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... borderline, just going into 3 from 2, meaning fully depleted iron stores and many of my red blood cells were anemic. ... (9 replies)
New. IV Iron?
Apr 24, 2014
... Last year I was anaemic with a low HB and everything else. I wasn't put on iron tablets for at least six months after I've got told I was anaemic. I was on 325mg dose of something three times a day. They gave me tummy side effects, so the doctor reduced the dosage to once a day. ... (1 replies)
... Over 2 years ago i first used basic iron tablets which began constipating me. I then moved to a liquid iron supplement and no more constipation. ... (21 replies)

... When i first found out i was very low in iron i simply bought over the counter iron tablets, which ended up giving me constipation. ... (3 replies)
... If you dont want to buy off of the net, then standard 65mg iron tablets will be adequate, dose is one once a day, with either orange juice or a vitamin c tablet. ... (1 replies)
... I went to a health food store today to get iron tablets. They have Vitamin C in them too which will help me to absorb the iron. ... (5 replies)
... So sorry to hear this Audrey, i have my fingers crossed for you xx (78 replies)
... I take 500mg with each dose of iron. I also started taking a product called "Ferrasorb", which contains two forms of B12, folate, and a bit of iron. ... (5 replies)
... The doc made no comment about it. Approx 3 months ago I start on iron supplements to raise ferritin. I am taking one pill 325mg a day ferrous sulfate. ... (6 replies)
New to iv iron.
Dec 9, 2015
... because that improves the absorption of iron from the stomach. ... (3 replies)
... One iron tab is not enough to raise the ferritin, it takes more over a long period of time. You need more iron until the stores are filled, then you can cut down to a maintenance dose, if required at that time. This is what many of us have to do to maintain iron levels. ... (78 replies)
... ous sulfate messing with my stomach and she said "Why are you taking ferrous sulfate. I would never prescribe ferrous sulfate". The pharmacy switched the type of iron tablets without telling me or her! I'm ticked! I have taken the wrong iron for a month when I could have been taking what she wanted me to take. ... (5 replies)
... just like you supplement iron on it's own, Vit D on it's own, you should also supplement B12 on it's own, rather than taking a multivitamin only. ... (78 replies)
... I know you said you didn't have any problems tolerating iron but, if you've never tried this new stuff, you may find you have a problem. ... (28 replies)
... Hi Gemini :) FLFLOWERGIRL is right, you do need to up your doses until you are in the clear and then you can cut back to a minimal daily dose. You still haven't found out what could be the cause of your low ferritin, apart from heavy cycles? How are your cycles these days? Any improvements? Makes me wonder whether we'll all be old aged pensioners and still on the... (78 replies)
... Apparently you are supposed to take a much higher dose of iron per day as the traditional iron supplements you buy over the counter have too low a dosage for people who have a very low ferretin level. ... (7 replies)
... I was diagnosed with iron deficient anemia back in the early 2000's. Doctor described it as "mildly anemic" but I felt horrible. He said to take a supplement so I did. ... (1 replies)
... I started off on your typical over the counter iron tablets which constipated me so i stopped taking those. I have heard since then that you can buy something additional to take to soften your stools. ... (7 replies)
... FLowergirl, 1. % Saturation = 16.3%, which is calculated from TIBC;) so I am not overloaded with it at all. 2. I don't take multi vitamins now, I just take iron-focused and complex B tablets. I drink mineral water every day, too. All that I can find the best in the market is Ferrochel, as ferros bis-glycinate chelate. They claim that it is more bioavailable than other... (10 replies)
... I did feel worst before starting the Iron. I felt like I was sleeping my life away. The slower release Iron tablets that I have seen have more daily allowance than the one I am taking. ... (50 replies)

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