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... get the ferritin retested. I haven't taken ferrous sulfate for about 6wks. now. If I am going lower I am thinking of a low 18mg dose. I have read that ferrous gluconate is more easily tolerated. But I recall reading here either ferrous gluconate or ferrous fumarate was bothering people. ... (44 replies)
... I don't eat meat or fortified cereals. So, this is why I am going to do a daily 18mg iron either fumarate or gluconate.The doc doesn't have an opinion on which to use. You said it was fumarate in your flintstones and you don't have a problem. ... (44 replies)
... I will let you know about the gluconate or fumarate. No decision yet on which one. ... (44 replies)

... Osteoblast--I have ~read~heme, meat source, Ferrous types, of iron, are far more effectively absorbed. Ferrous Gluconate and Ferrous Fumerate were rated as good choices but Ferrous Fumarate had the highest absorbent rate, 3X that of F-Sulfate. I take a prenatal vitamin and get 28 mg of Ferrous Fumerate, this is in 2 pills a day, if I separate them I don't feel it. If... (44 replies)
... I got the same Ferrous Fumarate tablets. The first time I took one tablet I was fine again no side effects. ... (0 replies)
... So I was right, my ferritin levels are low, 11, and I've been prescribed 210mg Ferrous Fumarate three times a day. ... (0 replies)
... Dunno about the gluconate, but I'm currently taking ferrous bisglycinate, so-called "easy iron". Like the ferrous succinate I was taking, it still causes gastro symptoms so I'm looking for something else too. I keep forgetting to call the dr and asking about the OsmoPrep. I'm leaving for a show tomorrow morning and will be getting the endoscopy and colonoscopy on the... (44 replies)
Ferosul 325 mg
May 23, 2017
... The three main types are ferrous sulphate, ferrous gluconate, and ferrous fumarate. The main difference among these types is the amount of consumable iron, or specifically what you may come to know as ‘elemental iron’. You are taking the sulphate, which many people find easier to tolerate. I take gluconate, which has the least elemental iron but for me at least seems to be... (1 replies)
... July 10, 2016 stopped ferrous gluconate since I was traveling and I wanted to get a blood test after stopping iron supplement for a few days. ... (0 replies)
... I'm looking for an alternative to ferrous sulfate and found this from the Vitamin Shoppe. It's a combo of Vit C, B12, Folic Acid and Iron. It shows the iron in different forms excluding sulfate. Supplement Facts Serving Size 1 Servings Per Container 100 Amount Per Serving (4 replies)
... I take small amounts of gluconate in my multi and that amount doesn't bother me. The amount taken is also something to consider. ... (5 replies)
... SG, please do not listen to Jonnstar, or to anyone on this board, and go ask your Doctor. There is a clear difference between Ferrous Sulfate, Ferrous Gluconate, Ferrous Fumarate, and Polysaccharide Iron Complex. Jonnstar's statement is partly true, but not hardly. Iron salts are an ionized form of iron and are extremly currosive to the mucosal lining where as other... (11 replies)
... opinions are about chelated iron. I was miserable with heartburn on ferrous gluconate and ferrous fumarate. I am trying to avoid ferrous sulfate because it has such a bad rap. ... (5 replies)
... now it's about 6 days till the colonoscopy. Nyxie, flowergirl and Christine, we had such a great and helpful discussion about the procedure on the ferrous fumarate or gluconate thread. But, I am getting scared all over again. ... (7 replies)
... Audrey, Our posts were deleted because we were discussing someone's thyroid website. (44 replies)
... Looks like i did something bad in my last reply and to be honest i dont even recall typing anything in my post which is against the rules. Hmmm should i join the dementia board now?? I'm sure i mentioned Vitamin D in my post which was wiped. I too wondered why my trichologist was testing for that. I don't sunbake due to the skin cancer worry, but will sit in the sun when... (44 replies)
... Thank goodness there is something else to try other than you know what. What a grate endorsement coming from the pharmacist. Makes me almost want to get another colonoscopy, LOL not really! I wish I would have had the support and knowledge of this board when I went through it. At least we can help others to have the best experience as possible. FLFLOWERGIRL:) (44 replies)
... Osteoblast--I have never taken Calcium because I didn't want to get kidney stones or get too much. I think that I get enough in my diet. How do you know if you are getting enough, blood test? When my calcium was tested it was within normal range. Throughout my whole ordeal the doctors never checked my vitamins or minerals except B-12 and Folate of course. What makes... (44 replies)
... More on the osmoprep stories. When I went to the pharamacy , the pharmacist spoke with me about instructions for use. He was a younger man. He said he was going to have the procedure soon and was so glad there was now osmoprep. He said the elderly coming in who had the procedure before with the other stuff were so happy to have an alternative. The pharmacist acted absolutely... (44 replies)
... Nyxie- Isn't the vitamin d council info totally eye opening!!! I am glad you found in interesting.Keep us posted on the vit d project. You may be surprised how much better you feel when the vit d gets right. For me getting the vit d and ferritin up have made a big difference in how I feel. It is so important thing for people is to try to get the most bone mass possible... (44 replies)

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