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... I hate to sound like a broken record on all my replies, but I had low ferrtin and tried the ferrous sulfate, and it worked, but gave terrible side effects. ... (5 replies)
... Have you noticed any hair growth since your ferrtin has been over 70. ... (2 replies)
Low Ferritin
Jul 25, 2009
... I'm sure you already know this but most of your levels are not normal. Your ferrtin and iron and H and H are very low. What is your doctor suggesting for the next step? ... (2 replies)

... hi there that's good that you can sleep better now i know it sucks when you can't sleep i also have ibs and fibromylagia have had it for years which can be hard some days i have had my iron and b12 checked many times they are fine also have had my thyroid checked lots but i wonder if it is a hidden thyroid problem my doctor is finally going to send me to a blood doctor how... (7 replies)
... I do have restless legs and it is kind of a misnomer because it can happen anywhere in the body mine is in my spine and left side of my body. I did a sleep study and it stated that I had severe RLS my body was woken up 86x's per hour during the 6 hour test my neurologist could not believe I was staying awake during the day! I was finally put on mirapex (parkinson's med) and... (7 replies)
... hi there i don't really have restless legs but my legs do get sore and tight i do get tired easy so i try not to overdue it what about you take care (7 replies)
... Hi albertamissy, Have you ever had restless legs? fatigue? (7 replies)
... hi there yes i'm on a fluid type called floradex from my natural path doctor i was on iron pills that wern't perscription pills and they made me constipated so i'm thinking of going on a birth control pill for the heavy periods and a iron shot any more advice would be great i feel lost at this point take care thanks (7 replies)
... Hello :wave: Are you taking iron supplements? (7 replies)
... you can see how they could at some point in time easily begin to overload. As long as she is watching you I'm sure your in good hands. Glad to hear that your Ferrtin is "in range" now, at least I hope it is according to your lab range. Take care. ... (11 replies)
Mar 12, 2009
... I didnt see what your ferritin was just the rest of your blood work. i would think the ferrtin level would tell you if you have iron over load not the rest of your blood work.but im not sure I think up to 150 ferritin is fine. ... (2 replies)
Ferritin level
Mar 11, 2009
... My Hemoglobin is 15.2,My TIBC is high normal,transferrin is low normal,iron level is high,saturation is high,ferrtin is 8. I do have PICA-ice chewer.I have RLS for which I take 75MG Lyrica daily.I had been on 325MG iron per day but aDr. I know out of state who saw my blood work results says I should go off iron immediately cause my iron level was close to overload. I haven't... (3 replies)
... up after being on iron pills for 17 days and I had a terrible head cold. Right off the bat, the doctor told me that my blood tests especially the ferrtin would be raised but probably not from the iron but from the inflammation in my system. Sure enough it was raised and she said that was not an accurate test. ... (9 replies)
... Audrey, Strange that you should mention Candida :confused::(:confused: as I don't think I have brought that up yet. I recently paid for a Candida Albicans test myself and the ELISA test came back positive. I haven't bothered to call my GP about it as this is probably another thing that she will blow off or I think she will say that Everyone has some Candida in their body!!... (44 replies)
... you guys need to know where your ferritin level is at this will tell you if you are lacking iron in your body. i was always told as a kid by my mom not to take iron because that wasnt the problem as a adult i now know that it was part of the problem my ferritin was a 2. i ve had 3 iron ivs and have been on iron since my blood is 11.7 up from 8.5and my ferrtin is in the... (6 replies)
... on the other hand my ferrtin was 2 and hemeglobin of 8. ... (6 replies)
... So i got my blood test results today, only spoke to the receptionist but she said everything came back normal. i asked about my ferrtin numbers and she said my serum ferretin is 67, which is good... right? ... (14 replies)
... if the pills were working why would he do iron ivs? 10 is the low end but you would have gone up if you still took the pills im getting my blood tested next week after 3 and they say better to be safe what was your dr thinking doing all 6 at once before testing i am a 2 and my hemaglobin is 8.5 until i get the results back i have talk to another girl whos ferrtin went up to... (14 replies)
... When i was first started losing my hair, my ferrtin was 12, then it dropped to 7. ... (5 replies)
... the ferrtin is at 2, and the iron level is at 7. ... (4 replies)

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