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... hi everyone theses 2 b12 threads have been very helpful, a lot of good info shared here. ive been ill for about 8 years now, the past year ive been going to the doctor to try and find out why ive felt so ill for so long... my symptoms are... - Always really tired, i wake up after 10 hours sleep and still feel tired, weak and canít walk up a flight of stairs without... (40 replies)
... I am extremely tired all of the time. I have no energy or motivation to do anything aat all and every movement feels difficult. ... (1 replies)
Dec 21, 2017
... ulcers I have had shortness of breath, and exerise intolerance. If I do cardio or weights I am extremely tired, weak, dizzy, lightheaded. ... (1 replies)

... I still feel tired most of the time though.So I don't understand why I don't feel energy from it.... ... (89 replies)
I'm scared !!
Sep 25, 2016
... So 4 days ago I was diagnosed Anemia and hypoglycemia. I have been feeling extremely tired , weak 24/7 , jittery , pins and needles , pale skin ,at one point I would get cold then it would stop after I take my iron supplements but now I am cold all the time . I feel so nauseous after eating ( I barely have an appetite ) I just feel so hopeless . Is it good to take cod liver... (1 replies)
... Started with bowel trouble my belly woudl swell up alot after eating and constipation.I had basically no energy at all my husband had to help up from the chair was so weak. Sore heads and bowel problems, not sleeping properly, crying for no reason at all, that's all i can remember at the mo. (89 replies)
... if not, that something else is off with my body. Since Monday night I've had a lightheaded feeling going on and it kind of makes me sick to my stomach. I've been extremely tired and feeling weak at times too. I had an appt with my Ear Nose and Throat Dr. ... (2 replies)
... e home. It was not till 4 weeks later that I said this is it something is wrong with me and I need a blood test done. I was very depressed crying all the time, extremely tired, and having major anxiety attacks because I felt something was just not right, but everyone around me was telling me I was fine. ... (9 replies)
... went last Tuesday and got my second B12 shot. While I was there, I asked the nurse if this one would work or if it would be like the first shot and I'd still be tired all the time. She told me to get some B12 Complex and take that as well. ... (5 replies)
... treatment options until now.There is hope!! I had went to my lung doctor,unable to get enough air to be able to breathe.My heart was racing,severe chest pains,so weak i could not walk without help. When my doctor saw the extreme of my anemia he sent me to a hematologist immediatley! ... (4 replies)
... r 'high' next to an abnormal result. More than one of my tests came back with the word 'ALERT' next to it. They had told me on the phone that my results were extremely abnormal, but until I saw them I really don't think I processed that information. ... (2 replies)
... They even did a lumbar puncture and MRI. MRI was abnormal but 6 weeks later it was normal. She ended up getting IV DHE for her migraine. Since then she has been extremely tired, has restless leg syndrome and had lots of stomach pain. She missed 30 days of school since she was in so much pain. She got really bad 2 weeks ago. ... (1 replies)
... Sorry, if I'm posting in the wrong area I just signed up today. I am 28 years old and have been extremely tired and weak. I have always had lower levels of hemoglobin. It's gotten very bad in the last year. ... (0 replies)
... ritin test. She said that my results were normal, just low, and it wasn't necessary. And she told me not to take so much iron. I am so frustrated! My arm was tired and cramping just from coloring with my little boy yesterday and I don't feel my doc is taking this seriously. ... (3 replies)
... I know exactly how you feel. I have been unwell since last August, aching, weak, tired and breathless. I found out last week that my last blood test came back three weeks ago with a ferritin level of 6. ... (5 replies)
Jul 26, 2008
... I had several episodes of neurological symptoms in my legs last year. The legs would simply give out without any warning, sending me down. It happened once even as I was entering the hospital for a test. I blamed my medications. It really scared me and I stopped taking my Lipitor immediately. This drug is known for causing permanent muscle and neurological type of damage in... (6 replies)
Jan 20, 2007
... back to relieve the pain. After I eat i've noticed that I feel extremely tired and weak, like im going to pass out. ... (4 replies)
Oct 24, 2006
... o noticed the past few months I get alot of cold sores, I used to only get one every couple months, I dont know if that is just because my immune system has been weak or what. I dont drink, smoke either. Im starting to wonder if maybe im anemic. ... (2 replies)
... hi, i am anemic and also have hypothyroidism. hypothyroidism can usually be eaily controlled with a tablet a day. in my case its the anemia that really bothers me a lot. i have always been anemic. am continously on iron tablets - tried quite a few, but my levels continue to stay between 9-10. the important thing is that the symptoms of thyro shouldnt be confused with anemia.... (1 replies)
... Well, the doctor definitely thinks that the B-complex is what you are short on. So go with what your doctor has prescribed, it will not hurt you and if it does not address the problem, you will need to go back and inform the doctor so other measures can be taken. My guess is that the doctor is leery about prescribing any iron as yet,. That is a dangerous thing to do if the... (6 replies)

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