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... digestive disorders, gluten intolerance, thyroid condition, unhealthy diet or fully vegetarian diet. I had issues with my iron, vitamin d, iodine, my zinc was a little low but not extreme. ... (9 replies)
... digestive disorders, gluten intolerance, thyroid condition, unhealthy diet or fully vegetarian diet. I had issues with my iron, vitamin d, iodine, my zinc was a little low but not extreme. ... (9 replies)
... extremely heavy periods, internal bleeding, gluten intolerance, thyroid condition. It took me 2 years to get my ferretin to 61 and that is due to finding out this year that i have a thyroid problem. ... (7 replies)

Low Ferratin
Jul 20, 2008
... extra heavy periods, internal blood loss, thyroid condition or gluten intolerance. Quite often people who find it hard to absorb iron find that they are low in other vitamins and minerals. ... (6 replies)
... It could be any number of things from gluten intolerance, internal bleeding, insufficient stomach enzymes to digest certain foods..... ... (3 replies)
... Have you been tested for gluten intolerance? ... (12 replies)
... My blood test came back positive for gluten intolerance. ... (11 replies)
... Depending on what is causing your iron defficiency, 2 months is not a long time. It took me 2 years to get to where i am now. Did they test you for gluten intolerance? ... (11 replies)
... Hi Steph, thank you so much for going to so much effort to explain things so well and in plain English :) I'm sure it will be of help to many others, including myself. ChickieLou - the weird thing with dairy is that my mother has problems with dairy if she uses milk bought from the supermarket, but not fresh milk straight from the cow. My parents often get their milk... (16 replies)
... I feel your pain Audrey. I have alot of those same symptoms. I like to say I'm a "lactophobe" because sometimes I will eat yogurt or cottage cheese and have absolutely no problem. I'll eat the same breakfast next day and it will wreck me. So I start to fret before I take a bite of anything. Or I will buy yogurt and then watch it go bad in my fridge because "I just can't... (16 replies)
... Hi Audrey, I had the 4 basic blood tests for celiac (I think it was 4) and I was negative for all but one of the tests. Doctor did a small bowel biopsy and it was negative. Don't quote me on this, but I think he said that blood tests could be positive, but if your biopsy was negative then it definitely isn't celiac - basically, everything rides on the biopsy. Does that... (16 replies)
... I saw a gastroenterologist to help determine the cause of my anemia. I was 48 at the time and because only a few years from 50 when they recommended doing a colonoscopy anyway, he said it would be good to do a colonoscopy now to see if there was any loss of blood or abnormailities and he also did an endoscopy and the biopsy for Celiac Disease. There was nothing abnormal and... (16 replies)
... Thanks Christine and Flowergirl - think it might be best to stick to the same diet for now and then when i go in to find out my results i can take it from there depending what this new doctor says. He could have simply started me off on meds right away, but the fact that he is willing to be thorough is a good thing. Will see what happens at the next visit. (16 replies)
... Celiac gluten intolerance. Hope that helps some! ... (6 replies)
... I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy last year at age 48. It was two years earlier than you would normally have it done, but because of my continuing anemia the doctor wanted to rule out other possible causes. They also checked me for Celiac disease (which is gluten intolerance and can lead to anemia) which you may want to ask your doctor about while they are in there anyway (I... (12 replies)
... a repeat blood test. You should notice your levels go up, unless you have other health issues which could be causing blood loss due to an unknown source or even gluten intolerance. You said that you have recently come off antidepressants, some people have been known to put on a lot of weight taking those. ... (7 replies)
Dec 7, 2007
... It's not always easy to know why a person ends up low in iron. It can be due to anything from diet, heavy periods, developing a gluten intolerance to internal bleeding or something to do with lack of digestive enzymes etc. ... (2 replies)
... als and you might be one of the lucky ones, plus it also depends why your levels got so low. Is it due to vegan diet, illness, heavy periods, internal bleeding, gluten intolerance etc. ... (3 replies)
Is there a limit?
Oct 17, 2007
... B12, zinc, thyroid, vitamin d, liver function test, gluten intolerance test and in my personal case i'm very low in iodine which affects the thyroid and thyroid can also be thrown out by long term low iron. ... (3 replies)
... As the others suggested, there might be a chance you have a gluten intolerance. If this is the case, a hysterectomy wont necessarily help your iron istuation. ... (6 replies)

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