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... I did an "all posts by" and noticed you also have insomnia. That could also explain the brain fog. ... (16 replies)
... It took me 2 years to get my ferretin from 8 to 61. The majority of that time was spent getting from 8 to 35 actually and i think once i hit the 40's there was no stopping it. I'm aiming at getting to 70 and staying there if i can. ... (16 replies)
... So, I am back to work. Starting my second week at work and its tough. Slowly throughout the morning I can feel the pressure increasing in my forehead and my eyes begining to dry out and get itchy and red as i begin to fumble through work. After lunch, forget about it! ... (16 replies)

... hi girls thanks for the replys,you are right,i have put all symptoms down to low ferretin,i have also had constant pressure left side of head face,behind left eye,left side of neck,vision problems, ent sent me for cat scan last week on my head and chest,so its happening all at once,ill let you know what the out come is shirley:) (16 replies)
... It's amazing how many people have low iron and how many varied reasons there are. ... (16 replies)
... Thanks, I was wondering what the procedure was for, I forgot. Good luck to you with your procedure. Keep us posted and let us know how you get along. ... (16 replies)
... audry and flowergirl how do you feel now your ferretin is up,shirley:) (16 replies)
... Something that is strange is that since I hardly have any blood loss now, I still feel really bad when I get my period. Must be the hormones and all this time I though it was from heavy blood loss. I have Hashi's and I wonder if that can make you feel worse when having a period. ... (16 replies)
... audrey and flowergirl its nice to see a light at the end of the tunnel,flower girl i understand what you mean about the fatiege feeling,when your blood drops,it a feeling you cant explain, horable feeling, i get this feeling after a heavey period ,and yes i know my ferretin is in the 20s by the way that i feel,i should be joining you soon as im due to have embplization on 29th... (16 replies)
... I wonder if that would help you flatline your ferritin and help with your anemia. I could understand the frustration of being anemic and losing blood like that every month. ... (16 replies)
... I was a 2 Ferritin and last count a 43 in 15 months time, so I guess that I'm over 50 now. I hope so anyway. ... (16 replies)
... i feel much better than i did when my ferretin was at 8. When i got my new test results in february and found out i had reached 61 i was thrilled, but did wonder why i still felt a form of tiredness. ... (16 replies)
... And I mean come on who wouldn't feel depressed feeling so crumby all the time. Listen to FLflowergirl, she gives some good advise. I've been on iron 2 weeks and no results yet but everyone does say it takes time. After 4 weeks though if I don't see any improvement I'm going to ask my doc about upping my dose. ... (16 replies)
... The symptoms are a little different for everyone. I had the dizzy head and very strange feelings that I really can't even describe to you. It does get better. One thing to warn you about is that using your energy i.e. ... (16 replies)
... a previous partner of mine was bleeding internally and he ended up in hospital but they couldn't find out where he was losing the blood from. ... (16 replies)
... It may have caused me to be anemic even before the ulcer which would explain why I would get so so exhausted and for me its hard to go to sleep when I am painfully tired. So maybe this has something to do with it. ... (16 replies)
... ive been ill for about 8 years now, the past year ive been going to the doctor to try and find out why ive felt so ill for so long... my symptoms are... ... (40 replies)
... Oh my, where do I Well for one exhaustion is the killer, I am so tired during the day I can barely function and some days I cant and must call in sick and I sleep for 24 hrs in hope of feeling energized, but always to no avail. ... (44 replies)

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