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... Most likely this will help a great deal, but it does take time. Never give up hang in there. Keep us posted. FLFLOWERGIRL:) (16 replies)
... Had my B-level checked and it did drop over 100 pts, so the doctor started me on a weekly injection and i added folic acid supps daily, i hope this helps with some of my symtoms cause i'm truley at the end of my ropes and dont know what else to have them look for. (16 replies)
... Thankyou for the input, i did have the C-Protien done, it shows a increase, i'm going to the doc tomorrow for B-12 test and to find out about any possible inflamation, (16 replies)

... I was where you are now. I went to an Internist that looked a little deeper than a PCP. Maybe that's an idea for you? I would also check the ~Thyroid~ again for autoimmune disease. Perhaps your Ferritin is normal for you. I would start a clean slate, a new doc with your current symptoms. I'm speaking from my own experiences. Good luck to you. FLFLOWERGIRL:) (16 replies)
... If you suspect or are worried about an inflammatory process, you need to ask to be tested for that. You are correct in that it can cause an elevated ferritin. A fairly simple test, these days, to look for inflammation is the C-Reactive Protein test. My doctor ran that on me as a *start* to looking for autoimmune disorders that might cause anemia. So, if you had a... (16 replies)
... Thankyouvery much for your input, i'm just confused on what to do at this point, i just don't understand why i have so many symtoms of some type of anemia, or low level an can't get any help or relief, maybe i should just find a new doctor, i don't mean to be venting, just frustrated an so tired of suffering, thanks again Flowergirl:) (16 replies)
... Yes, you are correct Ferritin can give false elevation in the presence of inflammatory process. Maybe it is as simple as the Phosphorus being below normal. Sometimes one thing out can make other things go out as well. I don't know what the symptoms of a low Phos. would be. But you are not anemic and B-12 is not bad either. At least you know that your doc is right on that... (16 replies)
... Thankyou, i also read somewhere if you have any type of inflimmation that it could make your Ferritin appear higher, does that make any sense? I also question why my saturation % was low, none of doctors concerned to why its low, and why my Phosphorus was below normal. (16 replies)
... Ferritin is 200 ug/l range 5-244 (16 replies)
... Here's my recent blood test, WBC 5.0 /nl range 4.5-11.0 RBC 4.88 /pl range 4.20-5.70 HGB 15.2 g/dl range 14.0-17.0 HCT 43.5 % range 42.0-52.0 MCV 89.0 fl range 83.0-100.0 MCH 31.1 (h) pg range 27.0-31.0 MCHC 34.9 g/dl range32.0-36.0 RDW 12.6 % range11.5-14.0 (16 replies)
... If you want post your Hct & Hgb and we can see if you are anemic and of course your B-12 results with ranges. FLFLOWERGIRL:) (16 replies)
... thankyou for the reply, i did have a complete blood work up done and have the results on hand. (16 replies)
... I have had anemia for about 3 months now and i am taking ferrous sulphate 3 times a day plus a multivitamin, i'm very pale still and get breathless walking long distances and upstairs, my legs feel so tired. When i first was told by my docter he said i was very low in blood so i guess it 'll take time to get right, unfortuntely i also am suffering from panic attacks now and... (22 replies)
... When I had the actual anemia part, I would get very winded and short of breath if I had to go up stairs. One really bad time I had to take my son to the ice rink. I had to walk up a fairly steep drivewway to get the building. I was gasping for air when I got to the top, my heart was pounding and I felt AWFUL for about 2 hours after that. That scared me so bad I went to the... (22 replies)
... Anemia=smaller cells carrying less oxygen. Keep us posted when you get your results. FLFlOWERGIRL:) (22 replies)
... I must take Iron till adjusting values either it must be taken long life? ... (3 replies)
... The Doctor called me yesterday and said that my B12 is at 150. She didn't give me account for the anemia but she said that the test resuls showed an iron deficintecy and she wants me to go for a Colonoscopy. Why would they prder this test to be done? ... (11 replies)
... g im anemic, what can i do innitally before going to the doctors because its hard for me to make appointments because im usually working. ive read up that taking iron tablets is good. any help ild appreciate. ... (1 replies)
... y tired and having trouble breathing. My period had been almost constant for months, so that was my main cause and taking BC pill got me back on track, and then iron pills slowly brought my level up. I still get a little anemic, like I'm at 10.4 right now but for me that is normal, and crave ice. ... (7 replies)
... Pernicious Anemia, Iron Defiency Anemia, and Hemolytic Anemia...Triple Whammy... ... (2 replies)

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