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... High folate levels can indicate a B12 deficiency as folate needs B12......It could also mean you have been supplementing but you dont mention this or you just have a diet with good amounts of folate..... ... (12 replies)
... is fine and other times I cannot taste what I am eating. I wonder if it is coming from the B12 deficiency. Does anyone know if this can cause this. With the low ferritin and anemia that causes so many physical symptoms I have gotten so confused on what is causing anything anymore. ... (89 replies)
... I found a great medical study titled "Iron Deficiency In Blood Donors" done in 2001. ... (14 replies)

... that will determine the treatment. My hemolytic anemia is treated with Prednisone or IVIG or Rituxan. Iron deficiency anemia requires iron. Pernicious anemia requires B12 shots and folic acid. ... (2 replies)
... dina, There is no reason to run to a hematologist unless you cannot figure out the cause of the iron deficiency. Right now, it seems that your doctor is taking appropriate action but putting you on supplementation and trying to control the menstrual bleeding (which I assume has been determined to be cause of the iron deficiency). Heck, even going through 5 pregnancies... (2 replies)
... Well, I'm not sure, but when a doctor is presented with a possible "false" reading on the ferritin but iron deficiency anemia on every other test, you have to start looking at the autoimmune disorders. ... (7 replies)
... What you have is iron deficiency that has not yet progressed to the anemia stage. I started with mild anemia when my ferritin hit 5. However, I never did have any hair loss. ... (10 replies)
... able to get a more detailed explanation on what my blood tests revealed. I have done some research online and have a rough idea on how things work regarding iron deficiency but was wondering if some more knowledgeable board members could tell me whether or not my blood test results below are a cause for alarm. ... (4 replies)
... I have suffered dizzy spells and vertigo but they were not from anemia and/or iron deficiency. My Ferritin is a at 5 (at least in January) but I had not dizziness. Many years ago, after a sinus infection, I got hit with vertigo or "labrynthitis." My doctor told me that I could possibly have dizzy spells for up to 18 months. Guess what? I sure did. I know that... (2 replies)
Ferritin Questions
Oct 15, 2006
... My understanding is that Ferritin is your iron stores. ... (5 replies)
Iron Deficiency
Dec 6, 2001
... I know mine says he likes the Ferritin to be around 35. ... (9 replies)
Ferritin is 5
Aug 30, 2014
... My ferritin is 11 but my hemoglobin is 14. I have chronic fatigue as well and mornings are the worst for me. My doctor however says that low ferritin is not the cause of my faitgue since my hemoglobin is excellent. My vitamin D levels are fine. ... (4 replies)
... Were you saying your ferritin was 3 now? ... (14 replies)
... but definitely not as bad. I too have a lot of hair loss. I literally have hair balls around my house like I'm a dog or something lol. I think I've read that the ferritin has to be over 70 for hair to stop falling out. ... (12 replies)
... a, as I am new to this anemia world myself. But, I do know that hematologists are specialists in diseases of the blood, and that's what anemia is! If you had a ferritin level of 3 6 months ago and your other current blood levels that indicate anemia are out or whack, you DO need to see a specialist! ... (5 replies)
... Yes you need iron. That ferritin number needs to be in the 50's to 70's, and honestly it can go all the way up to 200, it's a long hard fight raising ferritin. ... (5 replies)
... hi, that's the problem with my results: my ferritin is LOW NORMAL my iron saturation(transferrin saturation) is LOW my TIBC is MID-NORMAL my serum iron is LOW NORMAL my serum transferrin is MID NORMAL I don't seem to fit any of these: IDA = TIBC high and FERRITIN low (5 replies)
... My ferritin measured at 19. I took iron supplements, felt dramatically and immediately a whole lot better, got retested 3 months later and my ferritin had fallen to 15. One year later, after taking iron supplements for about 9 months in total, it's down to 12. ... (3 replies)
... you say you have been taking tablets for 3 months, have you rechecked your hemoglobin and ferritin yet? ... (9 replies)
... My symptoms lessened but never quite went away. From what I'm hearing, it appears that low ferritin could still be the culprit. For all I know, my "normal" for ferritin could be 175 or something like that. ... (10 replies)

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