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... FLFLOWERGIRL is right, there is a correct procedure when it comes to giving iron injections. Did your doctor discuss the possibility of tattoos, did he give you any literature about these injections? ... (3 replies)
... His course of iron injections are 1ml doses, the first month I had one each week for 4 weeks, the second month I had one every 2 weeks, and the third month I had 1 dose. ... (1 replies)
... My own Dr didn't want to give me injections and kept giving me pills. I didn't take them because of the distress on my system and I was too afraid to speak up. So I kept getting sicker. ... (5 replies)

... y other Trichologist. I even phoned the Trichologists Association and the lady on the phone wasn't helpful. Tony gave me the Complex Amino Acid tablets plus an iron powder which had a few other things in it too. My ferretin went up a bit, but should have gone up more. ... (29 replies)
... In Feb '07 i saw a Trichologist and he got me onto a much stronger supplement, then i got IBS symptoms from it, then he got me taking organic iron tablets with it to settle my stomach and this worked. In March my ferretin was 29 and in May it was 26. ... (29 replies)
... (29 replies)
... I had my first of five injections today and it was such a relief. First it took the chemist three weeks to get the iron from a supplier and then my doctor was sick last monday and this monday. I began to think i'd never get the ball rolling. ... (29 replies)
... Sorry that you are having problems with iron, this is very typical. You said that you were also having problems at the site of the iron IM injections which is a very common problem to have, and it can even leave a tattoo on you as well. ... (1 replies)
... diagnosed iron deficiency issue herself. She's had the problem for almost a year and a half now. The Dr's tried every iron pill under the sun and all it did was get her sick. They finally resorted to giving her iron IV's. ... (3 replies)
... If it helps any, i first began correcting my iron levels with over the counter iron pills which began constipating me. I then went to a liquid iron supplement which didn't give me any bad side effects, however it was very slow working. ... (4 replies)
... Lysine doesn't cause stomach upsets, but the reason my doctor wanted me taking it morning and night was that i was taking my iron supplements morning and night also. He felt that taking the Lysine prior to the iron would be more beneficial for the abosrbtion of iron. ... (14 replies)
... First off, the serum iron test is no longer a good test for iron levels. The serum iron can flucuate in many directions during the day giving false lows and highs. Your daughter needs to have a Ferritin test as well as probably a B12 test. ... (4 replies)
... Ever since I was a baby, my hemoglobin has been slightly low. My mom was told to increase my iron rich foods. However, out of all 8 of her children, I was the only one with this issue. ... (6 replies)
... mg x1 daily and told me to stop the Ferrous Fumarate and start on the Pregaday instead. This concerns me as I don't understand how taking a supplement with less iron will work? ... (0 replies)
... It sounds like a normal case of anemia that has been untreated but im not anemic. The levels of iron in my blood and my red blood cells have been persistantly normal. ... (2 replies)
... for ferretin, then dropped to 26, obviously what i was taking wasn't right for me, but it has worked for others. If you have gotten from 26 to 43 just on the iron supplements then that is great. I wish i could have done that. I got my 4th iron injection last night and it hurt all night. ... (29 replies)
... Hi. I have the same problem. I can eat liver and spinach every day, and just don't absorb the iron. My stores are way down. After having a course of iron injections they rise slightly though. I think I've always had this problem, although having 3 children was a drain. When I was little my mother caught me eating coal. ... (7 replies)
... Apart from taking the iron tablets what else are you doing to help boost your levels? ... (5 replies)
... You might help get the iron absorbed by giving with orange juice, since she won't take the Vit C. Some Vit C tablets are chewable and orange flavored which many kids like. ... (4 replies)
... I posted awhile back about my really low iron levels, and I was frustrated because nothing was being done. ... (2 replies)

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