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... I forget exactly how this happens, but I think if your folate is off it can make your B12 levels appear normal even though they are low. ... (40 replies)
... hi Bluze....when the dr. does a B12 direct test it measures the B12 that is stored in your liver.When your low on B12 you start using the B12 that is stored in your liver and when your liver stores start getting depleted you become B12 deficient. ... (89 replies)
... Your B12 is certainly low.....It is not surprising you have those symptoms....I had all those problems plus many more......... ... (89 replies)

... I developed iron deficiency anemia last August. Working with my GI doc, it was determined I had developed absorption issues. ... (12 replies)
... im pretty covinced that candida is causing my stomach problems, and if i do have hidden b12 defic, then maybe thats contributing to them too... ... (40 replies)
... Hi Yes You need the following; uMMA (more sensitive than the serum MMA) Homocystiene B12 serum Red Cell Folate..... As mentioned in my previous post the first 2 will be elevated if there is a deficeincy even if the B12 serum is normal by lab standards Make sure you ask for copies of all your lab tests if they say noraml dont just take there word for it plus it helps if... (89 replies)
B12 deficiency
Jun 16, 2008
... and my B12 is in the 220 range. With normal being around 400 and up to about 1100. My intrinsic factor is at 120, with it being considered too low at 120 and down. I'm also exhausted all the time, no matter how much sleep I get. ... (18 replies)
... Hi RainbowsEnd.....I decided to post on the anemia board to you,seeing B12 is discussed more over here.Hope you find me here! ... (89 replies)
B12 deficiency
Jan 25, 2008
... My B12 was tested twice and come back with a reading of 116. They decided on injections for treatment. ... (18 replies)
... also.. i need to know exactly what hidden b12 def is... becasue my doctor didnt seem to know what i was talking about... ... (40 replies)
... Linda, There were several red flags in your post…but the condition I suspected may have been rare in your area so I needed to find out just how rare …one of the first pieces of information I found was a news story about a man, found on the streets of St Petersburg in June of 2005. This man was engaged in unusual behavior, wearing only wet shorts, and proclaiming he was... (40 replies)
... I'm definitely low in that! ... (89 replies)
... I have been tested for many things also, anemic, low ferritin, low D, they never tested me for B12 or my adrenal functions. ... (89 replies)
... then test agian..if it is still low they may give injections more regularly or if its higher they may pull back a bit....... ... (89 replies)
... Taking Pariet puts you at high risk of B12 deficiency too...... ... (9 replies)
... help wanted,i live in the uk ,my gp said the same to me that i dont need no treatment ,my b12 is or was 227 said my symptoms sounded like i have problems with my nerve endings so is sending me to see a neurologist,what level must we be befor doctors will take any notice why check b12 if they dont know what to do with it,how low must we go,i only hope the neuro will listern to... (40 replies)
... Oh I also forgot to mention yes folate with B12 excellent it is a cofactor if you docs suggested this that is great...........It helps uptake the B12 better into the system this worked well for me I take one with my injection..... ... (89 replies)
... Hi Scout I found ya Lovely to hear things are really improving for you I will check my platlets and let you know I know my ferritin was low... I had shin pain to it would kill every time I walked...and severe back pain in the middle of my back around my spine that was horribel I remember thinking that I had pancreatic cancer at the time...The anxiety you get with the... (89 replies)
... hi my b12 is on low normal 227,range 180,800,doc said it is normal,i have a lot of symptoms ranging from twiching numbness,memmory problems,blurry vision,to name but a few,i get a lot of pain in the back of my neck and numbness in the front ,i also loose my sense of taste,do anybody have this or could it be nerves,thanks shirley:) (89 replies)
... hi,i read if you are low on b12 you have no moons on your fingernails and ridges, i have no moons, only on my thumbs and they are very faint,is this true. ... (89 replies)

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