advice but unfortunately don't get on with the pill. I've also tried tranxamic acid, I like you have had the hysterectomy chat but I am only 38 and not ready for this! ... (7 replies)
Low Ferritin Level
Jan 16, 2008
... ain by another doctor, I was told there are 3 types of ablations, mine was balloon. This procedure has great success for a lot of people. I had it done in June and it's one of the best things I've ever done. I would give it another go. Sorry about your first attempt, sometimes these things happen but don't give up! ... (7 replies)
... vegetarian diet last August and this month I went to a doctor for a blood test to see if my iron is too low. ... (2 replies)
... my joints were achey. I had my doc test my ferritin as my Mom's tends to be very low and mine was 16. ... (2 replies)
... There are genetic types of anemia, and certainly if the obvious steps don't fix the low ferritin levels, then you will want to explore those. I am Greek, so I thought for sure that I had thalassemia. ... (10 replies)
... You do need to do a specific search on this one. It's too vast and complicated. I think that it is really hard to distinguish the difference between anemia and low ferritin symptoms. I know for me my symptoms are RLS and hair shedding badly at lowest ferritin point and still have fatigue after exercise of any kind. ... (28 replies)
... The ferritin is a type of protein that stores the molecules of iron that the body can draw on if it needs more iron. The high range is still not bad and might be lower on a different day. ... (4 replies)
... Hi all, I recently got bloodwork done because I'm feeling so incredibly tired and fatigued especially by the afternoon - sometimes it's a struggle to anything but lay in front of the couch but I make myself move. I eat right, exercise, meditate, not overly stressed. I do have hypothyroidism since I was 13. 5 years ago switched to desiccated thyroid Bloodwork is all in the... (0 replies)
... I only took it for three months, and then stopped for a month because my naturopath wanted me to do that and see if my body would "hold" the iron. ... (6 replies)
Good/Strange News
Mar 26, 2008
... e been a hashimoto's reactive lymph node. It seems the autoantibodies are not content with destruction of my thyroid but want to spread out. I met with my endo and ent today and this is where it stands for now. It's not great but sure beats the alternatives I was worrying about. ... (8 replies)
Low Ferritin Level
Jan 17, 2008
... I have been bleeding ever since. I went to a new OBGYN today who said she wanted my iron levels up before we made any decisions about what to do next. My ferritin level is currently at a 5. I wanted to share the advice I got today. She put me on Birth Control Pills to stop the bleeding. ... (7 replies)
... Sometimes a slight headache, sometimes a runny nose, sometimes a sore throat for a few hours, maybe a sore inside your nose or mouth, loss of mental clarity, and a general feeling of lousiness. ... (3 replies)

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