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... Thanks for the info. I've been wondering about this quite a bit since I've had stomach issues for a few years. My dr told me that the blood test for Celiac's came back normal, however I looked at the results today and they say "pending". So I'm going to call tomorrow and straighten it out. I do have a question about testing. Can an upper endoscopy tell if you have it? ... (34 replies)
... It's not worth going off the iron supplements until you have reached a decently high figure. My current and previous doctors want ferretin at 70 +. If you do go off the supplements you do need follow up checks to see if your iron is dropping. If it's dropping then it's time to play detective and figure out all the things which could be a cause. For instance, mine is... (78 replies)
... luvcows--Welcome to the Anemia Board!!! What depletes stores.........? There are several reasons for anemia or low ferritin stores. A lack of iron in the body can come from bleeding due to various reasons, with the most common cause may be periods in women, diet, not eating enough foods that contain iron, OR not absorbing enough iron from food that is eaten, as seen... (1 replies)

Ferritin going up
Jan 11, 2009
... Charli - you mentioned in an earlier post that you were diagnosed as hyperthyroid? With your eye issues, are you sure you might not have or be at the start of Graves? Usually the people who have Graves have more of a tendancy to have the eye issues. I'm hypothyroid and have Hashimoto's. Before medicating me, my doctor double checked that i didn't have Graves too, as some... (26 replies)
... any unusual bleeding, gluten intolerance, polyps? ... (14 replies)
... stress, low ferretin, thyroid, adrenal fatigue, malabsorbtion of nutrients due to gluten intolerance or digestive issues. ... (14 replies)
... difficult to raise iron, gluten intolerance, low Vit D and some have low iodine too. ... (2 replies)
... difficult to raise ferretin is connected to either my digestion, thyroid, gluten intolerance or all 3, also likely linked to my physical makeup. ... (8 replies)
... Hi nyxie63 welcome back What sort of symptoms are you experiencing ? Are you on Methylcobalamin 5000mcg subs a day if so one would think it would be helping as the subs bypass the process and go directly into the blood do yo hold them under your top lip for around 40mins the slower and longer the better.......... I think it is a shame she didnt order Hcy and MMA because if... (6 replies)
... Here are some more results.. i have not had my Vit D tested.. i will have to do so, my problem right now, is to find a doctor all over again , as i have had 2 tell me that I am normal and that they will not test anything further... as well as my naturopath that told me that if the specialist says Im normal, i must be normal! Well i wouldnt consider all the symptoms I have to... (44 replies)
... I too had ferretin issues and difficulty raising it and then i found out i had Hashimoto's. I was also found to have digestion issues when it came to all protein foods as my pancreas wasn't producing enough enzymes. Now i've been on enzymes for a few months and my ferretin is moving up quite quickly. I still can't go off my iron supplements yet and it's a wait and see game... (44 replies)
... Audrey- Some interesting info. I have had an endoscopy/colonoscopy and they did do biopsies and they were negative for h. pylori and gluten intolerance (celiac). I don't know about other malabsorptions. I do know that I am taking a PPI that reduces stomach acids and that would then reduce absorption of iron. I will look into the other things you mentioned. I think it... (21 replies)
... Gluten intolerance and malabsorption of nutrients are 2 other things which can be silent hair and health killers. Most doctors dont even test for these things. ... (8 replies)
... In my case my ferretin levels were affected by my thyroid condition, gluten intolerance and inability to digest protein properly. ... (4 replies)
... I am seeing a surgeon tomorrow to schedule an endoscopy. I will ask about the biopsy to test for Celiac disease an gluten intolerance. I read that they do the biopsies during this procedure. ... (80 replies)
... Audrey, :) thank you for this information. I will be going to visit my son and his family for a week. While there, I'll research these conditions and their symptoms and see if they could apply to me. I am happy to say that the recent addition to my drug regime, Reglan, is helping the nausea tremendously. I almost feel normal again. I will be able to enjoy my visit with... (80 replies)
... My naturopath gave me some information on Celiacs and basic gluten intolerance and it mentioned nausea as a possible side effect for some people. Who would have known that and i'm certain most doctors wouldn't even think of that one!! ... (80 replies)
... That's interesting regarding buckwheat. I have read if you have a gluten intolerance then wheat is out, but buckwheat is ok. I'm not sure why this is. Could be due to buckwheat not being an actual part of the wheat family? ... (15 replies)
... I don't get it, don't doctors want to find out why this is happening? You can't live the rest of your life feeling tired and depressed, missing out on work and being told it's all in your head and then when you hit rock bottom they simply give you iron infusions. Since spending time on the anemia board i have learnt that there are many forms of anemia and some people... (2 replies)
... internal bleeding, thyroid, gluten intolerance. ... (6 replies)

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