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... get the ferritin retested. I haven't taken ferrous sulfate for about 6wks. now. If I am going lower I am thinking of a low 18mg dose. I have read that ferrous gluconate is more easily tolerated. But I recall reading here either ferrous gluconate or ferrous fumarate was bothering people. ... (44 replies)
... I will let you know about the gluconate or fumarate. No decision yet on which one. ... (44 replies)
... I don't eat meat or fortified cereals. So, this is why I am going to do a daily 18mg iron either fumarate or gluconate.The doc doesn't have an opinion on which to use. You said it was fumarate in your flintstones and you don't have a problem. ... (44 replies)

... Osteoblast--I have ~read~heme, meat source, Ferrous types, of iron, are far more effectively absorbed. Ferrous Gluconate and Ferrous Fumerate were rated as good choices but Ferrous Fumarate had the highest absorbent rate, 3X that of F-Sulfate. I take a prenatal vitamin and get 28 mg of Ferrous Fumerate, this is in 2 pills a day, if I separate them I don't feel it. If... (44 replies)
... Dunno about the gluconate, but I'm currently taking ferrous bisglycinate, so-called "easy iron". Like the ferrous succinate I was taking, it still causes gastro symptoms so I'm looking for something else too. I keep forgetting to call the dr and asking about the OsmoPrep. I'm leaving for a show tomorrow morning and will be getting the endoscopy and colonoscopy on the... (44 replies)
... I have never taken Calcium because I didn't want to get kidney stones or get too much. I think that I get enough in my diet. How do you know if you are getting enough, blood test? ... (44 replies)
... Are you pregrant or just taking the prenatals out of choice? ... (44 replies)
... SG, please do not listen to Jonnstar, or to anyone on this board, and go ask your Doctor. ... (11 replies)
... Looks like i did something bad in my last reply and to be honest i dont even recall typing anything in my post which is against the rules. Hmmm should i join the dementia board now?? I'm sure i mentioned Vitamin D in my post which was wiped. I too wondered why my trichologist was testing for that. I don't sunbake due to the skin cancer worry, but will sit in the sun when... (44 replies)
... o! I've checked out the vit D council. So much information! Wow! I can't imagine having to give myself a shot every day. Guess its no different than insulin or vitB, but still. Ack! ... (44 replies)
... check periodically probably at least every 60 days or so . ... (44 replies)
... t one of my thyroid cancer support groups and, personally, she seems very nice. I will say, however, that many of the thyroid cancer doctors do not care for her or her site as there is a ton of misinformation given out. ... (44 replies)
... Wow, some of this info in the last couple or so pages of this thread has been rivetting reading. ... (44 replies)
... My husband had one of those don't remember which osis or itis, they said to increase the fiber. At least you had the polyp removed now instead of waiting until your older. ... (44 replies)
... it's whether or not they get inflamed and cause you a problem that is the concern. Hope everything goes well with the polyp. ... (44 replies)
... he two major treatments both have significant very very serious issues. So you younger women out there be proactive in this. If you ever had an eating disorder or bowel issues that would have robbed you of your nutrients you could be at higher risk. ... (44 replies)
... with 2 Ferritin my bones make a lot of noises and joints feel different, like fragile or something. I was already thinking about this myself. How do you check this one? ... (44 replies)
... p.m., I could have coffee or tea with milk in it. I made sure that I used the milk because that was really the only good source of some protein that day. ... (44 replies)
... No, I never remember this being an issue. If it was, they did it to me while I was still knocked out. And I did not have any gas at all when I got home. I remember reading on the internet about some people feeling uncomfortable with their intestines after the procedure, but I never had a problem. (44 replies)
... GAS sounds were loud, all at once like a balloon!! I couldn't believe that came out of me! It was the gas they blow you up with. Afterwards I had no cramping or gas because she got rid of it for me. Have you experienced this? ... (44 replies)

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