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... GreenGal77--I had to quit my job, was unable to take care of myself for a year! Don't feel bad at all about it. I don't see how you can work under those conditions no matter what your Insurance company says. Have your doctor call them personally. You could have heart probelms if you try to. Be careful. Hope the IM's work well for you. Best of luck to you. Keep us... (2 replies)
... Hi GreenGal77,:wave: I have had allergy since I was about 35 and just the last few years, the doctor told me to chew bubble gum and blow bubbles, That would clear the tubes. If you don't have TMJ. It has been a great help for me!;) I also have allergies year round. :-( Couldn't find sad face. (4 replies)
... I have been offered a hysterectomy also. I know that depending on your particular problems, that determines whether they can do the hysterectomy vaginally or not. For instance, if your uterus is enlarged (like mine) they possibly can't squeeze it out the small incision they would make vaginally. Also, if there are other things going on like endometriosis, they might want to... (5 replies)

... Hi Greengal77 You don't say what your levels are now, are you above 10? The normal hemoglobin levels are 12.1/15.1 for woman, so I don't know why they would say a 10 was acceptable especially with a ferritin level of 0 and being B12 deficient. That really sucks. I can't imagine how bad you must feel. I feel so sorry for you. Apart from the anxiety what exactly are... (5 replies)
... Wow I am a newbee on the board and was just looking ,trying to work up my courage to post,when I read you post! I have had all the enemic symptoms for a while but my dr kept telling me it was just stress,I bleed,bleed and bleed some more and the dr said it was caused by stress...Then i feel like i am going to have a heart attack...can't catch my breath can't hardly funtion at... (6 replies)
... GG--It's normal to have feelings of giving up, this will come and go. Anemia and symptoms are a lot for you to deal with. You are right, there's probably not too much that they can do, but if your symptoms are worsening and you don't feel comfortable with them, perhaps you should seek help. I really hope that they can do something for you soon. At least you would feel... (6 replies)
... greengal77--My experience was having the colonoscopy at the same time as the Endoscopy, a "twofer" as Nyxie puts it. I was sedated with twilight, given a spray to numb the throat (this was scary for me), and asked to remove any dental appliance that you may have, like retainers and such. Then they had me hold my breath and I was out. When I woke up everything was... (6 replies)
... GreenGal77--I was exactly the same as you and Steph regarding the way up. I felt my worst and I was non anemic at 12.9 hGB when I ended up in the emergency room with tachycardia 133 HR and BP over the top the bells were actually going off on the machine and they got a defibrillator out, that really scared me. At first they though my problems were anemia then the blood... (4 replies)
... Yes!! You are looking good. I am very happy for you. Platelets are the clotting factor. They go high in the presence of iron deficiency. Your RBC morphology is marked as anisocytosis (slight) which means that the RBC's are of *un-equal size*. MCV 67 meant that the cells were much smaller. So you have (shape of cells) Few Oval, Mild Hypo, Mod Micro. This is... (2 replies)
... I'm so sorry to hear that....did you not have any form of sickness benefits or anything like that you could take? It's nice to know I'm not alone, it just seems like so many people look at me like I'm crazy and *should* be able to do it so then I wonder if I'm missing something. I've been low in ferritin for a really long time so maybe they just assume my body has adjusted? ... (2 replies)
... Hi Greengal 77 Do you have any other results of bloods like MCV ? Have you ever had your B12 levels and folate checked I have to say if you havent ask to get them done specifically Folate B12 serum Hyc (7 replies)
Iron Injections
Oct 9, 2008
... I also am always tired and anemic. I do take the shots, iron pills bound me up. The iron shots do work, yes sometimes they can be painful and it does take a while for your iron supply to build up. I take Aranesp 100 mcg. I am diabetic and a kidney transplant of 32 and 14 respectively. I feel lucky because I am almost 60 and am able to do the things I want to do. I don't... (3 replies)
Iron Injections
Oct 6, 2008
... GreenGal77--I was like you and was not able to tolerate iron such as Ferris Sulfate. I became so ill (ended up in the ER) from it that they took me off iron completely for a while. Then I was prescribed Poly Iron 150 twice daily=300mgs of elemental iron for 1 year. My Hgb was 8.5 with a 2 ferritin when I was diagnosed. The Poly Iron tha I currently take is a completely... (3 replies)

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