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... from low mag levels. I have had complete GI ,cardiac, and lots of endocrine workup, but cannot find out why all this happening. ... (8 replies)
... weeks is up, I feel alot more tired. I really don't tolerate iron to work on my ferritin levels. I have a stomach that bloats sooo bad when I take iron, it ends up making me short of breath because there's literally no room for my lungs to expand! ... (10 replies)
... e that living a number of continuous years with daily stress and anxiety led to my digestive system being affected. Also prior to that happening i ended up with extreme bout of irritable bowel due to a big build up of candida in my stomach due to too many antiobiotics. ... (7 replies)

... At first glance the test just indicates that the storage iron is low. That simply means that if you don't get enough daily iron in your diet, that you have little to draw from in reserve. It does not say whether or not your body is utilizing the iron it does get to its proper degree. There are many things that cause fatigue, from not resting well when asleep, to common... (1 replies)
Aug 30, 2008
... I have low iron mostly just low ferritin now. I have been on iron for a few months...and was having EXTREME insomnia. It is slowly getting better, but I am still tossing and turning, and waking up in the middle of the night. ... (9 replies)
... the amount of blood I needed in my body. My ferritin level was a 1. ... (15 replies)
... edical things, i believe we are all individuals and a rare few might suffer the type of affects the rest of us wont have, so you can't exactly rule out that your low energy levels ect are not being caused a ferretin level of 25. ... (9 replies)
... rible joint pain! I too, saw a rheumatologist who found nothing, no thyroid problems, nothing. I did have a high CRP tests which might suggest RA, but nothing so extreme that they dxed me. ... (6 replies)
... I'm experiencing extreme tiredness, muscle weakness, and low energy. Do these blood test results account for these symptoms or should I be looking for something else? ... (1 replies)
... Just thought I would pass this along in case anyone didn't know already.... Drinking a lot of tea can be bad for anyone with iron deficient anemia. Tea is very high in tannins which bind iron in the intestine causing absorption to be diminshed (I've read up to 75% reduction). So, if you drink tea, you should do so between meals or when/if you take iron supplements. Many... (15 replies)
Low iron&headaches
Mar 30, 2002
... Hi, I also have a low ferritin level. Mine was 4, now went up to a 6. What is your hemoglobin? ... (15 replies)
... Thanks for the info and advice! Snowbell-try the slow release tablets. I haven't had any problems with them except for the black poop lol which I hear is normal. (5 replies)
Aching legs
Aug 6, 2008
... I am anemic and also deal with severe leg pain in my calves. I thought it was due to overall pain in my body that I deal with. However, now that I know there is a link, I actually think it is my anemia that is to blame. I am actually on Fentanyl for what I have been diagnosed with as fibromyalgia, but I believe that it just might be that I have extreme pain from both anemia... (22 replies)
... e out internal bleeding, and thank God, I didn't have any. After all these years, I finally went to see a hematologist and he did thorough blood work on me. My Ferritin level is only 4! My iron level is only 12. My TIBC is 510, which is high. My iron saturation is 2, which is low. ... (20 replies)
... Thank you for the information. It helps to know i am not the only one who feels like this.Thank you![ (9 replies)
... THANK YOU so much for the advice (9 replies)
... shelsdina1--Now I understand why you are seeing a Hematologist. They usually prescribe IV iron therapy for GBP patients, but sometimes they try the oral route at first. My sister is going through this right now but she was noncompliant with her supplements. The problem is the malabsorption issues related with the SX. Keep up on the B-12 as well, this may help with the... (9 replies)
... thanks FLFlowergirl I had gastric bypass surgery 3 years ago so i think that is why I am anemic. I havent seen the hematologist yet. I have an appointment in 1 1/2 weeks it seems like forever. I am sooo exhausted all of the time i can hardly keep my body standing. If I am mildly anemic would that cause such exhaustion??? thanks again (9 replies)
... Thank you for your reply (9 replies)
SO fed up!
Dec 17, 2007
... Fixing the problem will help a lot if that is the reason for your low ferritin. I remained anemic until I had the ablation then it got so much better. I wish that I would have had it sooo many years ago. ... (21 replies)

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