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... about me. I am 42 and was diagnosed with MS in 2001, also have had HBP since 22. In the last couple of years I was also diagnosed with uterine fibroid and have extremely heavy periods. In those two years I became increasingly worse in what I thought was MS symptoms. ... (48 replies)
... for many years and also had 3 unexplained fainting spells over the course of my childhood and into adulthood. I have a history of endometriosis with horrendous periods up until I was 25. After I had my children and had a tubal ligation my periods were fairly normal up until a few years ago. They are completely erratic. ... (2 replies)
... I've got excess estrogen, but not as badly as a couple of people who i know. I was just looking over my very last ultrasound and things are changing, not extremely fast, but they are changing. ... (8 replies)

Venofer Treatments
Jul 20, 2011
... Hi, all ~ I've been lurking for several days and wanted to share my story and see if anyone had any advice or similar experiences. My hgb started dropping in April 2010 due to extremely heavy periods; by the end of the summer, I had zero energy and my labs were atrocious despite taking iron supplements. I started Ocella in September, which succeeded in lightening my periods,... (8 replies)
... to take 2000 mg b12 a day. Havent had it checked since the 311. But my iron was also extremely low...ferritin of 1. Was still feeling awful when it was 16, and that was the last I had it checked. ... (22 replies)
Confused - HELP
Aug 7, 2008
... I was dx with Iron Deficiency Anemia in March 2008 and started 324mg Iron Sup twice a day. I am ok with the side effects and all but am extremely confused as to why my levels have continued to drop in the last couple of months. My Dr. ... (2 replies)
... lymphocytes. Do you have blood in urine or extremely heavy periods? ... (6 replies)
... I was taking Acifex for GERD, and having extremely heavy periods and the combination caused my Hgb to drop to 4 which is almost incompatible with life! ... (74 replies)
... So glad I stumbled on this board. I was just told today that I am anemic and that my iron was low. I didn't know to ask for the numbers and wasn't told them. they said B12 was fine other things were fine Thyroid numbers were fine but how so I know they really are fine? just from reading this board for a few minutes it seems to me that a lot of my symptoms are also Thyroid... (3 replies)
... For some people it's loss of blood internally or due to extremely heavy periods. For some it's related to a gluten intolerance or digestive disorder causing malabsorption of nutrients. ... (13 replies)
May 14, 2009
... I'm relatively sure that my anemia is due to extremely heavy periods but I do have a family history of colon cancer so I'll be getting a colonoscopy this summer. ... (1 replies)
... Ok so I am 26 yrs old and have been anemic for a couple yrs now. I take Rx Iron pills and also take a multivitamin with iron. My levels stay from 7-10.9 I think has been the highest in the past yr. I have extremely heavy periods to the point I have been rushed to the ER due to bleeding and I also have short cycles 20-26 days. (In ref to another post I saw, I have had an... (1 replies)
... Hello :wave: herekittykitty--I love your name, it makes me want to start calling cats:D LOL! From your labs they do point to iron deficiency anemia, why, is what you want to find out. You are considered moderately anemic almost, mild. Your MCV is not ~just low~ but severely low at 68. And....your are very iron deficient at a 2 ferritin which is considered no iron (under... (24 replies)
... I am new to this board and trying to find answers. I have many symptoms of anemia and have had blood work done that proves I am anemic. Here are some of my levels: Ferritin: 2 Hemoglobin: 9.5 (Low) Hematocrit: 30.5 (Low) MCV: 68 (Low) MCH: 21.2 (Low) MCHC: 31.2 (Low) RDW: 17.7 (High) (24 replies)
... gested I take Ferris Gluconate every other day for a week or so and then slowly increase to 4 pills a day. She also suggested that I contact my GYN since I have extremely heavy periods. ... (2 replies)
... extremely heavy periods, internal bleeding, gluten intolerance, thyroid condition. ... (7 replies)
... I do have extremely heavy periods, so hopefully that is the main contributor to this possible anemic problem. ... (4 replies)
... hecking my labwork in 4 weeks, she will probably decide then what I have to do next. I probably have had the low ferritin as Christine has said for years. I have EXTREMELY HEAVY periods, esp. ... (15 replies)
... Bruise easily and extremely heavy periods. ... (57 replies)
... If your low ferretin isn't as a result of something obvious like extremely heavy periods or diet related then it's advisable to find out why this is happening. ... (28 replies)

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