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... heme, meat source, Ferrous types, of iron, are far more effectively absorbed. ... (44 replies)
... I am taking Ferrous Fumerate in the form of a Flinstone's Vitamin. ... (44 replies)
... There's just no winning is there, I've already been diagnosed with a stomach ulcer a fair while back and have been taking lansoprazole when taking painkillers for period pain....the mefenamic acid I was given for the period pain is what caused the ulcer so now I'm trying not to take the lansoprazole because that stops the iron being absorbed (from my own web research). Thing... (9 replies)

... Hi Sions, my ferritin level is now about 24 iI took ferrous fumerate religiously for 3 months and my hb level rectified to 14 as well however I now have gastritis apparently the iron has irritated my stomach! ... (9 replies)
... uldn't tolerate them so took two instead. I was told that my Ferritin levels needed to come up to at least 100 and that it should only take 3 months. I took the Ferrous Fumerate for 12 months and the level came up to 62 in that time. ... (1 replies)
... which contains Ferrous Fumerate 100g and 350 micrograms Folic Acid. ... (0 replies)
... My daughter age 12 years has been diagnosed with a ferritin level of 14. She was given, on prescription, 200mg ferrous sulphate twice a day. She has had severe constipation even though she is having fruit etc. Poor little mite has been screaming with the pain. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, Thanks for posting guys, i find it very helpful reading about others experiences. I hope you dont mind but i thought i would keep posting on here to try and keep a diary of any symptoms that may or may not be related so i can look back on how things are going. Today i have had a headache all day and for the past couple of days my throat feels, not sore at all, but... (78 replies)
... I believe what you are having is a reaction to the iron. Some people just get hot flushes when they take the iron supplements other people have stronger reactions. The doctor may have to prescribe an antihistamine to go with the iron in order for you to be able to tolerate it. They had to do that for me with the B-12 injections because I was allergic to the preservative that... (7 replies)
... I developed hives and was taken off all meds. Hives left after about 1 week and I was put on ferrous fumerate because the drs thought I was allergic to sulfa. Sure enough, hives returned with ferrous fumerate. I have an appt with the dr in a couple days. ... (7 replies)
... The GP has given me an iron pill called Fersaday 100mg, ferrous fumerate 322mg. It says on the box that it is 322mg of ferrous fumerate which is equivalent to 100mg ferrous iron. She has prescribed one per day. ... (14 replies)
... Hi, I took ferrous fumerate for a 4 week period, when I was blood tested my ferritin level had risen but my thyroid TSH reading was way of beam - at 9.27! - 6 weeks previously it had been a lovely 1.6 so even though I took the 2 meds at least 6 hours apart, my doctor thinks that maybe the ff did effect the thyroxine, so I am on a 'let's wait a month' before we test again.. ... (7 replies)
... The doctor gave me samples of Pro fe which is ferric iron. I noticed that I was not improving as much as when taking the ferrous sulfate in August. ... (7 replies)
... busiteacher...I had excellent fast results with Proferrin. Prior to using proferrin I used various forms of iron including ferrous sulfate and ferrous fumerate. Both of the ferrous supplements made me sick to my stomach and it was long and slow getting any improvement. ... (11 replies)
... per day. As i am not anaemic simply low ferritin i knew that it would be ok for me to do this. Anyway today i have bought some more ferrous fumerate and so i will go back to the three per day. ... (78 replies)
... 2003 (pregnant and felt awful) i don't have all test results because i didn't know i could get them at that point! Level - Hb 9.7 treatment - ferrous sulphate x3 daily April 2007 Results HB 10.3 Ferritin 2.8 (6 replies)
Feb 25, 2008
... I'm currently taking 200mg of ferrous sulphate 3x daily. Have only been taking it for 4 days, but am experiencing really bad nausea..that's the main problem. ... (3 replies)
... was fine, except i was still fatigued. Ive been losing hair for YEARS so I didn't think that was abnormal. She checked my Ferratin and it was 8. I've been taking Ferrous Gluconate since April. My doc recommened to take it on an EMPTY stomach 3x a day. I tried, though it's difficult... ... (15 replies)
... I don't think it should be necessary to continue to have to take the ferrous sulfate. If you stop will you go back to a low number? ... (12 replies)
... She was prescribed ferrous sulphate and has been unable to take it due to severe constipation, takes after her mum! ... (3 replies)

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