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... I am responding to the over all question about how the intrinsic factor effects the blood counts. The intrinsic factor allows the body to process b-12 which tells the body to take the iron and store it in the liver for future use if the diet becomes low in iron or needs more iron for some reason. Some times the body locks the stored iron up and it can not be used by the body.... (28 replies)
... digestible things that come in foods and are usually washed away in a normal gut. Also they need to check your staple lines and sutures in the area of the bypass as well as look for peptic ulcers in areas that other people would not have them. In that respect, the GI is correct. ... (4 replies)
Battling anemia
Oct 2, 2016
... s in them and my lips are dry all the time. Just standing is a chore sometimes. Im extremely irratable and emotional all the time. Before i was diagnosed with anemia i thought i was just seriously sleep deprived because i have a large family and i work two jobs. I am also diabetic I am medication and diet controlled. ... (3 replies)

... I had RNY in 2005. I've have suffered through occasional bouts of anemia and low iron and B-12. I'm currently battling the iron deficiency. My hmg is 10 and ferritin is 7. Several years ago my ferritin dropped to 3 and I had the IV infusions. I'm happy to say I had no side effects from it. I had one weekly for 8 weeks. I recently saw my hematologist and she put me on... (1 replies)
... lot of ladies here that do complain of not having a Dr. that cares. This isn't something you want to brush off. Sometimes people do not feel the full effects of anemia but even if you aren't feeling them doesn't mean it's not serious. Iron is what helps our bodies get oxygen, cells, organs etc. It's pretttttty important! ... (11 replies)
... how many type's of anemia are there? ... (7 replies)
... hi just wondering if anyone has been through this it took my gp 6 months to test me and still did'nt run all the testing i need called me today and said you have anemia & vit.D deiciency take vit D and iron 3 x's daily you can get it otc and that was it . i have been so upset with my gp not listing to me that i called my surgern wich is an hour and 40 mins. away to get the... (7 replies)
... intolerance for wheat, rye,barley..and in my case milk products and sugar. I had PA as well caused by malabsorption syndrome of gastric bypass and Celiac. All I can say allergies can make you feel like your dieing. ... (6 replies)
... Is it possible to have the gastric bypass reversed? ... (6 replies)
Jun 13, 2010
... The bariatric surgeon who performed my gastric bypass has retired, and I am relying on my family practitioner for assistance. ... (7 replies)
... e e.r had ekg done everything checked out ok and now in oct started all over again i have been doing some research and heart failure can can happen with the anemia i have... has anybody ever expierenced any of these things? ... (2 replies)
... Hi There, I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hormone Imbalance, and treatments did not work. I just found out my true issue is Iron Deficiency Anemia. I had a roux-en-y gastric bypass 12 years ago and just found out my body is incapable of absorbing any kind of iron so my ferritin and hemoglobin levels are very low as they have been going down for 12... (1 replies)
... I'm waiting on a referral to see a hematologist. My blood work of 2 weeks ago showed moderate anemia and a ferretin level of 3.6. ... (3 replies)
... I am so pleased to find this thread. I had open RNY in June 2001. I have been suffering from low B12 since 2003 and was put on monthly B12 injections. In 2006, I started having vertigo and passed out at work. That was my first diagnosis of iron deficient anemia. I was sent to a hematologist and put on 10 weeks of IV iron. Then last August my Vitamin D came up low and I... (28 replies)
... x everyday, along with a multivitamin, a calcium chew and a Vitamin D. With GB as you know you have to stay comitted to the maintenance, but definitely get the anemia corrected, before it gets out of control. ... (5 replies)
... I had a reux-in-Y 2 years ago and developed anemia, even though I took iron supplements. A nutritionist told me that I wasn't metabolizing the iron because I wasn't getting enough protein. I upped the protein and in no time had back my energy, my hair started getting fuller and stronger, everything. It's hard to get enough protein, you really have to pay attention anad work... (28 replies)
... Immune Hemolytic Anemia was caused by the surgeries. ... (28 replies)
... I have pernicous anemia also, I had a gstric virus that destroyed my intrinsic factor so I have had to give myself shots every week for the last 7yrs. ... (28 replies)
... The basics ferritin is 3.6 Iron 19 RBC 3.7 H&H 10.2 & 31.4 PLT 190 I had gastric bypass 5/2014 and gallbladder removed 6/2015 (0 replies)
... urning to the internet for support and help. I'll be getting an iron transfusion and blood transfusion as well. I don't absorb iron like everyone else as I had a gastric bypass in 2008. I am also not absorbing my Vit D 50,000 IU pills once a week either. I'm just at my wits end here. Thank you. ... (1 replies)

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